Volume 4 - 20 Mar 2020


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,


As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread and people are reacting in a variety of ways,


We pray:

For those who have contracted this virus, and for all who are sick.

For the souls of those who have died, and for those who mourn them.

For the medical workers and researchers working to help both the sick and the vulnerable.

For the elderly, the poor, the migrant, and all at risk and those without resources for care.

So that we may understand this virus to help those most susceptible and that we continue to care for each other with dignity and love, in sickness and in health.

Let us pray to the Lord.


It is fair to say that we are living in uncertain times with COVID-19 and that sometimes there are no answers for what may lay ahead in terms of school events. As a College, we pride ourselves on our organisation and communication. Over recent days, many parents have been asking questions about the precautions that the College is taking.



  • Student bathrooms are well stocked with liquid soap and we have hand dryers.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at Student Services, Reception and near student bubblers. Many students are carrying their own bottle and using this before and after each lesson.
  • Desks in classrooms have been moved to encourage social distancing.
  • Engagement of extra cleaners to sanitize desks and chairs each day.
  • Student bathrooms continue as per our usual schedule to be cleaned twice per day.
  • The entire College will have a full clean across the holidays, this includes steam cleaning of carpets and locker doors and wipe downs of walls, rails etc.
  • Year Assemblies cancelled until further notice indoors.
  • Library seating limited to 100 students.



Over the last few weeks, the staff have been preparing for remote teaching ie. teaching students who are not in front of them. If the  government or Sydney Catholic Schools were to make a decision for students to remain at home, your daughters would receive lessons in a variety of ways, depending on the decision of each teacher. By now, each teacher should have discussed with their class the method that they will be using. These include:

  • Compass – students are used to their teacher posting lessons on Compass if they have not been present in class or if students have been absent from class
  • Google Classroom 
  • Google Meet
  • Google Chat

Each of these tools are free and students have access to them without a need to download further apps.

Some teachers may have taught their classes about Zoom and if this is the case, this would have been worked through with the class.

Each of the above tools have the ability to either have lessons delivered via instructions, some via voice and some via video.

If we were to come to a situation where teaching was delivered remotely, I will be sending a detailed letter outlining how such instruction will work and how services eg counselling can still be accessed remotely.

For some students there is concern over assessment tasks especially for Year 12 students who are looking further ahead to HSC Exams. Whilst such concerns are understandable, could I encourage all parents and then in turn for you to help your daughters, remain calm and to offer reassurance. Every Year 12 student in the State is in the same set of circumstances and NESA will ensure that students are not disadvantaged. As we are currently open for usual teaching and learning, all assessments remain as published. A revised assessment program would be worked on and published if the need arises. If we were to do this, the wellbeing of your daughters would be key to guiding our decision making.

Lastly could I please again remind parents to visit the NSW Public Health Site for the facts about COVID-19. At Bethany we have no reported cases of the virus and the NSW Public Health Site outlines the circumstances as to who needs to be isolated or tested if they have come into contact with another person who has tested positive. For those families who have put in travel leave requests please make contact with the College if you are cancelling the leave.

May we all remain calm, safe and healthy through these unusual times.


God Bless


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal




From the Assistant Principal

As you are well aware we are currently waking each day to a world that is constantly changing and that requires us to access our resilience. As we navigate our path through uncertain times it is important to be aware that some members of our community may experience anxiety. The Australian Psychological society reminds us of the impact of the constant media coverage and the need to deal with the facts as they unfold.

In order to support you and your families at this difficult time please find attached are some resources that you may like to  engage with in relation to your self-care or the care of your daughters.

Smiling Mind is an app that has been developed by both psychologists and educators as a tool that encourages mindfulness as well as meditation activities for adults as well as young people. There are numerous academic publications that provide evidence of the positive impact that engaging with this practice has in relation to managing anxiety levels.

Australian Psychological Society

Smiling Mind

Additionally, the following links provide some valuable and advice and resources for those 

  1. The Student Wellbeing Hub includes the Student Wellbeing Framework as well as valuable resources for Educators, Parents and Students.
  2. Beyond Blue provides specific support around ‘Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak’
  3. Headspace also provides support around ‘How to cope with stress related to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)’.
  4. NSW Gov’t Advice to parents and carers on wellbeing and communicating.

During times such as these when we spend more time at home it is more important than ever for parents to be vigilant about their child’s use of technology and in particular social media. Many parents would have heard of Tik Tok, however, have limited knowledge about the app itself. This app was the most downloaded app across the world in 2019 with the large majority of its users ages between 16 and 24. Tik Tok has in excess of 500 million active users throughout the world. In an endeavour to ensure you are familiar with the features of this app I have included here a link to the eSafety commissioners information on Tik Tok, so that parents and carers can ensure they are familiar with the app and can be proactive in ensuring that if their daughters are using the app that it is used safely and responsibly. 



Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal


What’s Happening in Religious Education

Year 10 Spirituality Day

Winbourne at Mulgoa was the destination for the Year 10 Spirituality Day this year and we were very fortunate to have a beautiful, sunny day to share this experience with one another.   The theme for the day was “Welcome” which is the Year 10 value and it gave us an opportunity to explore what this means on a deeper level.

All of Year 10 had already experienced their value when they welcomed the 2020 cohort of Year 7 students to Bethany College.  As their Big Sisters, this was a perfect and very practical opportunity for them to live their value.  During our Spirituality Day, we looked at other ways that we can welcome the stranger, but also how we can be welcoming to all that we meet.  I am sure that the experience of making “Stone Soup” will long be remembered by the girls as a positive way to bring people together and welcome all who they encounter.







Pope Francis’ Prayer to Mary During Coronavirus Pandemic

On 11 March, Pope Francis offered mass and recited this prayer asking Mary to protect the world during the Coronavirus pandemic.  I encourage you to share this prayer with your families and pray it often.


O Mary,

you always shine on our path

as a sign of salvation and of hope.

We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick,

who at the cross took part in Jesus’ pain, keeping your faith firm.

You, Salvation of the Roman People,

know what we need,

and we are sure you will provide

so that, as in Cana of Galilee,

we may return to joy and to feasting

after this time of trial.

Help us, Mother of Divine Love,

to conform to the will of the Father

and to do as we are told by Jesus,

who has taken upon himself our sufferings

and carried our sorrows

to lead us, through the cross,

to the joy of the resurrection. Amen.


Under your protection, we seek refuge, Holy Mother of God. Do not disdain the entreaties of we who are in trial, but deliver us from every danger, O glorious and blessed Virgin.



Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

What’s been happening in the Languages Department?

This year,  Year 8 students have embraced their compulsory study of Italian with great enthusiasm. For some students this is their very first time learning another language. So far the students have been introduced to the Italian alphabet, greetings, numbers, colours and adjectives. Culturally, students have learnt about San Valentino and they had the opportunity to create and write their very own Valentine’s Day cards (in Italian of course!). Last week the students learned about Carnevale and participated in a mask making activity.




Enza Criniti

Italian Teacher

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a widely recognised day celebrated on the 8th March every year around the world and is a focal point in the movement of women’s rights. As Bethany College is an all girls school, we celebrated the day on the 11th March by inviting ex-student Sarah Aley who is a well-known Australian cricketer, as a guest speaker to talk to students who wished to attend.

Sarah Aley spoke about her career to the girls and talked about the evolution of women’s cricket in Australia. From a young age, Sarah played cricket in a local team and at that time, only men played professional cricket hence, she didn’t have the option to play professionally when she was older. Now, there are women’s cricket teams for competitions such as Big Bash League, T20 competitions and more. These games are televised. Sarah plays for the Sydney Sixers, New South Wales Breakers and has even represented the country. She has been very committed to cricket and has been able to reach her goals. Although, there is still gender inequality in the cricket world to a degree, it has improved so much over the years and now all girls have the option to play cricket professionally if they wish to when they are older.

Sarah Aley is a very inspirational person who has worked hard to achieve what she has in her cricket career and she is a role model to many young girls who aspire to play a sport like cricket professionally, as adults. Bethany College would like to thank her for giving us some of her time to come and speak to the girls who attended. The school is very proud to call her an alumni of Bethany College and wish her good luck for her sporting career future.



Penny Kalantzis

Year 8

Student Voice Newsletter

This is Bethany College’s Student Voice Newsletter, where it addresses student driven initiatives and topics within the Bethany College community. Stay tuned every  fortnight to see our accomplishments and announcements as a student body.



●        Vision and Mission Of SRC

To establish unity, cooperation and harmony within the Bethany College community and encourage student driven leadership, through the SRC team, Student Voice and events.


Bethany College’s SRC team encourages students to engage in leadership and initiatives within Bethany College to reinforce unity, harmony and cooperation between year groups! As a school, we strive to make Bethany College more involved in fundraisers, wellbeing events and initiatives that fulfill our goals for 2020. We also aim to increase school spirit through the House Cup,  and to make our school a safer and more student driven learning space through student voice and student choice!   



The Student Representative Council along with our Year 12 Leadership Team, Student Leadership Facilitator, Youth Ministry Coordinator, Principal and Assistant Principal addressed and introduced the Year 7 SRC members with a warm welcome, and congratulated our new members in being chosen for this important role.

Being a part of the SRC team, especially when starting in a new school can be very daunting, therefore we recognise their dedication and determination in representing their year group!



  • Project Compassion For Lent!

This year for the Lenten season, Bethany College is partnering up with Caritas Australia in Project Compassion. Project Compassion is Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal.

Millions of Australians come together in solidarity with the world’s poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity. As a Catholic school, this year we believe that for this Lenten season we should focus on how lives can change when we give to those who are less fortunate than us.


Fundraisers from each year group will be held when we are able to gather in the future in large groups.


Year Groups

Initiatives / FUNDRAISERS

Year 7

Coin line

Year 8

Coin Line; Crazy Sock Day

Year 9

Bake Sale

Year 10

Easter Egg Raffle

Year 11

Easter Egg Raffle

Year 12

Trivia Event



Year 11 Design and Technology Excursion

Year 11 SHAPE Exhibition Excursion

On Thursday 12th of March, Year 11 Design and Technology attended The Shape Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum which featured a selection of exemplary Major Projects from HSC Design and Technology students from the 2019 Higher School Certificate. As well as viewing the exhibition, Year 11 students heard from industry professionals, learnt about design and production processes and were able to interact with a range of different technologies in different areas such as graphic, industrial, animation and game design.

Rachel Bevan – Teacher


Interactive Floor Tiles and 3D printed Designs

My class and I attended “The Shape” exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum and had the opportunity to see unique and inspiring HSC Major Projects. We spoke to industry, media and digital professionals who showcased a range of projects including recycling plastic to create a chair, prosthetic legs and Adobe creations which were extremely inspiring, as we are currently working on our Year 11 projects. We also learned about design and production processes and attended an industry expo where we gained a greater knowledge and understanding of what area of design we are interested in as well as the wide range of career choices available at Universities and TAFES.


Samantha Staninovski – Year 11


Virtual Reality Design and Reading through 2019 HSC Portfolios

 Students from the Year 11 Design and Technology class attended the HSC Technology courses for- Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design at Sydney’s The PowerHouse Museum. This course is aimed to develop students’ conceptual understanding, appreciation of the historical and cultural influences on design, and the interrelationship of design, technology, society and the environment. With the focus on creativity, innovation and the successful implementation of ideas, I found that the designers had used a wide range of materials and technologies to successfully produce the impressive items on display.

I learnt that the designers also conducted attentive research, testing, prototype development and evaluation to accompany their MDP. The exhibition allowed students and teachers to have a glimpse into the future of design and innovation with each collection telling a story. The exhibition also provided inspiring and useful ideas to current students studying design. The collections were all very unique and creative and the creators are extremely talented especially with a particular project that stood out to everyone as a chair made with recycled coloured milk containers with a distinctive marble effect that made the collection astonishing. 


Olivia Soca – Year 11

Industry Expo – Student’s talking with LED Light and Graphic Designers



 Students designing and printing their own stickers










Careers News

What is meant by the term Adjustment Factors?

Year 12 Adjustment Factors (previously known as Year 12 Bonus Points) awards points towards a student’s selection rank, based on their performance in selected high school subjects that are relevant to the course they have applied for.

Your selection rank is determined by a combination of your ATAR and any subsequent adjustment that have been applied, such as subject related adjustments.


UAC Information Evening

The Universities Admissions Centre information evening to take place place at Sydney Technical Boys High on April 7 between 6pm and 7pm. This event has been CANCELLED.


ACU Community Achiever Program 

The Community Achiever Program (CAP) was previously named the Early Achievers’ Program (EAP).

The program offers future students who are active in their community early entry to their undergraduate course of choice. It also provides opportunities to enhance leadership and volunteering skills.

If you’re successful in applying for the CAP, you could receive an offer to study with us as early as August.



ACU Elite Athlete and Performer Program – Plan ahead

The Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP) is designed to give students who are top sporting or artistic performers the tools they need to achieve balance across their active and academic lives.

The program comes with a range of benefits, including:

  • adjustment factors to your entry score
  • academic support (deferred exams, extensions, special considerations)
  • access to travel grants and scholarships.



Business Cadetships

Opens – Monday 9 March 2020

Closes – Wednesday 13 May 2020

Open to Year 12 students who wish to pursue a business career. Cadets combine university study with paid work at UBS, a top-ranking global bank.  Over the last thirteen years, Professional Cadetships Australia has provided Year 12 students with the opportunity to apply for a cadetship with leading companies in the financial services industry, including UBS, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas, Westpac, QBE and Zurich. In 2019, UBS intends to offer cadetships across the firm under the Business Cadetships Program. In addition, the bank intends placing Technology Cadets under this Program. Program Director: Alister Wilkinson. Contact: director@professionalcadets.com.au



UTS – High School Senior Information Evening

10 June. 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Faculty of Engineering and IT Building, Building 11 Broadway

Hear from UTS students and academics about IT and engineering undergraduate courses.



Meet People in These Different Finance Careers – Videos

Chartered Accountant


Business Analyst




Finance Broker



UTS – Law Undergraduate Info Evening

17 June. 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Discover why studying at UTS will give you an edge!

 Entry pathways

 Law scholarships

 Student life from current Law students

 Career opportunities from Law graduates



UTS Discover Nursing

Wednesday 14 July

Wednesday 18 November

Parents and partners are also welcome to attend with their High School student..



ANU How to Apply Direct 2021 – Consider which ANU programs are best for you 

View Programs and Courses to find a program that best suits your interests.  

You can also view admission requirements including minimum selection rank, prerequisites, study options, and any additional entry requirements that are required as part of your application.  


Check that you meet the co-curricular or service requirement 

The co-curricular or service requirement considers the knowledge you have developed outside of the classroom and recognises this in your ANU application.  

You’ll need to provide documentation to support your activities over the last two years, such as school reports or certificates for community activities. You can view examples of documentation we accept, or use our supporting documentation template to help.  

Find out if you meet the requirements by using our co-curricular or service calculator. 

Full details on all the steps on how to apply are below:



Western Sydney University The Academy Scholarships

The Academy gives academic high-achievers an added edge – in study and with employers. It’s free to join. Offers you the challenges and intellectual rigour you crave. Focuses on community engagement, and personal and professional development. Prepares you to be a leader of tomorrow.

The Academy is unique to Western. We enrich your learning experience and invite you to become an engaged and informed citizen through unlimited opportunities.



UAC Medicine and Medical Sciences Advice

Reminder – Registration for UCAT is open now and closes at midnight on 18 May 2020.

Entry into undergraduate medical degrees is highly competitive and the selection process is rigorous. Special entry requirements for medicine and medical science courses in 2021 at the University of Newcastle, University of New England, the University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, Charles Sturt University and Western Sydney University for 2021 are now available. View the information on UAC’s website.

University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT)


University Of Wollongong Early Admission Important Dates

Opens 20 July

Closes 14 August

Early Admission is UOW’s early offer program for Year 12 students. We’ll assess the results you’ve got so far and can reward you with an early offer for your chosen degree (or degrees) before you sit your first exam.

More dates to watch are here:


What you need to know is here:



UOW Scholarships 2020 Directory

Do you need help financially? Have you done well academically? Maybe you are an elite athlete? Whatever your situation, a scholarship can help you succeed at university. Studying can be expensive. UOW has a wide range of scholarships available to you which can assist with living costs, text books or that can contribute towards your fees.



Early Entry – Macquarie University

Applications open in Term 2, 2020

Macquarie has a new early entry program on the way! Following feedback and consultation with schools and students, they are launching a new early entry program very soon.
They are looking for students who are doing well at school and involved in service, leadership and extra-curricular activities within their community.
Be the first to know what’s happening at Macquarie, including when this new early entry program open for 2020 entry by providing your details below. Plus, we’ll keep you up updated on our events and activities. Visit here and complete to stay up to date:


Apply here: https://www.mq.edu.au/study/admissions/entry-requirements/domestic/entry-schemes-and-pathways/macquarie-leaders-and-achievers/how-to-apply


Maxima – Set yourself up for life with an Apprenticeship/Traineeship

Apprenticeships and traineeships are a combination of paid work and structured training over a period of 12 to 48 months, depending on the qualification. At the end of your apprenticeship or traineeship, you will have the advantage of a nationally recognised qualification and practical, on-the-job experience.



ARC Group Training – Business Traineeships 

ARC make career development easy! ARC offers Business Traineeships for recent school leavers wanting to start their career in the Business world. As part of your traineeship, you will work full time in an office junior role, undertake a Certificate III in Business and get PAID! For more information call 02 8833 3999 or email your resume to:  recruit@arcgroup.com.au 



JMC Academy Open Day

9 May

Animation, Film and TV, Music, Songwriting, Game Design, Entertainment Management, Audio Engineering and Digital Design. On the day you can take a tour of the facilities, get your hands on some serious gear, grab a bit to eat and learn why JMC continues to lead the way in Creative Industries education.



Qantas Group Pilot Academy

Qantas trains their pilots to the highest standards and can draw on almost 100 years of aviation experience. Qantas wants to help shape the next generation of pilots and that’s why they are establishing the Qantas Group Pilot Academy. It will open its doors in 2019 with an initial intake of 100 pilots, and once it’s fully established aim to train up to 500 pilots a year.

Qantas expect the typical entrants to be high school or university graduates with a strong academic performance. After 18 months of classroom, simulator and real world flight training you’ll graduate. The training could lead to employment with one of the Qantas Group airlines, including Jetstar.

Application Options Form here:



Main site here:



Future Teachers in NSW – HSC students step-by-step guide to becoming a teacher in a NSW public school

  1. Decide what type of teacher you would like to become.
    Note: Becoming a qualified teacher in a high-demand subject area would increase your chances of gaining employment in NSW public schools.
  2. Find out what teacher education course you will need to complete in order to become the type of teacher you want to be. You may need to study specific subjects in high school in order to gain entrance to the university degree you choose to study. Your school’s careers adviser should be able to help you select the subjects you need to study.
    Note: To teach in NSW public schools, you will need to complete teacher education studies at a recognised Australian university or tertiary institution. Your studies will need to meet the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) academic requirements for employment as a teacher. The NSW Department of Education has a number of programs on offer for future teachers to apply for a scholarship and get paid to study to become teachers of high-demand subject areas and in high-demand locations.
  3. Apply for admission to the university course you’ve decided to study through the UAC.
  4. Complete your HSC.
    Note: You will need to achieve three Band 5s, including in English, to enter a teacher education university course. A few more steps after this are to be found in the link below.




Stephen Donlan 

Year 12 Coordinator / Careers Advisor

Cancellation: Parenting in 2020 – an Evening with Andrew Fuller

In what Sydney Catholic Schools feel to be the most responsible course of action, and in line with government requirements around large gatherings and COVID 19 precautions, the decision has been made to postpone the Parenting in 2020 – an Evening with Andrew Fuller parent information evenings that were scheduled for March 30-31 and April 1-2 .  Sydney Catholic Schools and our host Colleges sincerely regret being unable to bring you these valuable events for the present time, but will work together with Andrew to try to reschedule for a later date once a greater understanding of the current and ongoing situation is available.

Brigidine College, 30 March – Postponed indefinitely
Domremy College, 31 March – Postponed indefinitely
Aquinas Catholic College, 1 April – Postponed indefinitely 
Clancy Catholic College, 2 April – Postponed indefinitely



Robyn Rodwell


2020 CSDA Public Speaking Competition

This year’s competition commenced on 6 March with Round 1 of speeches held at La Salle Catholic College Bankstown. The following students from Year 7 to 12 competed in Round 1: 


Senior team

Lingge Bai (Year 12)

Jade Lozanovski (Year 11)

Nektaria Rice (Year 11)


Junior team

Ngikula Harris (Year 10)

Stephanie Vardakis (Year 10)

Kamilla Hamade (Year 9)

Ariane Lutzgarten (Year 9)

Penny Kalantzis (Year 8) 

Stephanie Moutafis (Year 8)

Harper Bollard (Year 7)

Eva Nanevski (Year 7)


Both Miss Stavropoulos and myself were extremely impressed by all our speakers who represented the College in the best light. Our sincere congratulations to Eva Nanevski who made it through to the Zone Finals, which was held last Friday, 13 March, at Aquinas Catholic College Menai. Eva represented the College in impeccable style. Due to the high degree of competition, Eva did not make it through to the Grand Finals, however, the competition provided all competitors with new learning experiences, some of whom had only competed for the first time. Well done, girls!


Shirley Woo and Sophia Stavropoulos


Year 7 Religion

In Year 7 Religion, students were asked how they could respond to Jesus’ commission- to go and spread the good News.


Year 7 Newman wrote a reflection on what they could do in their daily lives and here are some of their responses:

“When I reflected on the story of the commission, I tried to look at my own actions and see how I can act more in the likeness of God. Even the simplest actions like smiling at someone or thanking my teachers after a lesson can make a difference to their day. Attending Mass and joining the community can not only live out Jesus’ mission but can also make a difference to me and have a positive affect on others. I also try to contribute to charities like Caritas that make a difference to people all over the world. I aspire to act in the image of Jesus in my actions everyday.”

Catherine Smith


“I will respond to the commission by donating a gold coin to Project Commission each week. In everyday life I will be asking others how their day was and what went well. This will put some joy in their day and will let them know that someone cares. During lunch and recess, I will include others if they don’t have anyone to be with. The law of love as Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you” should be shown in our everyday lives. I will be trying extra hard to try and give people a compliment and to stay calm when I’m annoyed” 

Alexandra Francis


PDHPE and Sport Department News

NSWCCC Representative sports Update

In light of World Health Organisation’s declaration of a worldwide pandemic CSNSW Sport has suspended sports events indefinitely.

CSNSW Sport notes the expert medical advice of the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee, Commonwealth, State and Territory who have provided advice against holding non-essential, organised public gatherings of more than 500 people from Monday 16th March 2020.

Resultantly, CSNSW Sport is cancelling upcoming events. This includes:

  • Monday March 16th – NSWCCC Water Polo Selections
  • Monday March 16th – NSW All Schools 15 Years Cricket Selections
  • Tuesday 17th – Thursday 19th March – NSW All Schools U19 Years Cricket Selections
  • Monday 23rd March – NSWCCC Hockey Selections
  • Monday 23rd March – Tuesday 24th March – NSW All Schools Tennis
  • Tuesday 24th March – NSWCCC Baseball Selections
  • Monday 30th March – NSWCCC Golf Selections
  • Tuesday 31st March – NSWCCC Swimming
  • Wednesday 8th April – NSWCCC Touch

Potentially CSNSW Sport may not be able to re-schedule these events, as Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre is closed to the public from Monday 16 March 2020 until further notice.

Please check the CSNSW Sport website for further information and updates: https://csnsw.sport/


CGSSSA Gymnastics Update

The 2020 gymnastics team have had the opportunity to train during Thursday sport time at Oatley RSL Gym under the guidance of Sara Attard (ex Bethany student and level 10 gymnast) and Fatih (from Turkey). This has been a positive decision as the College did not have access to the uneven bars and the majority of students were unable to compete in the section. It also allows high level gymnasts to train with the school team during sport time. 

Unfortunately our Coach Elisabeth Andrews who started the Bethany gym team around 15 years ago was unable to coach the team during school hours however has the opportunity to oversee all of the gymnasts on the day of competition assisting the organisers and each school. 

The competitors in the 2020 team range from Years 7 – 10 and are: Alana Caristo, Thalia Hantzopoulos, Emma McHardy, Amy Trajkovski, Ashlee Brinkman, Katelyn D’Astoli, Bianca Karaboulis, Amahlia Ngatuvai, Everett Vane-Tempest Stewart, Olivia Komusanac, Mina Popovska and Olivia Plomaritis.


Katrine Barnes – CG Gymnastics Team Manager and  Year 8 Co-ordinator



Lauren Feeney

Sport Coordinator



Congratulations to Kiara Baggetto who has been successful in being selected to represent NSW to compete as part of the NSW Dragon Boat Team in the State Championships on 11th April at Penrith Regatta Centre.

Best of luck to all.


Kiera Warn finished in 3rd place in the Junior Iron Woman at the NSW State Lifesaving Championships in Newcastle over the weekend.  Congratulations Kiera.

St. Vincent De Paul Sandwich Making

Student Testimony – Samantha Staninovski (Year 11) 
The Vinnies sandwich making initiative is truly an amazing experience as the whole Bethany community comes together to show their community spirit.
Girls from all year groups were involved in last Tuesday’s (10/03/2020) Sandwich Making, either preparing ingredients or making the actual sandwiches.
It is very heartwarming to provide a meal which benefits the people that need it the most. With every sandwich making experience, our purpose is to show that we care for those that are less fortunate, to provide them support and to show our willingness to give back to the community, which we achieve every time.
The one thing I love most about this experience is that we, as students get to use our voices and actions to promote change for our community which is very powerful.   

Uniform Shop News