Volume 7 - 25 May 2018


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

Mary of the Southern Cross Help of Christians

Yesterday, our Year of Youth Ambassadors attended the Mary Help of Christians Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral with Ms Woods and Myself. Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Anthony Fisher. In his homily, the Archbishop highlighted the importance of Mary of the Southern Cross being the patron saint of Australia and drew us back to some wonderful memories of World Youth Day 2008 and the portrait of Mary of the Southern Cross that was commissioned and hangs in the Cathedral. His Grace encouraged our Youth to be involved in Church and to celebrate their faith not just through their schooling but by being citizens who care for one another.


            “Lord God, we pray for Australia, our earthly home, that, with the help of

           The Virgin Mary, we may become a new creation in Jesus Christ who

           lives and reigns for ever and ever.”

          SCS Mass Booklet May 2018



Bingo Night

Thank you to our P&F Bingo organising Committee for their outstanding leadership and commitment to our Bingo evening last Friday. The aim of the P&F was to provide a forum for parents and students to socialise in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We had over 32 tables booked for the evening with many staff, students and parents bringing their extended families. A list of sponsors who kindly donated prizes for the evening is contained within this newsletter. We thank these companies for their generosity which helped to raise over $4000 before expenses on the night. At our next P&F meeting in Term 3, we will discuss where best to use these funds for the best educational outcomes for all girls.

Academic Goals

Students are in the middle of a significant round of assessments in all year groups. With the build up to any formal assessment task can come some nerves and anxiety. If this is in proportion then students usually handle tasks quite well. As students receive valuable feedback on their assessments over the coming weeks, please communicate with your child as to how they feel they are going in meeting their individual academic goals. This does not always have to be in the form of receiving a “good” mark, but may be in the form of overcoming the fear of giving a speech in front of the class or conquering an essay topic. As students receive feedback it is always useful to re evaluate their academic goals in the forum of continual academic improvement. If students are disappointed with a result or proud of an achievement, understanding what worked or did not is helpful for next time. Another step in this process will be the feedback that you receive at our parent teacher interviews at the end of this term. We encourage you to have a gauge on how your child thinks that they are performing in each subject and then seek to clarify this further with staff at the interviews.




Robyn Rodwell

College Principal

From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates: Link to college calendar located on the website



Physically being present in school is one of the most basic conditions for a student’s success – if students are not in school, they are not learning. Research shows that the quality of teaching is a significant influence on student learning and students cannot learn from their teacher if they do not come to class. Expecting regular attendance in school also helps prepare young people for expectations in the workplace – to be at work on time every day and on time, unless there is a legitimate excuse for absence. When in school, students develop skills in teamwork, relationship building, and collaborative problem-solving. As well, students make friends and participate in activities in school that help them develop socially. 

Parents and teachers have a shared obligation to ensure students are in school every day. Granted, some days students are unwell and cannot attend, however there are times when students stay home a without genuine reason. I would suggest that parents use the Sentral Student Portal to check on overall attendance rates because once they sit below 85%, the College is obliged to send attendance letters of concern home and meet with students and carers should attendance not improve and create a plan to support regular school attendance. Additionally, if students miss class time they run the risk of not meeting the course requirements set out by NESA which can result in not being able to progress to the next stage of their learning.

I trust that we can work together to ensure Bethany students receive the best education they can by being at school each day in order to reach their potential.






Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal

What’s Been Happening in Religious Education

Year 9 Spirituality Day

Our Year 9 students attended their Spirituality Day on Friday and focused on their value of Justice.  The girls looked at various types of injustice in the world and looked for ways that they could actively make changes in our world to ensure that all people receive just and equitable treatment.  Playing Jenga, the girls got to see that the basic needs of society such as education, clean water, access to medicines and health care – the building blocks of society – are not always available to every person. Without these, communities can fall, just as the Jenga blocks fall with no solid foundation. The girls created a Justice League of Superheroes where they focused on the individual qualities that a person needs in order to make changes in our society to ensure that the world is a better place.  They also came to the realisation that we need to work together on these issues and in doing so, much can be achieved.  I put a challenge to the girls to think about an issue within our own local community that we could work on together to raise awareness and make change.  I am very much hoping that Year 9 2018 will identify an issue that they feel strongly about where they will be able to apply their understanding of justice and make positive changes that will be of benefit to our community.

I leave you with the Year 9 Justice Prayer and some photographs from the day:


Loving God,


You created us as a gift for one another.

Give us eyes to see all who are in need or are being treated unjustly in our world.

Give us ears to hear people who call for help.

Give us willing arms to reach out and touch others who need to feel your presence

Most of all, give us courage to stand up for others and what we believe.

We ask this through Christ our Lord,




Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

Business and Families Supporting the Bethany College Bingo Night

Archdiocesan Evangelisation Day

On Friday the 18th May, ten students from year 10 at Bethany College attended the Archdiocesan Evangelisation day at Mary MacKillop Catholic College, Wakeley. They were joined by students from across the Archdiocese for faith, fun and food, exploring the theme of “Faith, Vocation and Journeying together.” On the day, students listened to world-renowned speaker, Jason Evert, who teamed up with the musical talents of Steve Angrisano to provide an engaging and inspiring atmosphere for all present. 
As it is the Year of Youth, this was an amazing opportunity for the Bethany Girls who represented the College beautifully and engaged in the activities with maturity and enthusiasm. Thank you to Miss Amelia Beckett who accompanied the students on the day and to Sam for transporting the students to and from the venue. 
Rachael Bakhos
Student Leadership and Youth Ministry Coordinator

Eucharistic Minister Course

On Tuesday 22 May, myself and a few other Year 11 and 12 students went to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College (OLSH) at Kensington for the Eucharistic Minister Course to become Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Sydney Catholic Schools representatives Cheryl Fernandez and Milad Khalil attended, offering  their support and guidance. We were taught throughout the day by the expert, Sister Moira Debono.

It was such a spiritually enlightening experience being able to learn about the true origins and meaning of the body and blood of Christ. We were able to gain further insight about each significant part of the Mass, as well as get hands-on experience with portable Communion kits. It was such an honour to be able to attend the workshop and gain the qualifications needed to assist in such a vital part of Masses. We look forward to using these new skills and knowledge to serve during school community events. Thank you to Miss Taouk for accompanying us for the day.


Clare Fitzgerald – Year 12


Eastern Region Year of Youth Luncheon

On Friday 11th May, we attended the Eastern Region Youth Luncheon at St Mary’s Cathedral House. We enjoyed lunch with representatives from schools in the Eastern Region, as well as Youth Ministry leaders, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP and several other bishops in the Sydney Archdiocese. We had the opportunity to discuss issues faced by Catholic youth in contemporary society, both with our peers and in a Q&A session with the Archbishop. We would like to thank Miss Bakhos for giving us this opportunity and for accompanying us on this day. We are very grateful for this experience and we gained valuable knowledge surrounding our faith!

Eve Fernando and Louisa Leone – Year 11


Thank you to Eve and Louisa for their authentic witness and dedication to embodying the role as ambassadors for the Year of Youth.


Ms Rachael Bakhos

Student Leadership and Youth Ministry Coordinator

Year 10 Geography Excursion

On the 16th of May, the Year 10 Geography students attended an excursion to Cronulla Beach for their topic of Coastal Landscapes. The students spent the day participating in activities run by AUSECO, including identifying certain types of vegetation, measuring the length and degree of different parts of the beach as well as measuring wind speed. To complete the cold day, a nearby cafe warmed us up with hot chips before a trip to North Cronulla’s seabee wall which not only looks like honeycomb but has been specially designed to prevent erosion due to its unique shape. The students enjoyed the day whilst also learning interesting facts about the popular beach of Cronulla and its fascinating history and present state.    

Isabella Staninovski – Year 10



Using physical activity to teach heart health is an important skill for our students to learn so that they can practice reading their body cues. Year 8 have been participating in fitness testing activities throughout this semester by participating in a range of enjoyable activities which elevate heart rate to understand concepts of the FITT principle and its relationship to maintaining health and developing fitness.

Year 10 are also finalising their Aerobics unit this week. They have participated in choreographing a group aerobics routine allowing them to develop their aerobic fitness through weekly participation and performance.



SCC Cross Country

Congratulations to all students who participated in the SCC Cross Country Carnival held at Queens Park on the Friday the 4th of May. We had some great results on the day as Bethany College placed third in the Junior Aggregate Trophy and second in the Senior Aggregate Trophy. We also had some fantastic individual results and we with Lucy Flanagan , Brooke Salisbury and Alexia Ryan the best of luck as they compete at the NSWCCC Cross Country Championships on Friday 15th June at Eastern Creek.


SCC Netball

All netball teams have had a great start to the season.  The placings for each team after round 3 are as follows:

  • 2nd – Juniors
  • 6th – Inters
  • 3rd – Seniors


SCC Senior Soccer

Our Senior Soccer team is currently undefeated this season after three rounds.


Fitness Club

Each Wednesday from Week 2, our Year 12 sports house captains will be running fitness activities and games as well as some sport activities from 7.15am until 8am

At 8am breakfast will be served next to Yallunga hall

The cost for the 8 week program is $20 and must be paid in full to the College Bursar at student services before Wednesday 9th May (the first session).





Katrina Barnes

PDHPE Teacher


Over the past 5 school weeks, Bethany girls have been showcasing their intellect and public speaking skills in the Eastern Region Catholic Schools debating competition. This tough competition requires teams to prepare a whole debate in just 45 minutes. The only thing teams are given prior to the day of the debate is the topic area, which this year were ‘social and political issues’, ‘sport and health’, ‘environment’, ‘technology’ and ‘popular culture/current affairs’. 

Girls across all year groups have competed in each round with huge success this year! Our teams in Years 8, 9 and Seniors have advanced to the finals! Best of luck to all of the Bethany teams who will debate next Wednesday.  

Dana Sutherland, Debating & Public Speaking Prefect 




Paws Pet Therapy

Recently, students at Bethany were introduced to Paws Pet Therapy, a not-for-profit charitable organisation that trains volunteers and their dogs to provide specialised pet therapy. Our volunteers Wendi and Doug brought their beautiful labrador Roxy along for a visit with a small group of students- and what a joyful visit it was! The magic and benefits of pet therapy are numerous and we witnessed first hand the comforting effect pets can have on humans.

Some students were already dog lovers and knew exactly how to handle Roxy, while others were a little nervous at first, but became more confident and less fearful.

As part of the pet therapy programme, Roxy regularly visits nursing homes and hospitals but Bethany was her first school visit. The interaction between Roxy and girls was very special. Wendi and Doug talked about the benefits of pet-assisted therapy, including how the pets can offer a comforting presence and can bring a decrease in feelings of loneliness and isolation. Additionally, caring for pets encourages nurturance and responsibility, thus increasing self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Most notably, pets live “in the moment” and encourage us to enjoy the present.

Roxy will be back, and we just can’t wait til next time!

Rachael Colreavy




Careers News

Bethany student recipient of University of Sydney Academic Excellence Award

“On Tuesday 10th of April, I was very grateful to have received an award at the University of Sydney’s Academic Excellence Awards ceremony. This award was presented by Professor Pip Patterson, the University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Education. The presentation itself was preceded by a campus tour and speeches from staff members and a current student, which provided valuable insight into university life. I would like to sincerely thank all the staff at Bethany College who made it possible for me to receive this award and for their continued commitment to our education and wellbeing.” Eve Fernando Year 11



Work placement presentation

As part of any VET course, students need to complete a work placement related to their respective subject. On Wednesday 9 May, Southern Sydney Business Education Network presented information to students about work place expectations and opportunities. The presentation was informative and the students will now be more confident when they undertake their work placement.



Presentation by Notre Dame University

Representatives from Notre Dame University informed students about courses, early entry programs and a variety of other information that will assist students in selecting a university that best suits their needs.


Hospitality students showcase cooking skills

Year 12 Hospitality have been studying the unit “Use basic methods of Cookery”. Each week they put into practice a method of cookery they have learnt about in class. This week students made a delicious mushroom stuffed chicken breast on a bed of sautéed spinach. The students were very successful in demonstrating skills in shallow frying, roasting and blanching. 

Gabrielle Killorn, Hospitality Teacher




UNSW Sydney Scholarships Information Evening

5 June. 6.30pm to 8.00pm

John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington.

The Scholarships & Co-op Information Evening provides depth and detail on the range of scholarships at UNSW and the application process. The evening is aimed at Year 11 and 12 students and their parents.



University of Sydney – Bachelor Of Advanced Computing Information Evening

21 June . 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Abercrombie Building, ABS Case Study Lecture Theatre 1070, Darlington, University of Sydney

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies at the University of Sydney is launching its new Bachelor of Advanced Computing degree in 2018. Join us at an information evening where you will learn more about this new degree and the opportunities that it brings to our students.



Engineering Course Named in World Top Four. Charles Sturt Uni

They don’t sit a single exam throughout their degree and instead of lectures, engineering students at Charles Sturt University have Netflix-style on-demand classes. The students spend four years of their five-and-a-half-year degree doing paid engineering work and are assessed on portfolios of their real-world projects. The unusual approach has attracted the attention of the leading Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which has named the regional NSW university as one of the four top “emerging leaders in engineering” in the world.



UTS Science in Focus – Staying Safe in Cyberspace 

31 July. 6.00pm to 8.0pm

Building 1, Great Hall, UTS Broadway, Sydney

Is social media becoming an issue for your students? Join Clinical Psychologist Louise Remond and technology education expert Kristy Goodwin, as they provide insights and practical tips to empower young people to become social media savvy. School groups welcome. Email science@uts.edu.au 



MedView UMAT Winter Crash Course

9 to 13 July

The UMAT often accounts for nearly half of your admission to medical school in Australia – that’s almost equivalent to one year of high school grades. Included in the workshop are: • 3 beautifully designed UMAT workbooks corresponding to each of the 3 UMAT sections. Each workbook covers the different question types asked in each section and includes heaps of practice questions, tips and strategies for acing the UMAT • 5 days of intensive teaching by tutors who scored in the 95th – 100th percentile in the UMAT • Small group sizes to maximise engagement and learning • 2 full mock exams. Book here:




Discover TAFE Digital 

No matter where in the world you are physically located, TAFE Digital allows you access to high-quality online training so you can gain a nationally recognised qualification in your area of interest. We combine the best to offer you over 250 current and industry relevant courses across the range of modern industries. The flexibility of our courses means you can adapt your study around your family and lifestyle. You can begin at any time and work at your own pace – but you won’t need to do it alone with real-time interaction with teachers and fellow online students via our live virtual classrooms, forums and chat bots.



Skills Show Australia 2018 – Open Registrations 

2, 3, 4 June

International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour

The full registration page for Skills Show Australia 2018 is now open at skillsshow.org.au/schools. Skills Show Australia 2018 is an opportunity for you to see the future of Australia’s trade and skill industry. The Skills Show will be a celebration of trades, skills, vocational education and training and above all – industry excellence. 



ATEL Gap Year Traineeships

Gap Year Traineeships are a great way to test drive your chosen career to see if it’s right for you. Enjoy a bit of a breather from the daily demands of school, all while earning money.

Learn more at:




NIDA Open Day

16 June

NIDA, 215 Anzac Parade, Kensington

Open Day is a great opportunity to find out more about our courses, the application process and student life. Experience all that NIDA has to offer through performances, workshops and presentations by our team of educators and alumni.



The Hotel School Info Evening – Sydney

30 May

60 Philip Street Sydney

If your interest is hospitality, tourism or business management and you want to explore a global career path then join us at our information session. The session is designed to provide you with information on the courses offered at The Hotel School, you can speak with the academic team and experience the campus. Come and discover how to make a start in the hospitality and tourism industry.



The Hotel School Intercontinental Insights Event

1 July. 9.00am to 3.30pm

Treasury Room, InterContinental Sydney 117 Macquarie Street, Sydney

Experience the opportunity with The Hotel School, Australia’s leading university hotel school.

Do you see yourself in Hotel Management or Tourism – a global growth sector and Australia’s second largest industry? The Hotel School, together with the InterContinental Sydney, is offering a unique experience. Would you like to go behind the scenes of this leading 5-star luxury hotel and find out what working in a 5-star hotel environment is like? Bookings here:



Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Info Afternoons

17 July

Over 200 managers from 28 luxury hotel chains said they prefer hiring staff from Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School. Meet students and alumni. Meet current students and alumni who are achieving success in the booming hospitality industry. Take a look behind the scenes tour of a large-scale hotel and see what goes into running a successful property. Learn about degrees in hotel and event management. Ask questions, hear about our industry focused degrees, and how you will study in a real hotel.




My Gain Videos

Nearly every possible apprenticeship or traineeship career is here to watch. Enjoy!



Main 5 Questions to Expect in Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews are one of the more nerve-wracking experiences going around, particularly for university graduates. Polishing your resume, drafting cover letters and building a portfolio can be taxing, and that’s before you even get to the interview stage. To give you a heads up, we’ve compiled a list of questions that tend to be asked in almost every interview, and provided some tips on how best to respond.



Breaking bad study habits and replacing them with good habits.

It’s a new year. A clean slate. The perfect time to break some bad study habits and replace them with more effective study habits. I’ve listed 16 bad study habits many students develop, followed by more effective habits to replace each one.



70 Tips for Staying Focused

Do you ever sit down with good intentions to study but quickly find yourself derailed by a text message, a random thought or the urge to eat something? I’ve created a simple eBook to help you stay focused! It contains 70 simple and effective strategies to help you minimise distractions and focus your mind on what really matters. It will take you only 5-10 minutes to read. And best of all, it’s FREE!



How to Become a Youth Worker

Youth work is a career that involves working for and with young people in a variety of ways. The key thing that differentiates a youth worker from other community service workers is that young people are their primary focus. It’s about ensuring young people feel supported in developing the skills they need to make positive changes in their lives.



How Can I Get a Job with No Experience

10 great tips to give you the preparation and the edge when all you have done is study.



Surprising Careers in Nursing

‘Almost every industry offers opportunities for qualified nurses,’ says Dr Rawson. ‘For nurses working in a hospital, there are many areas you can specialise in, for example the emergency department, medical and surgical units, intensive care units, paediatrics and theatres. Then are dozens more opportunities.



Subject Selection

We understand that year 10 can start to feel a little worrying when you have to choose your upper school subjects. Suddenly you not only have to think about years 10, 11 and 12, but university and your future career as well! If you’re feeling nerve-racked or just after a bit of advice, here are some handy tips to help you out with choosing your upper school subjects:




Forensic Scientist – Myth Busting Jobs

Shari Forbes dishes the decomposing dirt on forensic science, and it’s nothing like CSI.





Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator

RAD Justice Conference

Parent and Student Study Skills Evening

Engaging adolescents – How do we do it ?


Learning Links works in collaboration with schools,early childhood settings and parents to help children and adolescents meet their educational and social needs.

They are currently offering an opportunity for parents to join a group to learn strategies to support adolescents.

To register contact Learning Links on 8525 8217





Updating Health Details
The College maintains a commitment to ensuring the health and well being of our students at all times. Please contact the College office at anytime if your daughter has:
+ Been diagnosed with or changed her asthma medication or management plan.
+ Been diagnosed as allergic to particular foods or has identified new allergen triggers.
+ Developed a chronic health condition that may impact on her learning.

+ Had any previous medical condition that has now improved or has a new management plan.
It is the expectation that students requiring asthma medication and/or Epipens will carry these on their person at all times. The College maintains a number of emergency units throughout the school and for use on excursions and sports events.
From the Accounts Department
Thank you to all families who have settled their term two accounts. Term two accounts are now overdue. Please contact the College accounts office to settle your account.
If you wish to change your installment plan for 2018, please email accounts@bethanyhurstville.catholic.edu.au. Enquiries regarding fees and payments can be made by phoning the Account s Department . All conversations are strictly confidential. Thank you for your support of Bethany College.