Volume 3 - 16 Mar 2018


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

This week the shock of the unexpected death of one of our students, a friend, daughter and sister has touched the very depth of the heart of our community. We have experienced our powerlessness in the face of death. As a community, we stand in our grief with the light of Christ at our centre. We know that the compassionate heart of God holds each of us and gives comfort. We will continue to stand together in our grief, knowing that our beloved student is with God.

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace,


I ask you to continue to pray for the Bethany community and particularly the girl’s family.



Dear Lord, we turn to you in our grief You know, how much we will miss our friend. We will miss her helpful and quiet nature and her kindness. We will remember how she made us laugh and how she made us feel. We know that Heaven will be a brighter place with her in your care. We will keep her light alive in our hearts. Lord, watch over our student’s family and bring them healing and inner peace and comfort them through their loss.



Thank you

Thank you to those who sent messages of support and sympathy. The support of so many parents, students, staff and friends of the College is overwhelming. Fr Janusz, Mr Phil Gane, Mrs Elizabeth O’Carrigan, Dr Vicki Lavorato as well as staff at Sydney Catholic Schools, Principals and colleagues in numerous schools in the Eastern Region have also offered their prayers, along with very practical support with staffing. We sincerely thank everyone for their support at this time. Thank You.


Bethany in Action

The doors of the College were open to all future Bethany Students last week and we were overwhelmed with the numbers who gathered for tours and to ask questions and hear about our wonderful College. It was so pleasing to see the joy which our current students shared in hosting guests either as tour guides or as helpers across each of our Key Learning Areas. On the evening it was quite evident that Bethany is a vibrant learning environment offering a comprehensive and inclusive education. Please spread the word that enrolments soon close for Year 7, 2020. All students wishing to apply must have their applications in by this date no matter if they are a sibling or currently from a feeder school or parish.





Applications for Year 7, 2020 close April 13



Robyn Rodwell 


From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates: Link to college calendar located on the website


Homework in secondary school serves many purposes. It can be to consolidate or check or extend the learning from the day or prepare for the learning to come in subsequent days. It could be to do with longer term work such as assignments or preparing for tests and examinations. Ultimately it comes back to what school is all about – learning.

Learning not just content, but learning and developing skills. At times students feel that the work they are doing at school is not relevant to their lives, however sometimes we need to look beyond the content to the purpose of the learning exercise. At times the content will be a vehicle to teach particular skills. Much of what we learn in Mathematics for example, develops the problem solving circuits in our brain. When you are analysing Shakespeare you are learning not just about Shakespeare but to think critically and expand your point of view and broaden your experience of the world through examination of different lives, emotions and experiences. The message is that everything you learn at school has purpose and value, even if you can’t quite see it at the time.

There is much debate in the media as to the value of homework. In Primary school it has been shown that only a small amount of students actually benefit from doing homework in terms of their academic achievement. The exception to this is reading at home – every student benefits from this. However there are other benefits: developing independent working skills, establishing study routines necessary for learning in later years, helping students master things they are struggling with and allowing parental involvement. In secondary school homework has been proven to be an essential component of academic success in the senior years. The reality of Year 11 and 12 is that consolidation of, and preparing for learning needs to be undertaken at home. One of the biggest problems for students transitioning to the senior years is that they have not learnt to work effectively and efficiently in the home environment. This is why developing good habits and learning to do home study is essential in Years 7-10. It is also about developing the qualities of discipline and perseverance, both essential for senior studies. Students will not like every subject equally, students need to learn how to make themselves do the work even for their least favourite subjects.

College guidelines for homework are on average:

Y7 – 8:  1.5 hours per night

Y9 – 10:  2 hours per night

Y10 – 12: 2.5-3 hours per night

If your daughter is spending much more time than the recommended guidelines, please contact the studies coordinators

So what can you do to manage your homework effectively?

Try these tips:


As soon as you get home unpack your bag before you have a break and something to eat. Lay out all the work first. It is easier to get started if you have everything ready to go.


Before you start work, write a list of what needs to be done and decide what order you will do it. Focus on what is most important, not just what subject you like best!  Also write down how long you think each task will take to do.


Keep in your mind that it is all about learning. Try and look beyond the actual content to what type of skill this homework might be developing in you – analysing, critical thinking, writing skills, or problem solving skills for example.


Do your work in blocks of time, with no distractions. So switch off the TV, turn off your phone for that 20-30 minutes. When you just focus on the work that needs to be done you’ll be amazed at how much work you complete.

5. If there is a task you really don’t want to do then alternate this with a task you enjoy doing. When you chip away at it you will be surprised how quickly you get through the work.


Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal

What’s Been Happening in Religious Education


World Youth Day 2019 will be held in Panama and is set to be a fantastic experience for the youth of the world!  All students who have been to past WYD events have returned transformed, invigorated and excited by their faith.  This is a wonderful opportunity for all youth to experience their faith with other like minded students from all over the world – to pray together, to worship together and to have fun together. 

There are three pilgrimage options available and they are set out below:

  • Panama via Washington DC: $8,918
  • Panama via Mexico City: $9,245
  • Panama via Peru: $10,492

Each student attending will receive a $500 subsidy from Sydney Catholic Schools to assist with the cost of attending and there will also be a raffle conducted where the proceeds will go toward the cost of the event. 

Expressions of interest for World Youth Day, 2019 are due to be finalised by 26 March 2018 with a $500 deposit to be paid.  Unfortunately, if expressions of interest are not finalised by this date, there can be no guarantee of the price of the trip as Sydney Catholic Schools are booking for a large group and flights and accommodation are very limited to Panama.  Whilst it may be possible to secure a place at WYD later in the year, there can no guarantee of the price.  I strongly encourage you to secure your place with the payment of the $500 by 26 March if you are interested.  Ms Rachael Bakhos (Youth Ministry Coordinator) will be holding a number events over the next 2 weeks that will allow all students an opportunity to gain more information about World Youth Day.  If you are interested in knowing more, please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or Ms Bakhos for more details.

I leave you with the official prayer for World Youth Day 2019.


Merciful Father,

You call us to live our lives as a way of salvation. Help us to recall the past with gratitude, to embrace the present with courage and to build the future with hope.

Lord Jesus, our friend and brother, thank you for looking upon us with love. Let us listen to your voice as it resonates in the hearts of each one with the strength and light of the Holy Spirit.

Grant us the grace of being a Church that goes forth with vibrant faith and a youthful face to communicate the joy of the Gospel. May we help to build up the kind of society we long for, one where there is fairness and fellowship.

We pray for the Pope and the bishops; for young people; for all those who will take part in World Youth Day in Panama and for those who are preparing to welcome them.

Our Lady of Antigua, Patroness of Panama, help us to pray and live with generosity like yours: “I am the servant of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word” (Lk 1:38).


Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

Year 10 IST

Did you know?
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are important fields for the future – jobs in these areas offer higher than average salaries, and there is high (and growing) demand for people in STEM occupations. In other words, STEM is where the good jobs are! But there is currently a big achievement gap between girls and boys in STEM in schools and women are vastly underrepresented in STEM jobs and among STEM degree holders. Having half the population (women) not participating in STEM fields also limits Australia’s overall creativity and innovation.
“On 1 March 2018, The Academy of Information and Technology hosted its first Girls in Tech Meet Up and invited students,educators and their parents to join them in celebrating, inspiring and connecting young women interested in technology. This event was advertised to Year 10 Information Software Technology and on Sentral as an event to help students understand and inform decisions about prospective careers in the industry. Here is Jesica Nikolovska from 10 IST’s recount of the night.
On 1 March 2018, I attended an information night held at the Academy of Information and Technology. I learnt a lot that night about the Academy and the courses that they offer which include animation, game designing and programming, digital art and character building as well as special affects
and virtual reality. 
I was privileged to speak with one of the animators Beck Selmes from Animal Logic who recently graduated at the Academy and has gone on to work on the upcoming film, Peter Rabbit, (2018).During our encounter she told me of some of her other work, which included the Lego movies. I was also lucky enough to speak with a game designer who has been creating games for the last couple of years named Inge. She explained the many programs used and learnt at the Academy that would be helpful for future job opportunities.
Overall it was a very informing night and a great opportunity to talk to people in this field of work and see the progress girls are making in the industry. The most important thing I learnt, was the key to success is having enthusiasm, as software skills can be learnt easily”

Afternoon Tutors Needed

We are looking for recently graduated Year 12 students or University students interested in earning some extra money tutoring Bethany Students from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.
Please contact Mrs Ann James on 8566 0711 or info@bethanyhurstville.catholic.edu.au for more information and application form.

Milan’s Miracle Fundraiser

Date: Saturday 9th June 2018
Venue: Penshurst RSL, 58A Penshurst St, Penshurst
Time: 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Milan’s Story:

Milan is the daughter of a Bethany staff member Ms Marilee Mai, who is currently on leave.

This is 5.5 year old Milan. Milan is a big sister, Violinist and Ballet dancer. 

Milan and her family’s worlds came crashing down July 17th 2017 with her diagnosis of Medulloblastoma. Medulloblastoma is a very aggressive brain tumour.

 Her prognosis was supposed to be good with an 80% cure rate. Then their worlds crashed yet again when she relapsed with metastasis and leptomeningeal spreading during the end of radiation treatment last year. Prognosis now not so good. 

The doctors here at Sydney Children’s Randwick have never seen anything like it. 
After 3 rounds of intensive chemotherapy, she now has widespread leptomeningeal disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure to date. Prognosis is even worse now. 

Milan will begin a new chemotherapy protocol that will hopefully buy her more time, (the doctors say months) and pray that it somehow kills off the disease for good. At this stage their only other option is to go to America to receive treatment from a doctor who has a possible cure.

All donations will go to searching healing/curative therapies for Milan whether it is here in Australia or overseas. It will also be used to try and bring big smiles to Milan’s face.


Italian Students GO GLOBAL at University of Sydney

Bethany College students recently attended the GO GLOBAL event at the University of Sydney. The aim of this annual event is to show current Year 12 students what their options are at a tertiary level if wanting to continue with their language studies – or start a new one!

The students were able to take a guided tour of the University and see what occurs during Orientation Week, where different social groups are vying to attract the next batch of students. Sitting in a real lecture theatre listening to guest speakers including Professor Vrasidas Karalis gave our students a taste of what it’s like to be a university student.

The afternoon session was spent with other high school students of Italian unravelling and analysing some of Dante’s works of literature and listening to the experiences of students in their Italian language learning. The afternoon tea was greatly appreciated after all the hard work!

Marco Gianni

Teacher-in-charge LOTE

Public Speaking News

Over the past month, a range of girls across most of the year groups participated in the CSDA Public Speaking competition. 

This is a tough competition due to its competitive, knock-out style nature. I was thoroughly impressed by the girls’ enthusiasm to better themselves in the hope to be as successful on the day of competition. These girls attended lunch time meetings with Mr Martin and Mrs Pikis to improve and practice their speeches. 
Thanks to all the girls that competed in the competition:
Year 7 – Kamilla Hamade and Jessica Hristov
Year 9 – Nektaria Rice, Jade Lozanovski, Sophia McDonnell 
Year 10 – Laila Nicola
Senior – Brooke Salisbury and Justina Alabasinis
Two of our girls, Nektaria Rice (Y9) and Brooke Salisbury (Y11) made it through to the Zone Final on Friday 9th of March. This is an excellent achievement and a big congratulations for these two girls for their efforts. 


Dana Sutherland
Prefect – Debating / Public Speaking

The Bethany College Media Team

Bethany College has recently introduced their own Media team under the guidance of Mrs T Chisari and Mr S Laguzza. The Media Team includes talented students from Years 10, 11 and 12, with junior students recruitment beginning mid year.  The students in the Media Team are skilled in various art and design disciplines such as photography, lighting, videography, animation, anime and graphic design. The Media Team can be joined through an application process annually. The role and responsibilities of the Media Team and its prefect Gabriella Alavaro are to cater to the media needs of staff and students at Bethany College. From designing presentations for assembly, showcasing graphic design in posters and adverts around the school to editing content and short films and photographing school events, the Media Team has been kept very busy over the first weeks of school. 





Therese Chisari

Media Team Facilitator

From the Year Coordinators Desk…

One of the most common issues we face here in an all girls school is gossip. As year coordinators this would be one of the top issues facing our girls. Knowing how to respond in an appropriate manner takes personal strength and skills.

There is a new magazine for call Teen Breathe and on page 4-5 there is a very helpful article around understanding gossip with 7 easy practical steps to assist your daughter if she is having issues in this area.

  1. Tell a friend
  2. Write it down
  3. Confront it
  4. Know your truth
  5. Avoid gossips
  6. Report it
  7. Finally, help a friend…



For more information on the wellbeing magazine go to the following link Teen Breathe


Katrine Barnes

Year 8 Coordinator 

Canteen Update

School canteen now accepts EFTPOS.


Upcoming Trials for Representative Sport:

Netball Trials for Term 2 SCC Sport

Sign up forms have been emailled to all year groups regarding SCC Netball trials.

Please only sign  up if you intend to trial for the team and are available on the trial date          


Trials will take place on the following dates for each year group:

  • Tues 20th March, 3.15-4pm – Inters (Yr 8 & 9)
  • Tues 13th March, Lunch – Seniors (Yr 10, 11, 12)


CGSSSA Soccer Trials

Sign up forms have been emailled to year 7-12 regarding CGSSSA Soccer trials.

The gala day will take place on Wednesday 2nd May

Please only sign  up if you intend to trial for the team and are available on the trial date

Trials will take place on the following dates for each year group:

  • Thurs 22nd March, 7.30-8.15am – Senior (Yr 10, 11, 12) – This team will also become the SCC Thursday sport team for term 2


CGSSSA Basketball Trials

Sign up forms have been emailled to year 7-12 regarding CGSSSA Basketball trials.

CGSSSA Basketball will be held on Wednesday 23rd May.


Please only sign  up if you intend to trial for the team and are available on the trial date

Trials will take place on the following dates for each year group:

  • Monday 19th March 3.15-4.15 – Juniors (Year 7 & 8)
  • Tuesday 27th March 3.15-4.15 – Inters (Year 9 & 10)


SCC Cross Country

A sign up form has been emailled to year 7-12 regarding SCC Cross Country

The SCC Cross Country Gala day will be held on Friday 4th May in Term 2

Please only sign  up if you intend to trial for the team and are available on the trial and gala day date

Trials will take place on Thursday 29th March at 7.45am

Please meet on Yallunga Court and we will be going across to Sydney Tech to use the oval


SCC Rep Sport

Representative Sport is halfway through the season for all competitions. The current standings  thus far are as follows:

SCC AFL – 5th

SCC AFL team with GWS Giants players:
Dawson Simpson, Jeremy Cameron, Nick shipley


SCC Senior Touch – 2nd

SCC Junior Volleyball – 3rd

SCC Inter Volleyball – 8th


Coles Vouchers

Coles Sports for Schools is back to help Aussie kids stay fit and healthy. When you shop at Coles, you’ll receive Sports for Schools vouchers that your local school can exchange for sports gear. The more vouchers you collect, the more sports gear they’ll receive. Start collecting today and place vouchers in the box at student services

Sporting Excellence

Congratulations to Kiara Baggetto (Year 10) who attended the National Dragon Boating Championships on the Sunshine Coast last week. She received 3 bronze medals in this championship regatta. The team she paddles with as a whole did exceptionally well and they ranked in the top 3 U18 teams nationally of their races.





Lauren Brennan

Sport Coordinator

Careers News


The girls were treated to two informative presentations in the last couple of weeks. First was a presentation by the Master Builders Association who informed the students of the many and varied jobs for women in the construction industry. This presentation was well attended with over 30 students interested in careers that break the stereotype. Next was the presentation by The University of Wollongong. Students heard about courses, university life and scholarships from current university students. An informative presentation which solicited lots of questions from the girls.

Master Builders Association


University of Wollongong



Explosions in the sky presented by Associate Professor Tara Murphy

21 March. 5.45pm to 7.00pm

Eastern Ave Auditorium, Camperdown, University of Sydney.

Hear the incredible behind the scenes story of how the collision of two neutrons stars, 130 million light-years away, was detected by astronomers around the world including those at the University of Sydney. Free, Registration essential.




HSC Drama Curriculum performances at NIDA

14 June onwards

HSC Drama students and teachers will be excited to see NIDA’s productions of drama curriculum pieces. NIDA presents student productions of Waiting for Godot, The Removalists and Ex Machina, as well as Venus In Fur directed by NIDA CEO Kate Cherry. For more information and tickets:


Interior Design Free Information Session – Sydney Design School

21 March. 6.00pm

26 April. 1.00pm

Level 2/40 Oxley St, St Leonards

Passionate about becoming an Interior Designer or Interior Decorator then we invite you to come into our studios to learn more and you can study day or evening, on campus or online. Call: 02 9437 1902. Register online:


Make Up Essentials Workshop

The makeup essentials workshop will teach you all the basic skills and techniques required to perfect your makeup application. Designed for personal makeup skills and for the inspiring makeup artist. A certificate is issued on completion. Contact Georgina Toulis PH: 0415 845 888 Email: georgina@themakeupartistacademy.com Website: www.themakeupartistacademy.com

Make Up Masterclass

Our Head Trainer will demonstrate a live makeup application on a model and will share with you her tips and tricks for longer lasting makeup. Note Taking supplies and Face Charts will be provided. For enquiries contact Georgina Toulis Ph: 0415 845 888 Email: georgina@themakeupartistacademy.com



AIE Information Evening

21 March. 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Discover the courses designed to get you started in game development, 3D animation and visual effects at the AIE. Register at:




Hotel Career Expo Registrations Open Soon

Registrations open 5 March

For 7 May 

Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

The 2018 Hotel Career Expo is fast approaching and this year it will be bigger and better than ever. The Expo will feature six amazing, interactive Career Zones so you can explore all the professional careers that interest you; a “People & Culture Chill Out Zone”, where you can take a load off, grab a coffee, and chat with People & Culture staff from the 22 participating international hotel brands about how you can get your start in the industry; a “Hostplus Seminar Zone” with fascinating seminars on topics including Breaking into your Career and Interviewing for Success; and more.



Interested in Geography, Maths, IT and the Outdoors?

If this sounds like you, why not try surveying on for size? Register your details below and we’ll make enquiries on your behalf. You could also ring surveying firms in your local area and ask if they have any placements available.


Explore Careers Fair

25 May. 10.00am to 2.00pm

Parliament House, 6 Macquarie St, Sydney

Australia’s #1 Careers & Employment Program, designed to bring young Australian’s and their future employers together. Explore Careers is Australia’s premier Careers & Education program for Secondary School Career Advisors, helping students between Year 9-12 make better and more educated decisions about their future career and education options. Event is free to attend & you can bring up to 2 guests with you. Numbers strictly limited, please RSVP ASAP to events@explorecareers.com.au Lunch provided. Australia’s leading organisations ready to answer all of your questions, in a one on one environment.




Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator