Volume 3 - 06 Mar 2020


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

As the Bethany Catholic Community, in 2020 we have a focus on Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Caritas Australia are guided by the principles of CST. As we move deeper into the season of Lent, I ask that families support fundraising events in the College with all money going to Caritas. Students have been encouraged to come up with inventive ways of building community and raising money with a particular focus on giving and not receiving.





Open Day

It was a privilege to witness our College on display last Tuesday for Open Day. Approximately 200 students volunteered their time to showcase the College. A huge thank you to all staff who stayed back until 6pm and students who catered for guests, acted as tour guides, performed for visitors and helped to highlight individual subjects. With approximately 1000 guests seeing our Open Day, it was wonderful to witness the pride that our girls have in their College and the excitement that they displayed in wanting the next generation of Year 5 students to come to Bethany. Applications for Year 7, 2022 are due April 3, 2020. Please let families know of current Year 5 students.





Shape 2019



Last Friday, Mrs Fitzgerald, Mrs Rowland and I had the honour of attending the Shape 2019 awards ceremony and exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. Daria Badaoui of Year 12, 2019 had her Textiles and Design Project on display which was one of 35 projects from over 8500 students across Textiles and Design, Design and Technology and Industrial Technology. This was a huge honour for Daria and her parents. At the awards ceremony, Daria was announced the winner of the 2019 Fashion Design Studio TAFE NSW Award. This in effect is the best Textiles and Design Project in the state. Congratulations to Daria and Mrs Fitzgerald for guiding Daria during the year. Design students are encouraged to think of a gap in the market and think of innovative ways to fill that gap or need. Crucial to the design process is thinking of an idea, possibly making a mistake and learning from this. Such a skill can be transferred into any subjects where we encourage girls to take risks in their learning. 


Counselling at Bethany

Thanks to Sydney Catholic Schools for their funding support in receiving extra counselling hours this year. Besides our full time counsellor Katerina Stratilas, we now have a further day of counsellor support each fortnight. We welcome Katie O’Brien from Catholic Care to the College.


Bingo Night

As was advertised in our last newsletter, we will host our annual Bingo Night organised by the Parents and Friends group, on Friday June 26. If you are interested in being part of this organising committee, could you please email the College at info@bethanyhurstville. Catholic.edu.au. In terms of a time commitment, it would probably require a few hours across up to 3 meeting times. If you are able to help in the form of donations from businesses eg vouchers, clothing, accessories, jewellery, dinners, signed sporting goods or any other idea, please also email the College. Thanks for your help.


Student Choice

Please speak with your daughter about her involvement at the College. Your daughter may not have an interest in sport or performing arts or public speaking but she may wish to use her skills or just meet new people in a variety of forms. For homework help, we have Lifesavers and lunchtime or tutors in the Library after school until 4.30pm. For some fun and socialising, we have Board Games one lunchtime per week. Students who have an interest in writing stories, creating videos or photography get the opportunity throughout the year to apply for the Media Team whilst students who have a passion for the wellbeing of others can apply to join the Smile team. Research suggests that busy students are often successful students.



Robyn Rodwell

College Principal


From the Assistant Principal

Elevate Education 

Student engagement is a pivotal factor in the successful navigation of the secondary school journey. Elevate Education works with students at Bethany from Year 7 – 12 to improve student engagement in relation to their learning. On Thursday, March 12 Year 7 students will attend a study skills seminar where representatives from Elevate Education will introduce the girls to a range of skills, including dynamic reading and effective note taking skills. Our Year 8 students will participate in a similar workshop on Friday, March 13, where the foundations built upon in Year 7 will be further developed and include conceptual learning and independent study skills.  

The opportunity to work collaboratively with parents is something we value highly. As such we are pleased to be able to offer a number of parents evenings throughout the year. In the coming weeks  Elevate Education will facilitate an evening for parents of students in Years 10, 11 and 12 assisting parents to gain further insight into how best to support their daughters in the areas of time management, organisation, minimising distraction, motivation, stress management and study techniques. Furthemore, this seminar will provide some important insights into how parents can be actively involved in their daughters’ education whilst assisting parents to maintain a very positive relationship with them.  Parents of students in Year 10, 11 and 12 who have not had the opportunity to attend this seminar previously are strongly encouraged to attend. The evening to be held on Monday March 16, will commence promptly at 6pm and conclude by 7pm. 

Sydney Catholic Schools are providing a wonderful opportunity for parents to hear for  Andrew Fuller, renowned Australian Clinical Psychologist, author and leading mental health expert, around parenting, the mental health of children and young people, and navigating the difficulties of raising children in a complex world. Andrew is an engaging and informative presentator. There are four opportunities in different locations, across Sydney,  to hear Andrew speak. I strongly encourage you to attend one of the presentations on offer. Please RSVP using the link provided later in this newsletter. 

Monday 30 March – Brigidine College, Randwick

Tuesday 31 March – Domremy College, Five Dock

Wednesday 1 April – Aquinas Catholic College, Menai

Thursday 2 April – Clancy Catholic College, West Hoxton


Cyber Safety

Cyber safety continues to be an issue high on the agenda of many parents. On Monday the 4th of May the students will have an opportunity to attend a presentation from Brett Lee ( a former undercover detective from Queensland who worked in the Cyber arena). In the evening commencing at 6pm Brett will be facilitating a parent education evening, providing some extremely valuable insights and advice for parents wishing to keep their daughters safe in the cyber world.  



In order to get the most out of her education, your daughter needs to attend school every day. School attendance has a major influence on educational outcomes and overall school engagement, including the development of positive relationships. Punctuality also plays a crucial role in school success every minute counts and every minute missed has an impact on your daughters learning. 

Each day of absence must be explained within 7 school days this can be done in any one of the following ways 

  • By accessing Compass (through the link provided in the sms sent to notify you of your daughters unexplained absence ) and indicating the reason, 
  • By calling the College Office to inform the Staff, 
  • By sending a note to school with an explanation for the absence. 

If you do not explain your daughter’s absence in one of the above mentioned ways, it remains ‘unexplained’ on the College roll, which is a legal document. Each fortnight Ms Matthews (Leader of Wellbeing) will send an email to the families of students whose absence remains unexplained, providing a final opportunity to explain the absence. We would greatly appreciate the efforts of parents/cares to ensure that all absences are explained and that in all circumstances the girls endeavour to ensure that they are punctual at both the beginning of the school day and to class. 



As a result of recent overcrowding on the 452 bus to Hurstville station of an afternoon departing outside Sydney Technical High School, students and parents are reminded that the girls are not to walk to an earlier or bus stop beyond Bethany College. Students catching this bus to Hurstville Westfield are asked to wait for the school special which departs from Croydon Rd and allow students travelling beyond Westfield access to this service. I thank you for your cooperation and support in this matter.


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal

What’s Happening in Religious Education

LENT 2020

We have now entered the Lenten season in our Church calendar which is a time for fast and abstinence.  As Christians, we need to renew our relationship with God and focus on what is important in life. Fasting from things that distract us give us an opportunity to do just that.  We remove what is getting in the way of our ability to live out the Gospel message daily.  

It’s never too late to begin our Lenten journey, but there are also no rules to say that we can’t change our focus if we feel that what we are doing isn’t working for us.  

Pope Francis has suggested the following to help live a fulfilling Lent (and perhaps we could continue some of these throughout the year):

  • Fast from hurting words and say kind words
  • Fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude
  • Fast from anger and be filled with patience
  • Fast from pessimism and be filled with hope
  • Fast from worries and trust God
  • Fast from complaints and contemplate simplicity
  • Fast from pressures and be prayerful
  • Fast from bitterness and fill your heart with joy
  • Fast from selfishness and be compassionate to others
  • Fast from grudges and be reconciled
  • Fast from words and be silent so you can listen

As part of our Lenten practise here at Bethany, we contribute to the Caritas fundraising initiative, Project Compassion.  This was launched on Ash Wednesday during our Liturgy and students are encouraged to think about how we can assist with the fundraising for people who have so much less than we do.  Students will need to keep watching the Compass newsfeeds to see what initiatives are being organised for their Year group and all are encouraged to think about how they can contribute.  


St Michael’s Youth Mass

Our next Youth Mass will be held at St Michael’s on Sunday 8 March at 6.00pm.  All students are encouraged to attend and bring their families with them. Students are encouraged to actively take part in the mass through reading, taking up the collections, assisting with the offertory procession, singing or playing an instrument or altar serving.  Notices are regularly on the Compass newsfeed so students are able to sign up to any role that they are interested in assisting with.


Year 10 Spirituality Day

On Wednesday 11 March, all Year 10 students will be attending their Spirituality Day at Mulgoa.  Students will need to be at school at 7.30am so that we can leave early and have a full day at the venue.  All students will be back at school for normal dismissal at 2.57pm. The focus of the day will be on the Year 10 value of Welcome.  Keep an eye out for our next newsletter which will have photos and an overview of our Spirituality Day.



Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission


Year 7

Enlighten Education

On Wednesday, February 19, Year 7 participated in a program run by Enlighten Education called ‘The Journey’. Throughout the day, students participated in a variety of sessions aimed to equip them with some vital skills and tools that they need in order to assist in the transition to high school and to get the best out of this year. Some of the activities that they participated in involved creating a diary to enhance their time management and study techniques, engaging in relaxation activities that they can use during times of stress, facing issues with resilience and looking at how to establish and maintain positive relationships

The students were able to take their diary home at the end of the day and I hope that they use this at different points throughout the year to reflect upon their high school journey.   

“It included fun activities such as notebook making and also provided some really helpful study tips. Personally I really enjoyed these activities and found them extremely beneficial. It was a very fun and interesting experience and I would love to do it again.” 

Emma Ball – Year 7 student


Year 7 Camp

On February 20th the Year 7 “Flames” travelled together to Deer Park in The Royal National Park for their first high school overnight camp. 

Students participated in a range of activities over two days including; canoeing, damper cooking, a Christian discovery session, team building activities in the “Amazing Race”, archery and of course the much loved waterslide. The girls played a variety of games at night which were also a highlight. 

The camp was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to build strong relationships with their peers and teachers, with many commenting that they made new friends over these two days and that it was a good opportunity to meet students from other homerooms.

On behalf of the girls, we would like the thank the following teachers; Mrs Colreavy, Mr Martin, Miss Challita, Miss Jajcevic, Ms Johnson, Mrs Taylor, Ms Stirling, Miss Stavropoulos, Mrs Straker, Mrs Allan, Mr Gough, Miss Jones, Miss Bevan, Miss Cox, Mrs Vale, Ms Matthews, Mrs Hughes and Ms Rodwell. These teachers gave generously of their time and their positivity, enthusiasm and care for each student ensured that the camp ran smoothly and that the girls had a memorable and positive experience.


Year 7 had the amazing opportunity of a fun, interactive 2 day camp experience. We participated in a variety of activities like bush cooking, water slides, canoeing, Christian discovery and diverse night activities. The camp was also an enjoyable chance to get to know those in our year better and to find new friendships with girls who shared common interests, to feel more comfortable around the girls in our year and to express the way we felt about our experience at Bethany so far. Undoubtedly, we appreciated the opportunity of the camp, embraced it and most importantly enjoyed it.” 

Lucy Savignano – Year 7 student.


We hope that your daughters had a wonderful time away with their friends and that they are better equipped to settle into their high school routine for Term 1. 


Welcome Mass

On Tuesday 25th February a welcome mass was held for Year 7, where the new families were welcomed into the Bethany College Community. It was a very special evening as we celebrated the Eucharist together. Following mass was the blessing of our bibles which were then handed to us with a prayer card and our Bethany College badges. At the conclusion of the mass we committed to our pledge for our school, promising to be our best and to strive to represent our school with pride. This was a very memorable evening that will be with us all for a long time to come. 

Alexandra Francis –  Year 7 student


Connie Pikis

Year 7 Coordinator

From the Archbishop of Sydney

Year 11 VET Entertainment – White Card Training

Students from the Year 11 VET Entertainment class recently completed their White Card Training course, a mandatory component of the subject. Students are working towards a Certificate III in Live Production and Services and must obtain a White Card as part of their unit on Safety and WHS. The girls spent the day with Mark Deguara, a qualified trainer with many years of experience in the construction industry who explained the many risks and hazards associated with construction sites and high risk work. The class was able to make links between the construction industry and the many hazards that exist in the entertainment industry including backstage work that they will likely undertake on work placement throughout the year.


Clare Moroney

Performing Arts Coordinator & Entertainment Teacher

Shrove Tuesday

On Tuesday the 25th of February, Bethany College held a Shrove Tuesday breakfast feast consisting of fresh pancakes and delicious toppings. This event was organised to kick start the Lenten season and begin raising money for Caritas. 

Many teachers and Year 12 students sacrificed a few hours of their beauty sleep, to cook and serve pancakes to the whole school.  For only a gold coin donation, students and staff were able to purchase a large serving of pancakes with whatever topping they desired. We are extremely excited to say that the pancakes were a big hit and that by 8:30, they were sold out! 

The morning atmosphere was very festive thanks to DJ Desh (Year 12) and her party tunes. The air was filled with laughs, singing and a real sense of community. Students gave very generously to Project Compassion, motivated by the season of almsgiving and of course, the irresistible scent of pancakes, raising $370 to begin our season of giving.

A big thank you to Mr Laguzza and the Religious Education Team for organising this event and to the teachers and Year 12 students who helped make the magic happen.


Alessia Colagiuri – Year 12



Year 9 In-School Team Building Pastoral Workshops

On Wednesday the 4th and Thursday the 5th of March as part of the Year 9 Pastoral Well being program, the Year 9 Stars attended an in-school workshop involving team building. The Supreme Incursions team building workshop was chosen as the focus for Year 9 to link together the values of relationships, acceptance and justice for each other within the Bethany community.

The students engaged in active sessions that combined physical team building challenges, fine motor skill activities and augmented reality on iPads. These sessions showed links to students PDHPE, English and Mathematics courses through the challenges on the day. The activities each encouraged teamwork,cooperation, leadership and bonding for the Year 9 students. The students walked away with a new focus on team building skills such as trust, initiative, communication and respect for one another. Year 9 will now take these skills and incorporate them into their daily lives and interactions within the Bethany community.


During this astounding team building program I participated in along with other members of my year 9 group, we experienced a variety of challenges that pushed each of us to stay calm, communicate and discuss with one another how to complete these tasks that were not all as easy as they may have seemed. Through these inventive challenges I was given the opportunity to work with those in my year I both knew and didn’t know at all.

 I’ve now come to the conclusion that through working together, which I was funny about at first…the incursion became a wonderful afternoon, I found I was realising I maybe had judged too quickly some of my year group and  now I was appreciating them. I had an incredible time and enjoyed myself a lot, I also must commend our leader, Pontus as well as Ms Matthews and Mrs Chisari for organising this for us.


Mali Boyd Year 9

Thank you to the Year 9 homeroom team and all other staff involved in making this incursion possible.


Acting Year 9 Year Coordinator

Theresa Chisari


From the School Counsellor

Well-Being for Teens

Bethany College Counsellor – Katerina Hatzikonstantis




By Benjamin Conolly – The Catholic Weekly

Extreme fear? Poor memory? Avoiding difficult situations? Can’t sleep? Always nervous? You might have something to worry about.

Though no one likes to think about their child suffering from any sort of mental health issue, the reality is that depression and anxiety is simply a horrible reality for a growing number of our kids right across Australia. According to Beyond Blue, 1 in 7 young people aged 4 to 17 years experience a mental health condition in any given year, and young people are statistically less likely than any other age group to seek professional help. The silent bully. Tie that in with incredible new figures from Kids Helpline revealing a 60 per cent increase in reported cases of cyber bullying between 2018 and 2019, and the full picture starts to take shape.

One of the most troubling health problems among young people is anxiety. Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. Beyond Blue says that on average, one in four people – one in three women and one in five men – will experience anxiety at some stage in their life. In a 12-month period, over two million Australians experience anxiety.


 Though sometimes a little stress can be beneficial, like when there is danger or a looming deadline, when it crosses the line into anxiety it can be really damaging. This is especially true for teens who may not have the coping skills yet to deal with it. That’s where parents come in.

Annie Wylie of Reach Out Australia says that spotting anxiety in your teen and taking action straight away can empower your teen to handle their anxiety later in life and stop anxiety in its tracks so that it doesn’t become an even bigger issue. Here are Annie’s tips on what to watch for and how to handle anxiety in your teen.

The symptoms of anxiety can look different for everybody. However, common signs and symptoms to look out for in your child are:

  • Extreme fear or worry about specific situations, or everyday life
  • Saying their mind is racing and they can’t think straight
  • Inability to concentrate or poor memory
  • Avoiding new and difficult situations
  • Avoiding social situations, being socially isolated or extremely shy
  • Always being on edge or nervous
  • Being constantly tired and unable to sleep.

Can anxiety be physical too?

Emotions can rear their head physically as well as mentally. Sometimes people will be experiencing physical symptoms and be at a loss to what is causing them. So if you notice your teen experiencing any of these things or they complain to you about them it could be a sign of anxiety.

Physical symptoms that may accompany anxiety include:

  • Chest pain, rapid heartbeats and sweating
  • Shallow breathing and shortness of breath
  • Restlessness and shaking
  • Dry mouth, stomach pains, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea

my teen is feeling anxious, now what?

Ok so you’ve ticked off a couple of the symptoms above and you’re worried that your teen is anxious. Firstly, a big well done for noticing that something is up and for taking the first step to support your teen. Secondly, there is plenty that you can do to suit all different situations so have a read and pick a few things that might work for you and your kid.


It’s easy to discount the power of breathing exercises as it seems so simple – but the evidence is in.


For some people anxiety feels really physical. They might feel on the verge of a panic attack, or just generally tight chested and worked up. Controlled breathing can give you immediate relief.

Why not try this breathing technique with your teen the next time they’re feeling anxious. It can feel like a bit less of a big deal if you’re doing it with them.

  • To get a full breath of air into the lungs, breathe out as far as you can, keep going until there is no breath left in your lungs.
  • Let your breathing reflex cause you to breathe in. Repeat this once or twice.
  • Now take in a long slow breath to the count of four, hold your breath to the count of four and slowly breathe out to the count of four.
  • Focus on something by staring at it while you do this and continue with the breathing until you feel calm.
  • ReachOut Breatheis an app that guides you through this breathing technique. Your teen can use it any time they want, even if you’re not there to do it with them.

Other coping strategies for anxiety

With breathing under control, there are other things that your child can do to manage their anxiety.

  • Going for a walk or doing light exercise– this can help to distract the mind and to manage the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress.
  • Writing down worries and setting aside a designated time to come back to them. This technique is used in cognitive behavioural therapy and can help make sure that excessive worrying doesn’t take over someone’s life. ReachOut has developed an app called Worry Timeto guide a young person through the process.
  • Meditation and mindfulness– these tools teach someone to focus on the present, taking your mind away from worrying about things in the past or the future. Smiling Mindis an app designed to teach young people mindfulness meditation, a technique which has been shown to help with anxiety.
  • Professional support

A lot of parents wonder when it’s time to go see a GP. Mum of 4 Lisa was pretty worried about taking her 14 year old daughter, who was refusing to go to school, to see a professional. She didn’t know how they would help and thought she would be judged as a mother. But in the end it was a really good experience for everybody.


After seeing a GP and then a psychologist, her daughter can now tell when her anxiety is getting worse and speaks up about it. Lisa said “I had to remind myself that if I wasn’t a good parent, we wouldn’t be there. My job was to recognise that she needed some sort of help and to reach out to someone, so I was being a good parent, that’s what a good parent does.”

Like Lisa did, it’s a good idea to seek medical advice when you, or your child, notice that something is wrong.

A GP can help with mental health issues by:

  • carrying out an assessment to find out more about what’s going on
  • providing information about where you and your child can get support
  • referring your child to a psychologist, or other mental health professional
  • creating a Mental Health Treatment Plan which allows your child to receive a Medicare rebate from visiting a psychologist
  • prescribing medication to deal with symptoms, if required

Anxiety affects different people in different ways. It doesn’t have to be lifelong though for some people it will be. The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t define your teenager and with the right support from you and others they can manage it.







SCC Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to the Bethany Swim team who competed on Monday 24th February at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre at the SCC Swimming Carnival.

We had some great results coming 2nd overall and 1st in the junior division.  Some of our girls also managed to break a number of SCC records.

Tameeka Johnson broke records in the 15 years 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly.  Monique Johnson broke the record in the 13 years 50m Breaststroke.

Thank you to Mrs Barrass, Miss Munsie and Miss Eldahaby for assisting, and to Mrs Hughes for supporting our girls on the night.


Congratulations to the following girls who will go on to represent the SCC association at the NSWCCC Swimming Championships on Tuesday 31st March:


  1. Kiera Warn 
  2. Lemoni De Silva
  3. Amy Dambiec
  4. Tameeka Johnson
  5. Mia Pelaez
  6. Montana Ilievski
  7. Jessica Brightwell
  8. Monique Johnson
  9. Juliet King


CGSSSA Touch Football

Congratulations to the Junior and Senior Touch football teams who competed out at Queens Park on Wednesday 26th February.

A great improvement was seen in both teams throughout the course of the day.

Junior CGSSSA Touch Football Team

Senior CGSSSA Touch Football Team

Lauren Feeney 

Sport Co-ordinator

Enrolling Now for Year 7 2022

Student Leadership Update

Students in the Year 12 Leadership Team recently met with Member for Oatley, Mr Mark Coure. The students received a beautiful certificate from Mr Coure and he provided great insight and advice for students as they prepare to leave the College and make plans for their future. The students will no doubt remember the experience and were given valuable tips on the importance of youth in making a difference in our society.

The Leadership Team has also been meeting up and socialising with student leaders from surrounding schools recently including Danebank, Bethlehem and Sydney Tech High. The afternoons enabled students to discuss initiatives and make new friends with students who share common interests.

Congratulations to our leaders who continue to conduct themselves in such a professional manner.

Rachael Colreavy 

Student Leadership Facilitator

Year 8 Pastoral Care

During Term 1 Year 8 have focussed on the theme of antibullying. This ties into the pastoral vision set around the value of acceptance. The Vision for Year 8 aims to

‘encourage students to explore their own and each other ‘s individual uniqueness and diversity through a range of activities designed to develop the students best self. The focus is directed on building and promoting an inclusive, collaborative and supportive learning space through the Value of Acceptance’



In response to the Year 7 2019 wellbeing survey the results showed that students suggested more education around friendship and healthy relationships. Bullying does occur in the school setting and is often found in the playground, locker area and classrooms and verbal bullying was the most common form identified.

Today students were handed out the booklet Bullying. So Not Ok. In 2014, Supre partnered with Headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Organisation, to take a stand against bullying.

Rather than just handing out this resource the students were given time to read the booklet to stimulate further discussion/activities prepared and led by their homeroom teachers.





Katrine Barnes

Year 8 Coordinator


Link below to the PDF booklet version


Careers Update

Issue 2, 2020                                                                                  

UAC Information Evening

The Universities Admissions Centre information evening will take place at Sydney Technical Boys High on April 7 between 6pm and 7pm. Parents and students are welcome, there will be speakers from UAC covering the areas of the ATAR, Scaling, Scholarships and EAS.


UNSW – Year 12 Medicine Information Evening

18 March. 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Leighton Hall, Scientia Building, Kensington

If pursuing a career in Medicine is what you’ve always dreamed of, then make sure you don’t miss the Medicine Information Evening. 

This event is extremely popular and will fill to capacity. Please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.



Parent Information Evening at Western Sydney University

Wednesday 22 April, Campbelltown campus

Thursday 23 April, Parramatta South campus

The Parent Information Evening at Western Sydney University provides parents, guardians and students a chance to find out everything they need to know about university. From discovering the way the ATAR works to speaking with Western Sydney University staff and students one-on-one to learn about the opportunities available for your child, the Parent Information Evening is a great introduction to the exciting journey ahead.

Register here:



ACU Personalised Student Tours

ACU can provide a more personalised experience for students who are thinking about studying at ACU. If you would like to individually visit an ACU campus or speak to ACU staff about course offerings personalised tours are available at the Ballarat and Canberra campuses or at 10am or 3pm at the Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney campuses. Tours run for approximately 30 minutes.



Sydney Design School Interior Design Information Session

Wednesday 25 March 2020 6pm

Thursday 16 April 2020 1pm

Level 2, 40 Oxley Street, St Leonards

If you’re passionate about becoming an Interior Designer or Interior Decorator then we invite you to join us for a free information session to learn more. Look around and view graduate’s exciting work. A presentation from the Director, Amanda Grace will give you a clear idea about what it’s like to study at the School and provide you with information about career opportunities in the interior design and decoration industries after you graduate.



UOW College – Pathways to University of Wollongong

UOW College offer pathway courses that can guarantee entry into a range of bachelor programs at the University of Wollongong, some with a pathway into the second year. They are committed to supporting students academically as well as financially with a range of scholarships and funding options available. For further information or to book a school visit, contact



UNSW Degrees and Scholarships Info Evening

16 June. 6pm to 8pm

18 June. 6pm to 8pm

This is a chance for you and your parents to learn about the exciting degrees, career options and scholarships available to you.  Knowledgeable staff, industry graduates and current students will provide insight into the experience of studying with us as well as high school subject selection, the admissions process and applying for scholarships and the Co-op Program.

16 June


18 June



University of Notre Dame Early Offer Program for 2021

Applications for Semester 1 2021 close 31 July 2020.

Secure your uni place before your exams!

This exclusive program is open to Year 12 students who have demonstrated academic excellence and/or are making a significant contribution to their school or community.



UTS Bachelor of Accounting Scholarship – The closing dates for applications to the 2021 

Round 1 Interviews Closing Date – Friday 29 May 2020

Round 2 Interviews Closing Date – Friday 16 October 2020

Entry to the Bachelor of Accounting is very competitive and is not based on ATAR score alone. Selection criteria are:

  • A genuine and informed interest in an accounting-based career
  • Personal attributes needed to succeed both as a student and in a business career – communication skills, inter-personal skills, team-working skills, problem-solving skills, enthusiasm and dedication
  • Involvement and achievement in a range of activities and interests
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities or potential
  • Academic ability (desirable ATAR: 95)

Info here:


Apply here:



The Best Jobs for School Leavers and TAFE NSW Can Help

TAFE NSW has a list of awesome jobs for school leavers to get their hands dirty and earn good money. From Barista skills making that perfect cup of coffee to serving the country in the Defence Force.


Steps to Becoming an Australian Apprentice

Apprenticeships are a great way to earn money while learning a trade! Getting started in an apprenticeship can seem a little daunting, but it can be broken down into four easy-to-understand steps. Research; Preparation; Job Hunting and Sign-up. If you would like to learn more about each step, plus heaps more useful information, visit 



Flight Centre Travel Academy – Diploma and Bachelor Courses Open Day

This personalised Open Day has been designed to give you all of the information you need to get started on your study journey. At these sessions, you can find out more detail about our courses, hear from industry experts and check out the campus facilities and meet with the facilitation team. These Open Days will be tailored to your needs and your schedule, choose a time and date, online or on-campus that suits you!  

Fill in the form below to get started and we’ll be in touch to organise your personalised open day experience.




Mr Stephen Donlan

Year 12 Coordinator/Careers Advisor


UTS BAcc Scholarship Program

The UTS BAcc (Bachelor of Accounting) Scholarship Program program offers scholarships and guaranteed employment to those students who are selected into this course. This program, regarded as the “Jewel of the Business School” offers students a fast tracked degree that includes one year of industry placement within the three year course. On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending the induction of the 2020 cohort of BAcc students.

Julia LoRusso 2019 HSC accepted this scholarship opportunity and becomes the seventh Bethany College student to become a BAcc student. These young women will move forward and become the  business leaders of the future. Congratulations Julia.


Stephen Donlan

Year 12 Coordinator

From the Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools




Uniform Shop News

Australian Government Notification to Parents

The Uniform Exchange

www.the uniformexchange.com.au  is an online marketplace where parents and students can sell or buy local, good quality second hand school uniforms, school and university text books, sporting equipment or musical instruments. Bethany College is registered with this site.

Whether it’s school uniforms, musical instruments, text books or sporting gear it’s free to browse and buy at any time.

For a small listing fee, you can sell unwanted school items to buyers looking to purchase items at a substantially lower cost. Generally, this will be within our local school community which means no postage and packaging costs.

The Uniform Exchange has been developed with busy mums and dads in mind and made it trouble-free and easy to use. Just type in Bethany’s name in the ‘find your school option’ or choose the buy or search options to view all the items listed in a particular category.

Selling Used School Gear Made Easy
The selling process is as simple and as inexpensive as possible. You only pay to list items for sale. It may be a school blazer, netball outfit, athletic gear or a trombone that’s no longer required.
You will need to register first if you wish to sell and you’ll need either a credit card or PayPal account to pay a small listing fee of 10% (less for more expensive items) based on the price you want to sell the item for.

Once registered, you simply key in the details of your item and the price you are seeking. Your listing will stay online until it’s sold and you remove it. We hope you find this site useful.