Volume 3 - 15 Mar 2019


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,


On Tuesday we celebrate the Feast of St Joseph. St. Joseph was the foster-father of Jesus and lived a life of great humility and devotion to his Holy Family as a carpenter.

Matthew’s gospel describes him as a “just man” (1:19). He is the patron saint of the Universal Church, and people invoke his aid for workers, families, home buyers and sellers, and the grace of a happy death, among other things. St. Thomas Aquinas once noted that St. Joseph is unique among patron saints in that he is able to assist us at anytime for anything.


Open Day

Thank you to the hundreds of students, parents and staff who helped to support our Open Day through your generosity of time and knowledge of the school. We had more than 1000 visitors through our gates seeing the talents of current Bethany students in terms of their work samples, cooking and creative abilities, artwork, dance, drama and musical talents and public speaking prowess. A wonderful atmosphere was created by the tour guides, bbq servers and student leaders who showed our College at its welcoming best.



We are currently enrolling for Yr 7, 2021. Fully completed applications are due to our College by April 5, 2019.


Infectious Illnesses

We wish to advise all parents that we currently have a student in Year 9 who is receiving medical treatment for cancer. This student will be attending school on some occasions whilst undergoing treatment.

As a consequence of the treatment, this student’s ongoing health is at risk if she comes into contact with infectious illnesses, in particular: chicken pox, measles, mumps, whooping cough or shingles. If your daughter is suspected of having one of these illnesses, it is very important that she does not attend school until she is no longer contagious. Please also notify the school if your daughter is suffering from one of the mentioned illnesses or even if she is suspected of. This is vital so that we can assess contact and exposure to our Year 9 student for infectious illnesses. Such a notification will then be passed on to her parents and medical specialists.

As a school community we value your support in relation to the wellbeing of all of our students. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information or go to www.health.gov.au


Academic Rigour

As we move into the second half of the term, all students would be well and truly immersed in their set pattern of study. At times, students may feel on top of their workload and other times, a little overwhelmed. Organisation and planning in regards to assessment schedules is vital. We ask that parents check in regularly with your daughter not just on due dates, but on progress and check in times of the plan of when parts of study or parts of an assignment are going to be completed. This can help to alleviate an entire project being finished, if it is broken down into parts and if check mark due dates which students can set for themselves can be achieved. No student should be coming home saying that they do not have homework, study or assessment reviewing or planning to do. Having a routine each night dedicated to chipping away at homework or assessments, puts students in good stead to feeling more confident and capable to achieve at their best. Please contact the College if you feel that your daughter needs further direction in effective home study and organisation routines.



Robyn Rodwell


From the Assistant Principal

Last week provided a host of opportunities for us to see our girls shine through their many  contributions to our school life, showcased at Open Day and celebrated on Bethany day. As we begin the season of Lent we are reminded of the importance of prayer and freedom in our lives, challenging us to be people that reach out to others in a spirit of generosity of heart, forgiveness and love.

The season of Lent provides a perfect opportunity for us to consider our relationships, firstly, with God but also with one another. From time to time, young people, like all of us will find relationships challenging and from time to time will miss the mark in terms of how to relate to one another and how to forgive when they have been hurt by the actions of another. Today is the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, our united stand against bullying was highlighted at our last College Assembly and was affirmed today through Pastoral Care lessons. Please find below advice for parents from the Bullying No way website (see attachment). We encourage parents to talk their daughter about how to build and support positive relationships within our school community and discuss the steps to take should they witness or experience anything that is contrary to the values of our school. We are a registered member of the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence and encourage parents and their daughters to visit the website found here for some valuable insights into what bullying actually is and ways to respond to and prevent bullying taking place.

As we know bullying can take place anywhere and anytime including in the cyberworld. Martine Oglethorpe, an accredited speaker of the Office of the eSafety commissioner provides some valuable advice about a number of strategies to support young people who find themselves in this space. Parents are encouraged to read her article attached….



Safety Around our Schools

Finally a note about safety during school pick up and drop off times. We have had a number of concerns raised in relation to the traffic matters at these times. Drivers, both experienced and beginning are asked to be patient and courteous when using Waratah st which is extremely busy with both drivers and pedestrians, keeping in mind that safety is always our first priority..



Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal


Bethany Day 2019

On Friday the 8th of March, the Bethany College Community came together to celebrate the annual commemoration of Bethany College in which we call ‘Bethany Day’. We started off the day with a special mass held by Father Janusz and Father Paul, following with the announcement of the Bethany Day Award recipient and then an afternoon spent at Carss Park where students could have a picnic and enjoy various activities.

The Year 12 cohort value is ‘Wholeness’, together the SRC leadership team chose a theme which reflected this value, where students were able to dress up and show off their favourite ‘Iconic Squads’. This theme corresponded nicely to our value of wholeness where everyone came together and put in lots of effort highlighting our overarching value “Together, we grow”.

Having a picnic was also a great way to celebrate the value of wholeness whereby all groups could sit together for some food, fun, and laughter. Throughout the day there were plenty of fun activities involving the participation of all year groups. Some of the activities that were set up were: sack races, egg and spoon races, chopstick skittle relay race, Bocce, Footy pass wall, tenpin bowling and tug of war.

Bethany Day was a tremendous day filled with wholeness, collaboration, creativity, and service in which I’m sure the Year 12 Pearls will never forget! I extend a huge thank you to all of the teachers who were involved in the preparation of this big day and we are very appreciative that it came together remarkably.

Congratulations to Megan Mendoza (pictured above) who is the 2019 Bethany Day award winner.


Siena Dal Bianco Year 12 SRC




On the evening of Friday the 1st of March, Bethany students from Year 11 and 12 attended Eastfest at OLSH College in Kensington. It was a fantastic experiences shared with hundreds of like minded young adults from across Sydney. Those of us who did not attend World Youth Day were able to experience its spirit and those who did, got the chance to re-live the memories and share their experiences with fellow pilgrims and friends. One young pilgrim even told the story of when she meet the Pope! The night involved getting the chance to meet new people, share in great music and food and live out our beliefs. Father Rob Galea’s performance was certainly one of the highlights of the night because everybody got up to dance, sing and celebrate their faith. Making time for Christ during the Eucharistic Adoration, where the whole crowd knelt in meaningful and silent prayer, was a truly a memorable and emotional experience for many of us. Taking part in reconciliation was also a very spiritually rewarding part of the night. We loved having the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and it was great knowing that there are many other young people on a similar faith journey. Thank you so much Mr Donlan, Mr Laguzza and Mrs Ndaira for taking us.

Georgia Marks – Year 11




PDHPE Department News

CGSSSA Touch Football

Congratulations to the Junior and Senior Touch football teams who competed out at Queens Park on Wednesday 27th February.

A great improvement was seen in both teams throughout the course of the day.



SCC Rep Sport Results update:

  • Junior Volleyball – 7th
  • Inter Volleyball – 9th
  • Year 7, 8, 9 AFL – 2nd
  • Senior Touch – 4th



Lauren Brennan

Sport Coordinator

Welcome to Bethany Morning Tea

On Thursday, 28th February, the new students who have joined our community this year in Years 8 to 11 had morning tea with Ms Rodwell, Mrs Hughes and Ms Matthews.

The morning tea was a wonderful opportunity for the new students to meet each other and to talk about how they have found their experience at Bethany so far.

Thank you to all the young ladies who attended.

Mary Matthews

Leader of Wellbeing

Year 10 Industrial Technology and Multimedia

On Friday the 1st of March, Industrial Technology and Multimedia students were visited by a guest speaker, artist and designer, Kristina Mah.

Currently, at the University of Sydney working in the Design Lab, Kristina majored in architecture, design and planning. One of her most recent achievements was being elected to create an exhibit for Vivid Sydney in 2018. Kristina gave the class an insight into her design process, showing the class how she began creating her idea and how she put pen to paper to create her masterpiece. Kristina explained how all design starts off with a brief and broad message/idea that the designer wants to portray and create. Then after a long time of fine-tuning and editing, what you once imagined, can become a reality. The talk was very insightful. It gave the class a deeper, more personal insight into life as a designer and the pros and cons that come with creating design projects.

One question that was asked during the talk was how Kristina gained inspiration for her projects. She mentioned that she focuses on things she is passionate about and bases her projects on things she enjoys. A key factor in Kristina’s influence for her Vivid exhibition was Buddhism and manifesting positivity into the world. Kristina wanted to bring people together through her design and create unity. Kristina’s knowledge really helped the class understand the design process as well as what it is like to be in the creative design industry. Kristina’s encouraging outlook engaged the class and inspired them to realise that no matter what idea, big or small, you can make it a reality through hard work and dedication. The class greatly appreciated Kristina’s visit and will take her inspiring words forward into their next task revolving around Vivid at Bethany.



Deni Kokkinis, Year 10



Year 10 Report

Friday 8 March, students at Bethany College embraced International Women’s Day. A global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of all women around the world. This year’s theme is ‘Balance for Better’, promoting gender equality, particularly in the workplace. The theme suggests that ‘the race is on for the gender-balanced boardroom, a gender-balanced government, gender-balanced media coverage, a gender-balance of employees, more gender-balance in wealth, and gender-balanced sports coverage’, just to name a few.

Students of Year 10 took part in a photo shoot promoting this theme and all students within the College received a card presenting messages of hope, resilience and empowerment.


Sylvia Eldahaby

Year 10 Coordinator

CSDA Public Speaking Competition

The first round of the CSDA Public Speaking Competition was held on Friday 8th of March at OLMC, Burraneer. An array of interesting topics were selected and prepared, and all students spoke most passionately about their chosen argument. We had 12 girls selected to represent Bethany at this knockout championship and I would like to thank the girls for the confident and mature manner in which they conducted themselves. All girls represented Bethany with pride and their behaviour reflected the fundamental values of the school.        

Congratulations to Tea Leone (Year 7) and Jade Lozanovski (Year 10) for being selected to progress to the Zone Finals held on March 15th.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Debating/Public Speaking coordinator, Mr Martin, as well as all the teachers and students involved this year for your endless hard work and dedication to public speaking. Good luck Tea and Jade for this Friday’s competition!  

Congratulations to all the girls involved in this years competition including:

Year 7: Tea Leone, Penny Kalantzis

Year 8: Jessica Hristov, Kamilla Hamade

Year 9: Ngikula Harris, Isabel Santillana

Year 10: Jade Lozanovski, Nektaria Rice

Seniors: Brooke Salisbury, Roma Khodha, Laila Nicola

(Make sure you continue to listen for announcements regarding the upcoming debating competition!)


Brooke Salisbury (Debating/Public Speaking Prefect)


Careers / VET Update

UAC Information Evening

This year Sydney Technical College will be hosting a UAC information evening on Wednesday 3 April 6pm to 7pm in their Auditorium. Bethany hosted last year’s presentation and it was well attended by Year 12 students and their parents from six local schools. The information presented on this evening will go a long way in helping students understand the university application process. I would like to see many of our students and their parents at this evening so please save the date.









Your ATAR isn’t the only thing universities are looking at

An interesting article about how we facilitate young people’s pathways to career success;



ACU Presentation

Australian Catholic University was the first cab off the rank this year to present information about their university to the students. The girls learnt about the courses on offer, the campus’s, extra curricular activities and scholarship opportunities. I’m sure that the students in attendance got a good overview of what this university has to off them post school.




USYD Year 10 Student and Parent Information Evening

  • Thursday 4 April 2019
  • Tuesday 7 May 2019
  • Thursday 16 May 2019

We will answer the important questions: How does scaling work? What should you consider when selecting your subjects for Year 11 and 12? What are prerequisites and assumed knowledge? What is university really like? You will hear from a range of speakers including University staff and students. To register:



UNSW Year 12 Medicine Information Evening

20 March. 6.30pm to 9.00pm

Leighton Hall, Niland Scientia Building

If pursuing a career in Medicine is what you’ve always dreamed of, then make sure you don’t miss the Medicine Information Evening.

This evening provides a general overview of the UNSW Medicine degree as well as detailed information on our application and admissions process for 2020 from current staff and students in the Faculty of Medicine.



UNSW Year 10 Subject Selection Evening

10 April 6.00pm to 7.00pm

2 May 6.00pm to 7.00pm

20 May 6.00pm to 7.00pm

2 May  6.00pm to 7.00pm

Leighton Hall, Niland Scientia Building

Thinking about uni in the future? This evening is the best place for you to start if you are thinking about coming to uni in two years’ time and are currently a year 10 student (or you are the parent or teacher of a year 10 student). Advice will be given on navigating HSC subject selection.



UNSW Law Admission Test LAT

9 May. 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Do you want to find out more about how the Law Admission Test (LAT) affects entry into our Law double degrees? 

Have your questions answered at our 2019 LAT Information Evening. The LAT is an entry requirement for all undergraduate law double degree programs at UNSW. This information evening will cover how the LAT has worked for entry in the past, provide detailed program and Faculty information, as well as key LAT dates for the year ahead.

Our LAT Information Evening is for year 11 and 12 students and their parents, career advisers and students currently studying at another university who are hoping to transfer to UNSW Law in 2020



Lovers of Chemistry – USyd Science Forum

  • 29 May, 5:45pm for 6pm – 7pm
  • Presented by Associate Professor Liz New and Dr Alice Williamson, School of Chemistry
  • Registrations open 20 March 2019



Dr Karl at his very best – Sydney Science Forum

  • Wednesday 5 June, 5:45pm for 6pm – 7pm
  • Presented by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Julius Sumner Miller Fellow, University of Sydney
  • Registrations open 27 March 2019



Western Sydney University Parent Information Evening Parramatta

13 June

The Parent Information Evening at Western Sydney University provides parents, guardians and students a chance to find out everything they need to know about university. From discovering the way the ATAR works to speaking with Western Sydney University staff and students one-on-one to learn about the opportunities available for your child, the Parent Information Evening is a great introduction to the exciting journey ahead. Register here:



Western Sydney U Day

Wednesday 12 June 2019, Campbelltown Campus

Tuesday 19 November 2019, Parramatta Campus

Western Sydney U Day provides the opportunity for senior high school students to experience a day on a Western Sydney University campus.

The event will allow high school students to speak with current University students and academic staff, experience the range of courses available at Western Sydney University through interactive workshops and presentations, learn about scholarships, The Academy, pathway programs and further opportunities to pursue their aspirations.



Charles Sturt University Parent Information Evenings

Parent info evenings are being held at 5:30pm on our campuses; Orange 11th March, Bathurst 12th March, Albury 19th March, Port Macquarie 20th March and Wagga Wagga 27th March. CSU aims to equip you with the answers to support your child/children on the university journey. For details visit 


Masterclasses and Composition Portfolio Development – Sydney Conservatorium of Music

We offer masterclasses and composition portfolio workshops for classical, jazz and contemporary music, composition and musicology – all are free and suitable for high school students. We partner with Musica Viva and Sydney Symphony Orchestra so students can learn from some of the world’s leading talent. Please email con.community@sydney.edu.au or visit sydney.edu.au/music for more information.


Hansen Scholarship Program – University of Melbourne

Applications for the Hansen Scholarship Program, the University of Melbourne’s new flagship equity scholarship, open on 1 March. Provided by benefactors Jane Hansen and Paul Little, the program brings together an unrivalled package of benefits for high-achieving domestic students who may otherwise struggle financially to access higher education. For more info, go to:


UNSW Civil & Environmental Engineering Work Experience Week

Apply 10 April

For 27-31 May

The School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, UNSW will be holding its annual work experience program in Week 5 of Term 2.. Year 10 students across NSW are welcome to apply. Application forms and further information can be obtained from Tricia Tesoriero (tricia.tesoriero@unsw.edu.au).


ACU Personalised Student Tours

Mondays and Fridays

Our team can provide a more personalised experience for students who are thinking about studying at ACU. If your student would like to individually visit an ACU campus or speak to ACU staff about our course offerings personalised tours are available at the Ballarat and Canberra campuses or at 10am or 3pm at the Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney campuses. Tours run for approximately 30 minutes.



Study Medicine – New Information Added to Study Medicine: Frequently Asked Questions and the AMA.

This free resource provides detailed information to questions such as: How do I increase my chances to get into medical school? What’s Plan B if I don’t get into medicine? The FAQ links to the Australian Medical Association (the AMA also links to Study Medicine), pointing students to highly credible and authoritative information. https://www.studymedicine.com.au/ama/


Free Education Assessments -US & UK University Pathways

Thinking of studying at the world’s top universities? The summer holidays is the perfect time to set your goals and make a plan. Book in for a free Education Assessment with Crimson’s  Academic Advisors to see how you rank against the world’s top students. Visit the Crimson website to request an online consultation:




If You Love the Land – New Scholarship on Offer

Applications close March 29

Local high school students have an opportunity to gain work experience in event management and a $2,000 educational scholarship thanks to Tocal Field Days Association. The Association today launched the new scholarship program ahead of this year’s Tocal Field Days (May 3-5). Three Year 10 students will be selected this year for the five-year scholarship. Recipients will be paid to work at Tocal Field Days each year for five years. At the end of five years they will receive $2,000 that can be used to pay off a HECS debt or other educational fees. Students wishing to apply for a scholarship should visit below or call 4939 8820 for an application form.



TAFE Career Insights – Trades in Growing Areas

Find out where the largest employment growth is and the courses that are popular for your students looking into these roles. Find out where the largest employment growth is in this sector over the next three years.



For an Apprenticeship in Home Building Careers HIA Apprenticeships

Learn all about the advantages of a HIA  construction apprenticeship. Submit a General Application online.



TABMA Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

These courses can be a real advantage when applying to an employer for an apprenticeship or traineeship. A pre-apprenticeship or pre-traineeship teaches youth the basic skills of a particular industry, so you bring those skills and knowledge to the work place when starting an apprenticeship or traineeship.




HSC Drama Performances at NIDA

15-18 April 2019, 10am-5pm

7-11 October 2019, 10am-5pm

HSC Drama Performance is a comprehensive course for NSW students in year 11 and 12. Broaden your understanding of performance styles and develop improvisation, acting and devising techniques. The focus is on how best to communicate as a performer to an audience in both the group and individual performance projects. For more information and tickets:



NIDA HSC Individual Project Study Day

29 October


This is a fantastic way for students to explore the creative process from initial idea to completion. Participants gain a practical understanding of what is involved in the project area of their choice. The day commences with a keynote speech from an industry artist before breaking into groups for focused sessions with specialist tutors in Performance, Design, Video Drama, Scriptwriting, Director’s Folio or Theatre Criticism.



NIDA Open Day

15 June


From backstage tours to alumni and course talks, free shows, NIDA Open classes and more, we have a jam-packed schedule of events to showcase everything that makes NIDA one of the top 10 drama schools in the world (2018 Hollywood Reporter ranking)!



Cabin Crew Aviation Course William Angliss Institute Sydney

Get a start in this competitive industry with technical, health and safety, and risk management training. You’ll go on industry-based excursions and learning experiences, strengthening your employability with our industry approved course. Learning the customer service and hospitality foundations to take you around the world, you’ll be well equipped to perform as part of a professional cabin crew team.



Sydney Design School Interior Design Information Session

27 March. 6.00pm

If you’re passionate about becoming an Interior Designer or Interior Decorator then we invite you to join us for a free information session to learn more. While you’re here, have a look around and view our graduate’s exciting work. A presentation from our Director, Amanda Grace will give you a clear idea about what it’s like to study at the School and provide you with information about career opportunities in the interior design and decoration industries after you graduate.



Academy of Interactive Entertainment Online Experience Day

25 May

If you have ever wanted to study 3D animation, game design or VFX for film online with AIE then our Online Experience Day is an ideal opportunity to find out more! Course overview sessions will be running on the range of online courses in 3D animation, game art, game programming and game design offered by AIE. You will get to participate in workshops, guest speaker talks and much more.




Make Up Essentials Workshop

The makeup essentials workshop will teach you all the basic skills and techniques required to perfect your makeup application. Designed for personal makeup skills and for the inspiring makeup artist. A certificate is issued on completion.




HSC and Careers Expo

30 May to 2 June

Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park

  • Information and resources for the HSC
  • Information about university, TAFE and training courses
  • Career advice
  • Study advice
  • Employment advice and opportunities
  • Apprenticeship and traineeship advice
  • International exchange and gap year programs



Camp Leaders Australia Applications

Applications Summer season in the USA. Summer camp in America is your chance to do something different. We’ve sent thousands of people to work abroad in the USA and with hundreds of roles to choose from, there’s going to be something to suit you too.



Parents – Encouraging Students in STEM Subjects  –  Why are they in Demand?

The future of the Australian economy depends on a workforce that is skilled in using new applications and applying innovations. Young people with STEM skills are highly prized by employers and this trend is predicted to continue as there is a shortage of qualified recruits.



CSIRO Indigenous Cadetship – Plan Ahead

Calling all Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander undergraduate students! Take on a paid cadetship in an exciting and stimulating workplace with real life projects, excellent career development opportunities, study support and access to the latest research and state-of-the-art technology.



CSIRO Indigenous Traineeship

Apply for a traineeship and receive structured, on the job training and the opportunity to complete a nationally accredited qualification in a diverse, multicultural work environment. Our traineeship program offers diverse, multicultural work environments across CSIRO in all areas of science, research and support services, such as human resources, administration, finance, communication, information technology, lab assistants and more.



ADF Gap Year Applications Open or Register Your Interest

A Gap Year in the Australian Defence Force is not only a chance to experience what a career in the Navy, Army or Air Force could be like, but also to have a year full of adventure, new friends, new skills, leadership, and travel. An ADF Gap Year is a truly unique opportunity for you to grow and figure out what next step you’ll take in life.



JOBTED Career Profiles

A new guide to Australian careers with plenty of information to help discover career profiles sorted by industry. Find out about the job tasks, education & training, skills, career path and prospects of careers that interest you. Jobted Career Profiles provide useful career information when thinking about future study, training and career options. Explore at



Want to learn another language, make overseas friends and have a lifetime experience?

Find out more about complementing your high school studies with a student exchange program by requesting your free student exchange info. Email info@wep.org.au or head to: 



LETZ LIVE | 2020 UK Gap Year Programme Working in a Boarding School 

Gap Year Applications are now open. For current Year 12 students interested in working at a UK boarding school in 2020. Participants receive full accommodation, food & full training. All positions are paid positions. Full support from our Australian & UK offices. Applicants to apply online via https://www.letzlive.org. Contact Nick (n.hare@letzlive.org) for further information for your school


Past HSC Exams Papers

Higher School Certificate exam papers, with marking guidelines and HSC marking feedback , are available for each c course. Select a learning area from clicking the link below to see exam paper packs by course for each HSC year.


Girls Programming Network

  • Saturday 27 April, 10am-4pm
  • Saturday 10 August , 10am-4pm
  • Sunday 10 November , 10am-4pm

A group of women and girls into computer science, programming and information technology. We run workshops once per school term for high school girls! We’ve written games, made interactive websites and taken apart computers! Check out the past projects to see what girls have done, and what you could be doing!



One Shift Jobs

Casual or part-time jobs opportunities. Based on the information and skills you have selected in your profile, OneShift matches you with the right jobs. Your matches can call or message you directly to set up an interview. It’s like having your own personal recruiter.



Surveying Work Experience Opportunities for Students

Try Surveying connects students with professional surveyors around NSW, where they will get a hands-on education in the complexities of surveying. Work experience can really lead you places! Just ask Michael Baker, who used his surveying work experience placement to launch into tertiary study – and into a real surveying job teamed with the surveyors he first met as a work experience student. Learn more about Michael’s story.



 Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator


Lent 2019

Sydney Catholic Youth – Annual Sydney Archdiocesan Camp

World Championship Representative

Congratulations to Year 11 student Abby Gillon-Smith on her selection in the Australian Shotokan Karate Team to represent her country at the World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic in July of this year. A wonderful achievement.
Stephen Donlan
Year 11 Coordinator

Parking Safely Around Schools


Parenting Ideas Schools


Upcoming Webinar
Balancing extra-curricular activities

Through your membership with Parenting Ideas, your entire school community can attend our webinars for parents at no charge. We’re pleased to let you know about our upcoming webinar.
Modern life is busy. It’s busy for parents and is becoming increasingly busy for children and teens as activities fill up the family calendar outside school hours. Extra-curricular activities bring a host of benefits for children but there’s a threshold past which the benefits are outweighed by the impacts of being over-scheduled.

Join Dr Jodi Richardson in this engaging webinar to understand the trend towards increasing enrolments in structured after-school activities, the benefits and the drawbacks for kids, the importance of free play for children, the implications of over scheduling on children’s mental health and how to create balance in the lives of your children.


Video overview

Tuesday 2 April 2019 at  8:00 PM AEDT.


This webinar is $37 per person to attend, and is free of charge to families at schools that have a Parenting Ideas membership.


Your exclusive voucher
Below is your voucher for the webinar. We encourage you to share the voucher with the families in your school community. There’s no limit to how many people at your school can use the voucher, just as long as they register by the ‘valid to’ date on the voucher. It’s as easy as that! 

How to redeem the voucher
  1. Click this link: https://www.parentingideas.com.au/parent-resources/parent-webinars/webinar-balancing-extra-curricular-activities  
  2. Click ‘Add to cart’
  3. Click ‘View cart’
  4. Enter the voucher code BALANCING and click ‘Apply Coupon’. Your discount of $37 will be applied to the order. This voucher is valid until 2 May 2019.
  5. Click ‘Proceed to checkout’
  6. Fill in your account details. These are the details you will use to login to your account and access your parenting material
  7. Click ‘Place Order’
About the experts
This webinar will be hosted by Michael Grose with presenter Dr Jodi Richardson.
Michael Grose
Parenting Ideas Expert

Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators and an award-winning speaker.    As a conference speaker, parenting presenter and workshop leader Michael has been entertaining, informing and inspiring audiences around Australia, and internationally for more than 20 years.

Michael is a best selling author of 10 books for parents including Thriving! and the best-selling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It, and his latest release Spoonfed Generation: How to raise independent children. 

He’s had parenting segments on The Project, The Today Show, Weekend Sunrise, 3AW, ABC radio and more. He has contributed to Huff Post, Kidspot and Mamma Mia, and is a former columnist with News Ltd and Fairfax newspapers.

Dr Jodi Richardson
Wellbeing and Mental Health Expert

Jodi is a mental health, wellbeing and happiness science speaker and educator. She is a mother of two primary-school-aged children and is the founder and director of Happier on Purpose, the mental health and wellbeing expert for Parenting Ideas and writer for both print and online publications.

Jodi has developed her expertise over two decades of professional work in teaching, wellbeing, clinical practice and elite sport, including working for beyondblue on the national schools-based initiative for the prevention of depression.

Integral to Jodi’s work is helping parents and teachers to nurture resilient, relaxed, playful kids who develop lifelong habits of happiness and flourishing mental health.  

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School Fee Accounts Now Overdue

All fortnightly, monthly and term school fee instalments were due in February. Thank you to all parents/carers who have made their payments.
All unpaid accounts are now overdue and your immediate payment is appreciated. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

From the Executive Director