Volume 6 - 11 May 2018


Dear Jesus

We thank you for Mothers everywhere. For all who care for us day by day, let us not forget that you were a child and your mother was Mary. We say thank you for mums across the world and in our country too. Although we may not say it, we think you are the best.So let us give grateful thanks and let our voices be heard for all the Mums and Grans on this very special day. Amen

Hannah Middleton 2005


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

A Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday to all of the significant females in the lives of the Bethany family. Thank you to all of the mums who were able to attend our Mass yesterday, it was indeed a great celebration of Mary and a reminder to our girls of the important relationship that they share with their mum. At this Mass, I encouraged the girls to be thankful for the many tasks both seen and unseen that our mums perform for us and at the same time, the girls were asked to be mindful of the needs of their mothers. It was lovely to share an early morning tea with our Bethany mums.


Sisters of Charity

On Saturday evening I had the privilege of attending the farewell Mass to Sr Edith and Sr Ellen who have left the Hurstville parish to continue their mission in Auburn. This means that there are no longer any Sisters living in the parish. It was delightful to share in this Mass with the Sisters and our College Captain and Vice Captain. The Sisters of Charity began the school which is on the current Hurstville site and we continue to build on the fine education for young women that they began.


Bingo Night

It is not too late to book your table for Bingo Evening on Friday May 18. A huge thank you to the P&F organising committee for this night. The aim of the evening is to build more of a social atmosphere amongst parents whilst having some fun playing bingo. There are many prizes and silent auctions on offer. To date we are grateful for the donations of

  • $1000 King Furniture Voucher
  • Several pillow sets from King Furniture
  • Sydney Swans 2018 signed jersey
  • Leather handbags
  • Various vouchers

Over the next few days we are also hoping to secure jerseys from GWS Giants, St George Dragons and the Cronulla Sharks.

All students are welcome to form a table and come along. Please bring your own nibblies for the table. This is an alcohol free event.

We look forward to seeing you there


Student Online Safety

A reminder to all parents to please check your daughter’s online settings and postings. The expectations of the College are that Bethany should not be mentioned nor photos of students in uniform be posted on their private social media sites. I also encourage parents to chat to your daughters about photos that are posted that may be interpreted by online predators as provocative in nature. Social media can be quite useful for our girls but always within the realm of online safety.


School Email Accounts

All students are asked to check their school email account daily. This is an important form of communication for staff to students. Please remind your daughter to access her emails daily.


DISA Survey

Thank you to the parents who have completed our DISA Survey to help inform us of learning directions over the next few years at Bethany. If you are yet to complete this, please use the following link and select parent survey.



Enrolments Year 7, 2020

Next week we begin the first round of interviews for our Year 7 cohort of 2020. We have been overwhelmed by the quality of applications received. Sometimes information does not get through to the necessary people despite the best intentions. If you are aware of any Year 5 student who wishes to attend Bethany in 2020, please ask them to make contact with the College. Our staff are looking forward to meeting our new Bethany families next week.



Next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the Literacy and Numeracy tests will be sat by all students in Year 7 and 9. The purpose of the testing is to diagnose growth in each individual students literacy and numeracy skills. At Bethany we use the data to inform our teaching and to identify any students who require any extra support to catch up to the relevant standards and to develop programs to assist them. Students will sit the exams in homeroom groups and will complete the tests on paper with pencil and not using a laptop. Students should have an eraser, HB lead pencil and their maths calculator for the testing. Any student absences on these days should be covered by a doctor’s certificate and the testing is compulsory. The schedule for the paper testing is set out below and I wish all the students in Year 7 and 9 every success in completing the NAPLAN tests.

Mr Gregg Conroy, Leader of Learning


Robyn Rodwell



From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates: Link to college calendar located on the website

 Working with feedback.

Marks and comments on assessments are an important form of feedback, and it is important that we work with this to improve. It can be hard to be motivated though, if the mark was disappointing. We all have times when we think we have done brilliantly then get an assignment back and are really disappointed instead. You could just feel really bad, or you could try these steps:


The first step is to work through the feedback and work out what went wrong.

  • Did you not meet the criteria?
  • What feedback were you given from the teacher?
  • Do you understand the feedback?
  • Can you work out why you got the mark you did?

If you don’t understand why you got the mark you did, it is ESSENTIAL you ask your teacher for further clarification. Mistakes are a vital part of learning, but you don’t want to keep repeating the same mistakes.


Once you understand what the issue was, you can either accept it, or challenge it.

ACCEPT: If you feel now that the mark was actually fair enough, then it is time to move on. There is no point beating yourself up anymore about your disappointing mark.

Instead you need to treat this as a learning process, the people who are most successful in life don’t let their mistakes get them down, they see them as a learning opportunity where they can improve and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

However, if you really don’t understand why you got the mark you did, thinking you had met all of the criteria, you can talk to your teacher and politely explain your point of view and ask for further clarification about where it went wrong.


The only way to improve, is to work out what you did wrong, then try and fix it.

It is actually a really good idea to re-do part of the work and re-submit. Not everyone has the commitment to do this, but if you do – then wow – you will really see the benefit in your results. It might just be a case of re-doing a section of the assignment and asking your teacher to review it.

But if you don’t have another go, or apply the feedback to another task you won’t know whether or not you have really taken the feedback on board. Some students let a bad mark get them down and start to think they are not capable of succeeding, so they don’t try to address the issue, make similar mistakes again and just feel worse. Don’t be that sort of person! Learn from what you have done and have another try.

Another good thing you can do is to ask to see other students’ work – to evaluate what was missing in yours or how you could improve yours next time.

It would also be a great idea for your next assignment to show your teacher a plan, or a draft early on, explaining how you think you’ve met the criteria, and seek feedback well BEFORE handing it in.



A reminder that students are to change into full winter uniform in Week 3, after Mother’s day.

Winter College Uniform: 7-9

  • Long sleeve College blouse
  • College tunic worn at mid knee length
  • College knee high socks (not ankle) or opaque navy pantyhose
  • College cardigan
  • College Blazer which must be worn as compulsory outer garment to and from school.


Senior Winter Uniform: 10-12

  • College blouse
  • College skirt worn at mid knee length
  •  Knee high socks (not ankle) or opaque navy pantyhose
  • College Blazer which must be worn as compulsory outer garment to and from school.

Year 12 may wear College jersey at school on Thursdays only – it is not to be worn to and from school


Sport Uniform 7-10

  • College tracksuit –long pants and jacket with long pants (shorts may be worn underneath for sport if students wish)
  • College sport T shirt
  • College ankle socks
  • well supported lace up sport shoes (Not canvas: Vans/Converse etc)
  • College Sports cap
  • Optional polar fleece
  • The College Sport Jacket is the outer garment to be worn to and from school

Winter Sport Uniform: 11 -12

Year 11 & 12- Uniform should be retained where possible to wear at carnivals and representing the college at sporting events

All Year 11 and 12 must wear Senior Winter Uniform to and from school, each day.

Students representing the college on Thursdays, or those undertaking practical lessons must bring sport uniform to school and change.

Students have been reminded this week on sentral notices and in homeroom to check uniform requirements in their diary. In particular:

  • The cardigan is not to be worn as the outer garment to and from school.
  • The school scarf is the only scarf to be worn with the college uniform
  • As of next week and full winter uniform- Blazers MUST be worn as the outer garment to and from school. The consequence for not doing so is an immediate detention.


Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal




SCC Rep Sport



The SCC AFL team played their Grand Final last term. They were defeated by a very experienced MSJ team.

Congratulations to all the girls who competed, the improvement in skill level and team work was exceptional. We are very proud of your efforts.


SCC Touch Football

The SCC touch team played their Grand Final at the end of last term. Unfortunately they were defeated by Rosebank.

Well done to the girls who put in 110% into training sessions. Congratulations on a fantastic season representing Bethany.


Senior CGSSSA soccer

Girls represented the school with tremendous pride and skill, but unfortunately did not make it to the semis. We had a very strong pool. The girls played with high level of skill on the field but we could not put a goal past the opposition’s goal.

The girls put in 110% and a big thank you to all of the year 12’s who have represented Bethany College in this competition since year 7.

We look forward to defending our title in the SCC competition 


The  CGSSSA Gymnastics Competition is coming up on Wednesday 6th June at  the Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre, Rooty Hill.


We have a full team from Year 7 through to 12 competing. This is great experience for the 12  new Year 7 competitors.

Parents are welcome to attend this event to support the College.




Fitness Club

Each Wednesday from Week 2, our year 12 sports house captains will be running fitness activities and games as well as some sport activities from 7.15am until 8am.







Katrine Barnes

PDHPE Teacher


Careers News

Student learning in full bloom

My name is Claudia and I began a Floristry TVET course at Ultimo TAFE this year. I am really enjoying this course as each week, not only do we learn about different plants and flowers, but we also get to create an arrangement of our own. It has not only taught me new and interesting things but has also opened new pathways for future study in creative careers.

Claudia Alison Year 12



In this subject, I have enjoyed all practical lessons that we have done especially when we were baking the chicken and when we did the Open Day prac. I am also enjoying learning about different cooking techniques and the importance of working in a team. Gabrielle Policarpio

I have really enjoyed hospitality this term, especially the prac. I feel that working hands-on really improves my knowledge and understanding of what we learn in class, for example, the different cutting techniques. I also enjoy working as a team and assisting other members as well as receiving their help with my cooking. Emily Licovski

I have enjoyed cooking and working with other students in the cooking periods. The theory lessons are good as I learn new things about cooking and how to make different meals. Lauren Markovski

I’ve enjoyed doing the practical lessons. I also enjoy learning how to work with other people when cooking a meal, and learning about different cutting techniques for cutting food. Leah Fisher

One of the things I have enjoyed in hospitality this year is the practical lessons. In the practical lessons we are able to learn and practice new skills within the kitchen. Another thing that I have liked is being given the opportunity to go to work placement which will provide us with industry experience. Rebecca Martinez

I have really enjoyed Hospitality. In particular, the practical aspects of this course such as cooking. Pia Morris

So far this year in hospitality I have enjoyed the practical lessons the most. I enjoyed cooking the chicken drummies and veggies! Alexia Sardelis

I have enjoyed the prac lessons and learning how to cook different dishes. I have also enjoyed learning new cooking preparation techniques including the different cutting styles. Naomi Ruggiero

I have enjoyed working in a team to create delicious dishes. Caitlin McGowen

I have really enjoyed cooking in hospitality this year and the group work activities that we have done in class. I have also enjoyed sharing ideas of fun activities we could include in our lessons. Amy Burge

In this course I have enjoyed all the practical lessons. My favourite would be the Bethany in Action Day when we made brownies and practiced our precision cuts. Bridget Sciuriaga

What I’ve enjoyed most about being in Hospitality is cooking dishes I’ve never cooked before and being able to expand my knowledge of cooking and preparation methods. Tash Papacosta

I really am enjoying hospitality and the areas that I enjoy the most in the course are the practical lessons, like practicing precision cuts. Angela Robinson



ATAR in Question for Uni Entry
The relevance of university entrance scores has come under question in a new report that has found just one in four undergraduate students is admitted based on their Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR). Read ABC article:

My Health Career Videos
Watch a variety of specialists who give their candid insight on why they enjoy their careers.
Occupational Therapy:

UMAT Workshop
UMAT registrations for 2018 are now open. Senior students may need to sit this exam if they would like to apply for medicine in 2019. Seventeen universities accept school leavers directly into their medical programs. Please visit

UNE Open Day
11 May
UNE Open Day gives you the chance to explore UNE and find out everything you need to know about studying at university. Every year, we hold information sessions, individual course advice, tours of the academic campus and colleges, live demonstrations, free food and activities. Open Day runs from 7:30am – 2:30pm, starting at the residential colleges at 7:30am, where you can tour the residences and meet current students to chat about college life. Academic course advice is available from 9:00am – 2:30pm, with tours of academic areas and course advice information sessions running between 9:30am and 1:30pm, so there’s plenty of time to explore, talk to course advisors, and get a taste of university life. Full details:

UTS Bachelor of Accounting Scholarship Information Evening
15 May. 6.30 – 7.30 pm
UTS Campus – Ultimo
Contact : Carin Alberts : carin.alberts@uts.edu.au
Register here:

UTS Bachelor of Accounting Scholarship Round 1 Applications
Close 1 June
Online applications: www.bachelorofaccounting.com
Contact : Carin Alberts : carin.alberts@uts.edu.au
Note that applicants will need to apply through UAC as well.

Uni of Wollongong General Info Evenings Coming to You
Sutherland 15 May
Kogarah 26 June
Find out more details go to:

UTS Engineering and IT Undergrad Info Evening
14 June. 5.00pm to 8.30pm
Hear from industry experts, students and leading academics about the exciting new tech careers which lie ahead. From robotics to cyber security to artificial intelligence and the internet of things, hear about the unique career opportunities for emerging graduates and the programs we have at UTS to help you prepare. It’s also a great opportunity to meet academics and current students who can share information on course options, and how you can prepare for your university journey. Register:

Discover Nursing @ UTS
21 June. 5.30pm
Find out about the exciting and ever changing world of nursing, a career that allows you to specialise across most forms of medicine and can take you across the world. Register:

Uni of Wollongong Early Entry
Early Admission is UOW’s early offer program for Year 12 students. It recognises the personal qualities and skills that define who you are. We get to know you, look at the results you’ve got so far and can reward you with a place at UOW before you even sit your final exams. Apply:

An insight into universities from around the world – Crimson Education’s Youtube Channel
Give your students an insight into universities from around the world with Crimson Education’s YouTube channel. See interviews with students at top US and UK universities as well as Australian and New Zealand campuses. Everything from course specific information to campus life. Please feel free to share the link:


AIE Open Day
19 May. 10.00am – 3.00pm
Level 2, Wentworth Park Grandstand, Wattle St, Ultimo
Discover the courses designed to get you started in game development, 3D animation and visual effects at the AIE The day will include presentations on different areas of industry to get into as well as information about AIE full-time and part-time courses and entry requirements. Student work will be on display and our teachers will be available to speak with you one on one about our courses and how AIE can get you into a creative career. Jessica Bull: jessicabu@aie.edu.au Ph: 85148800.

Pilot – BASAIR Career Info Seminar
Bankstown Airport from 7:00pm – 8:30pm
26 June
26 July
27 August
26 September
30 October
26 November
Learn about a career as a Commercial Pilot at one of our free information seminars. Find out more:

School Drama Curriculum Performances and Workshops at NIDA
18 – 22 June
NIDA will be staging plays recommended to secondary school students, two of which are included on HSC Drama and English Curriculum. Waiting for Godot and The Removalists are included, plus NSW Public Schools Drama Company’s performance of Yerma by Garcia Lorca. Schools are also invited to workshops after each performance. Talk to your Drama teacher. Tickets at:

SAE Open Days
5 August
Sydney – 39 Regent Street Chippendale.
Byron Bay – 373-391 Ewingsdale Road
We’re opening the doors to our, state-of-the-art campus. If you’re considering studying creative media, now is the time to speak to our experienced team, and pursue your passion in this dynamic and expanding industry of animation, film, music and sound production.
Sydney – https://sae.edu.au/news-and-events/events/sydney-campus-open-day-august-5-2018/?date=2018-08-05&id=557
Byron Bay – https://sae.edu.au/news-and-events/events/byron-bay-campus-open-day-august-5-2018/?date=2018-08-05&id=556
Information Session at College of Event Management
10 May. 6.30pm.
Specialising solely in event management training. Our courses are nationally recognised and give students specific, practical and relevant, hands on experience that leads to employment within the event management industry. See more information on our website:

JMC Academy Open Day
12 May
Celebrating 35 years in education, JMC Academy remains Australia’s leading Creative Industries institution, offering Degrees and Diplomas in Music, Songwriting, Audio Engineering, Film and Television Production, Entertainment Business Management, Digital Design, 3D Animation and Game Design .


Will Robots Take My Job?
A US based site which looks at the level of change and disruption caused by technology across hundreds of careers. It has relevance as similar changes may occur in Australia. Enter your chosen career and sit back and see what may happen! Good luck.

Australian STEM Video Game Challenge
To 3 August
(Inclusive of registration, game build and entry submission.)
Students can enter in teams of 1- 4 members, and it’s free to enter to design, build test a video game. Go to:

Careers with STEM Science Out Now
The latest edition of Careers with STEM magazine – Science – has been dispatched to secondary schools across NSW. This magazine looks at the myriad of careers that start with a foundation of Science. It has tips on how to turn study into start-ups, the top 9 industries for science graduates and you can also meet one of the Superstars of STEM. Go to this site for an for e-edition.


Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator

ANZAC Assembly

On April 25th each year, Australia and New Zealand commemorate the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915 as well as the service men and women who have and continue to fight in war. 2018 is incredibly significant as it marks the 100 year anniversary of the signing of the Armistice on the 11th day of the 11th month and the 11th hour which ultimately ended the FIrst World War in 1918.

To commemorate and honour the sacrifice and service of Australian soldiers during war campaigns, the Bethany community came together on May 2 for a special ANZAC service. We were honoured to be joined by Mr Ken Markos, Mr Hugh Quinn and Ms Karen Dunlop from Bexley RSL to mark this special occasion.

The assembly was led by students from the Year 10 Newman History class and Year 12 leadership team who honoured those who have so bravely and willingly protected our freedom. We gave special tribute to the brave women who served so valiantly throughout the wars as nurses and remembered their sacrifice and service as well as the service and sacrifice of the soldiers on the battlefield.

Following the Assembly, the student leaders and I accompanied our special guests and Mrs Rodwell to lay a wreath at the College Lone Pine Memorial on Chisolm Green. We then shared morning tea where we had the opportunity to talk to the RSL representatives and hear their own personal stories regarding the ANZACs and their own experiences during war.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Markos, Mr Quinn and Ms Dunlop for attending the service and offering up their time to talk to us about their own experiences. I would also like to thank the Year 10 students and members of the Year 12 leadership team who spoke at the assembly and so aptly demonstrated the College values of welcoming and acceptance.

This was an incredibly rewarding experience which brought the Bethany community together to commemorate the contribution of men and women who so bravely pursued freedom and peace.

Chloe Allcorn – HSIE Prefect

ANZAC Ceremony – Hyde Park

To commemorate and remember the sacrifice given by the soldiers during WW1, we were lucky enough to attend the wreath laying at the ANZAC War Memorial Hyde Park. Four Year 10 girls and I accompanied Mrs Bullock, along with an abundance of schools from NSW to watch and take part in the ANZAC commemorative ceremony. We were honoured to watch the army cadets and hear the NSW premier speak as well as place our own wreath on the steps of the war memorial to pay our respects. The ceremony was extremely interesting and we all felt very privileged to be able and pay our respects to the fallen ANZACs on behalf of the college.
Chloe Allcorn – HSIE Prefect

CGSSSA Junior Soccer Gala Day

On Wednesday, 2 May, a group of Year 7, 8 and 9 students and myself were involved in the CGSSSA Soccer Gala Day at Morrison Bay in Putney.

The day started extremely early, we were at school at 6.30am. Somehow everyone was awake and excited to get on the field. It was interesting to see girls from different clubs coming together to make an eclectic team that functioned well together. We performed well winning three games, drawing two and only suffering one defeat. We were extremely close to making the finals, however due to bylaws we didn’t quite make it. After hearing the devastating news we remained upbeat and looked forward to next year. Mr Laguzza said that “he was so proud of the way we conducted ourselves on and off the field, we were a true testament to the college, and the girls were a pleasure to coach.” We’d like to thank Mrs Donnelly and Mr Laguzza for being at school early in the morning for training and for accompanying us throughout this experience. On behalf of all the girls we apologise to Mr Laguzza for kicking, tackling and injuring you during training Sir. Of course thank you to the players who were such a joy to play with and to the supporters who cheered us on during the day.

Students involved: Leah GOURAMANIS (7), Kelsey KELLY (7), Analisa MAZZUCCO (7), Mary VLAHADAMIS (7), Grace COWAN (8), Tahlia DIMANOSKI (8), Natalia MILENKOVSKI (8), Alyssa PARROTTINO (8), Eva TRESOGLAVIC (8), Antonia GREGORIOU (9), Alexis MIHALJEVIC (9), Emily MILENKOVSKI (9), Zoe NONDAS (9), Luana RENDINA (9), Angelique RODAS (9), Alana ROSTANKOV (9) and Mikalya SAVIGNANO (9).


Mikayla Savignano – Year 9


Naplan is starting next week.  It will take place from Tuesday 15 to Thursday 17 May, 2018.