Volume 8 - 03 Jun 2016



Year 12 Retreat

The recent Year 12 retreat was the perfect opportunity for students to enrich their faith, from strong friendship bonds and remove themselves from their fast paced world before the HSC later in the year.

Students had time, space and structured activities to discover themselves and each other over three days at Kiah Ridge Tahmoor, Grose Vale and Mulgoa. I was privileged to visit each group at each site and you could feel the strong connections the girls had with each other and their greater sense of belonging. The retreat was a great time to be able to open up to others and also listen.

The break from social media and Wi Fi access was hard for all the girls but gave them a chance to focus on one-to-one human connections. Many students have expressed their feelings that retreat enriched their faith experiences and gave them an insight into others’ faith experiences.

Retreats are an ancient practice, Before Our Lord began His public ministry, He spent 40 days in the desert praying and fasting as a way to prepare for the important work ahead (see Lk 4:1-13). Those were days of retreat. During His three years of public ministry, Jesus would sometimes invite His disciples to “come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while” (Mk 6:31). Again, days of retreat.

Prayer for Spiritual Openness & Breakthrough

Father, we ask for your divine presence after our retreat. Please prepare our hearts for your ministry. We ask for healing, worship, and salvation. Supernaturally remove obstacles and distractions that may prevent students from receiving from you. Open up our thoughts to the life-changing truths of your Word, and give us a new understanding of your character and your love for us. Touch each of us profoundly so that their lives are forever changed by your touch. Thank you for loving us and for reaching out to us. We worship you. Amen.


National Data Collection

The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (the national data collection) is an annual collection that counts the number of school students with disability and the level of reasonable educational adjustment they are provided with. The national data collection counts students who have been identified by a school team as receiving an adjustment to address a disability under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (the DDA). The DDA can be accessed from the ComLaw website at www.comlaw.gov.au .

We have an annual enormous job to collect and report on data about adjustments. We would report on students who have had adjustments for:

  • Medical issues – epilepsy, anaphylaxis, asthma etc
  • Learning Disabilities – intellectual, language, sensory, behavioural
  • Mental Health – diagnosed and also those without diagnosis who have received ongoing support from the School Counsellor

There is information in this newsletter about this collection of data and the benefits for all students in Australia. Students’ privacy is absolutely assured however, if any parent does not give permission for their daughter to be included in the collection of data they need to contact the school as soon as possible. It would be most appreciated if you would make contact with Anna Charas in Learning Support as soon as possible.


SCSEEC parent fact sheet_Page_1

SCSEEC parent fact sheet_Page_2vl3

The Biology of Positive Habits

One valuable, often overlooked, and durable way to manage stress is to build positive habits, slowly and over time. Our brains are hard-wired to focus on the negative, but by practicing mindfulness, we can reprogram them — teach our brains to accentuate positive experiences and maintain serenity.

The human brain evolved with a “negativity bias,” says mindfulness expert Metta McGarvey, a lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Negative events and thoughts have a proportionally greater impact on our memory and psychological state than positive ones do. From a survival standpoint, it makes sense — a strong recollection of bad experiences means we’re more likely to learn from mistakes and avoid a life-threatening situation.

This negativity bias also means that smaller, day-to-day stressors tend to take precedence in our thoughts, leaving less room for positive framing or constructive action planning. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Our brains can change, physically, as a result of learning, says McGarvey. In a process called “experience dependent neuroplasticity,” neural connections grow based on what we’re learning. Repeating the same thoughts, feelings, and behaviors increases synaptic connectivity, strengthens neural networks, and creates new neurons through learning. In other words, practicing a positive habit can predispose our thoughts to be more affirmative.



The key to developing these positive habits? Mindfulness.

According to researchers at the Greater Good Science Center, a project at the University of California, Berkeley, mindfulness has two core components: maintaining an awareness of our immediate thoughts, feelings, and surroundings; and accepting these thoughts and feelings without judging them. McGarvey explains it as “single-tasking,” or approaching any situation with your undivided attention and keeping that attention on the present moment.

By approaching your work with mindfulness, you decrease the amount of energy you spend worrying about the past or the future, and you increase the amount of attention you give to present and positive experiences. But because stress and worrying can be so engrained, McGarvey explains, you need to practice (and keep practicing) the skills and habits you need to keep your attention on the present.

She offers five mindfulness exercises that build brain-strengthening positive habits over time:

  1. Several times a day, take a short break from whatever you’re doing— step away from the computer, put down your phone, close your book — and look at something different. Savour the feeling of calm for a minute or two.
  2. Practice looking for small moments of beauty or kindnessthroughout your day: raindrops moving across your window, a moment of warmth in the sunshine, an amiable exchange with a stranger. Focusing on the positive will strengthen your ability to turn your attention away from worries.
  3. Search for and comment on the positive qualities and actions of others.This behaviour is especially important in exchanges with loved ones; research has shown that successful marriages have five positive interactions for each negative one. Appreciating the good in others, says McGarvey, “creates a ‘virtuous cycle’ that builds positive communication and relational habits.”
  4. Calming meditations, yoga, and tai chi can all activate the parasympathetic nervous system and evoke a physically relaxed state. Making any of these practices into a habit can make it easier for your body to relax after a stressful event.
  5. Remember that habits can be hard to form, and change takes time. Focusing on the positive means going against your brain’s automatic response systems. Try to be persistent with your mindfulness practices, but don’t beat yourself upif you slip and find yourself getting stressed. Be gentle with yourself.

[From the Harvard Graduate School of Education, http://www.gse.harvard.edu/news/uk/16/03/biology-positive-habits ]




Our mantra:

“Girls can do anything.
Bethany girls can do everything!*
(*except divide by zero)”
Vicki Lavorato


From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates for Term 2


  • Monday 13th June: Queen’s Birthday
  • Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th June: Year 11 Drama Production, 6:30-8:30p.m.
  • Monday 27th June: Athletics Carnival
  • Thursday 30th June: Last day of classes for students. Dismissal at 12:50p.m.
  • Thursday 30th June: Years 7-11 Parent / Teacher/ Student Interviews, 3:30-7:30p.m.
  • Friday 1st July: Years 7-11 Parent / Teacher/ Student Interviews, 9:00a.m.-3:00p.m.


recipe request





Call out for second hand uniforms


If there are any families that would like to donate Bethany uniforms that are no longer needed, please send them into student services  







Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal

What Has Been Happening in Religious Education

I have been privileged to be part of the Year 12 Retreat and to spend time with your wonderful daughters.  The theme for our Retreat was John 10:10 “I have come so that you may have life and have it to the full” and our fantastic students really lived life to the full during the three days they were away.

It was a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know your daughters better and to share with them in their spiritual growth.  There were some very thought provoking discussions about the girls’ relationship with God and I was extremely impressed with their maturity and insight. 

The time spent away from school is such an important part of the girls’ journey in their faith.  At this time of the year, it is also a good opportunity to put aside the pressures of school and to focus on something different.  I hope the girls returned refreshed and renewed and that they will be able to really enjoy their remaining time at the College having made new friendships, developed deeper and stronger bonds with their peers and having had an opportunity to create some wonderful memories that they will be able to take with them during their lives.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the teachers who gave up their own family time to come away to Retreat.  There is a huge effort that goes into creating a memorable and meaningful experience for the girls and this could not have happened without the dedication of our wonderful staff.  So to Brian Culleton, Anne Sukkar, Laura Mirabello, Marco Gianni, Stefan Roberts, Michelle Barras, David Martin, Wes Guthrie, Mel Bullock, Damien Bernado, Connie Georgiou and Jan Filipetto – thank you for contributing to this wonderful experience for our students. 







Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

Careers News

Universities Admission Centre (UAC) News May 2016

Please see the UAC News for May 2016 attached, or go to:



UMAT reminder for medical science courses 
Applicants for medicine courses in 2017 need to sit the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT). This year, UMAT will be held on Wednesday 27 July. Registration closes at 5pm on Friday 3 June. Late registrations will be accepted until 5pm on Friday 17 June (late fees apply). Visit UMAT’s website at http://umat.acer.edu.au for more information. 

JOBJUMP website: Student and Parent access via school subscription

Reminder: Students and parents have access to the jobjump website via a school subscription. The website is designed for students and provides comprehensive access to careers information and links to other websites and related information.

School password: hamsters

Year 10 students have been using the site during their Careers lessons and find it very useful.


MHSCAREERS Website – Access for parents and students

Parents and students have access for 2016 to the mhscareers website via a school subscription. To view the ‘news’ pages and the ‘calendar’, go the website at: http://www.mhscareers.com/

Login with: Bethany  Password: bth4

mhscareers calendar
You can also view their calendar by going to the calendar at: http://www.mhscareers.com/Calendar.html and select the State NSW.

Please select the relevant state – NSW, to refine your search. You can also search for events or careers using the search function and date range.

Go to:  http://www.calendarwiz.com/mhscareers  for events.

mhscareers News

You can also view their careers newsletter produced every 2 weeks. Once you log in, select NSW under News.



The HSC and Careers Expo 2016 (Moore Park)

Thursday 2, Friday 3 June (9am-3pm) and Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June (10am-3pm) at Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park. The Expo features over 145 exhibitors, seminars on HSC subjects, tertiary courses, career and study advice. More info:  http://www.hscandcareers.com.au/


The Western Sydney Careers Expo 2016

Thursday 16 , Friday 17 (9am-3pm), Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June (10am-3pm) at Halls 5 & 6, Sydney Showground, Corner Showground Road and Grand Parade, Sydney Olympic Park.  http://www.westernsydneycareerexpo.com.au/


University of Technology (UTS) Bachelor of Accounting Rd 1 Closing Date
Date : 3rd Jun 2016 Time : 11.59 pm Venue : Online
Contact : Carin Alberts : carin.alberts@uts.edu.au
Online application forms will be available from 1 March 2016 at:

For further information, please send an email to: carin.alberts@uts.edu.au

UTS Bachelor of Information Technology Rd 1 Closing Date
Date: 10 June Final closing date (midnight) for undergraduate UAC applications for Spring session 2016

This is a cooperative education scholarship program in computer information systems, developed by UTS in cooperation with a group of leading organisations. It differs from other cooperative education courses in that, during the industry-based sessions, students follow a structured program designed jointly by UTS and the employer group, including formal coursework delivered by industry. There are a limited number of places available in this course according to the number of industry sponsors each year. If selected for this course, students receive a total scholarship of around $46,500 for the duration of the course.  This intensive course includes two six-month industry-based sessions with different industry sponsors. More info at: http://www.uts.edu.au/future-students/find-a-course/courses/c10143              


Notre Dame Twilight Hours and Course Information

8th & 9th June 2016, 5pm to 7pm, 140 Broadway, Chippendale

The night is aimed at those unable to attend tours during the day and will include a campus tour, information on admission and tertiary education options.



University of Notre Dame – Business-Law-Arts Symposium
Date : 21st Jun 2016 Time : 10.00am-2.00pm Venue : 104 Broadway, Chippendale
Cost : FREE Contact : Anne-Maree McCarthy : (02) 8204 4404
This engaging and interactive event is for Year 11 & 12 students and teachers of HSC Business Studies, Legal Studies, History, English, Mathematics, Society & Culture or Studies of Religion. The purpose of the day is to:
For further information or to register visit www.notredame.edu.au 

University of NSW (UNSW) Art & Design Student Parent Information Evening
Date : 23rd Jun 2016 Time : 6:00pm-8:00pm Cost : FREE
Venue : UNSW Art & Design – Cnr Greens Rd & Oxford Sts, Paddington NSW 2021
Contact : Damien Nedeljkovic : d.nedeljkovic@unsw.edu.au
Student Parent Information Evening is a chance for you and your parents to come along and hear about what it means to be a practicing artist, designer, animator, filmmaker or curator. Our knowledgeable staff, industry graduates and current students will provide insight into the experience of being a UNSW Art & Design student, share information about high school subject selection, the admissions process and portfolio entry.
Register for free now at http://bit.ly/1Yc5vZ3 

Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) – Information Evening
Date : 23rd Jun 2016 Time : 6pm to 8pm Venue : Wattle Street, Ultimo
Cost : FREE Contact : Simon Freeman : simonf@aie.edu.au
Launch your career into games and film by coming along to one of our Information Evenings. To find out more about our courses, have a chat to our teachers and check out the latest student work, come along to the Information Evening!

Aviation Australia’s Cabin Crew Careers Session
Date : 29th Jun 2016 Time : 6:30pm Venue : Qantas Centre of Service Excellence
Cost : FREE Contact : Laura McQuilkin : laura.mcquilkin@aviationaustralia.aero
Aviation Australia’s Cabin Crew Career Sessions offer you the chance to learn about our world-class training, experience what we offer and speak to industry experts to discover what options are available for you to lead a career as a flight attendant.
It is a perfect opportunity to find out more about the AVI20208 Certificate II in Aviation (Flight Operations), meet past students as well as our inspirational instructors who are aviation experts, having led successful careers in the industry themselves.
Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for the tour and information seminar.

University of Melbourne Interstate Student Information Day

Mon 11th July 2016

Interstate students and their families are invited to the University of Melbourne’s campus to find out about applications, scholarships, accommodation, as well as to see the campus and residential colleges. Registrations are essential and will open soon.

Contact: Lois Carlton – lcarlton@unimelb.edu.au or 03 8344 8809



University of Wollongong: Early Admission

Applications open: 1st August 2016

University of Wollongong early admission enables students to gain entry into university before receiving their ATAR.

For more information visit:



The University of Sydney: Project Management Winter Camp

7th – 8th July 2016, Darlington Campus, The University of Sydney

A two-day intensive workshop for year 10, 11 and 12 students which aims to provide a head start in project management and demonstrate the opportunities available in this field.
Contact: 02 9036 7517 or kenneth.chung@sydney.edu.au



UWS HSC Study Sessions

4th – 8th July 2016, Parramatta, Bankstown and Campbelltown Campuses

Free study sessions facilitated by HSC teachers where students can review mandatory syllabus content, participate in discussions, and learn exam techniques.



UNSW Change to Admission to Law 2017 Entry



ACU Graduate Experience

The ACU website has a number of graduate videos where former students discuss their experiences at ACU, what they are doing now, and how their degree helped them get a foot in the door.



The University of Sydney: Scholarships Information Evening for Year 12

Wed 22nd June, 6.00pm – 8.00pm, The University of Sydney, Camperdown

Join us at the Scholarships Information Evening to get tips on completing scholarship applications, and hear from our students about their scholarship experience and the support provided to them. Students will also have the opportunity to learn more about our on-campus accommodation options and the scholarships available.

Registration: sydney.edu.au/scholarships-info-evening


My Future Scholarships

The My Future website currently lists over 4000 undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships.

The type of support ranges from course fees, accommodation, grants, travel within or outside Australia, and covers fields of study across all Australian universities.

To view, visit:


The University of Notre Dame: Young Achievers Early Offer Program Applications Close

Applications close 29th July 2016, 4pm

The early offer program enables students to face their HSC examinations with the benefit of reduced stress and added confidence knowing they have already gained entry into their chosen course at The University of Notre Dame. Prospective students are able to apply under one of four categories:

  • Commitment to community and/or Church
  • Commitment and excellence in cultural pursuits
  • Commitment and excellence in sporting achievements
  • Academic excellence



University of Wollogong (UOW) College 2017 Course Guide



Bedford College Scholarships

Applications close: 30th November 2016.

There are currently two scholarships available for 2017. They are available for students in years 10, 11 and 12. To apply prospective candidates must present a portfolio.



Hobsons Course Finder: University Pathways – The Facts



MedStart Masterclass Revision Course

9th July – 10th July, 9.00am – 5.00m, Talent 100 Epping Learning Centre

16th July – 17th July, 9.00am – 5.00m, Talent 100 Chatswood Learning Centre

16th July – 17th July, 9.00am – 5.00pm, Talent 100 Hurstville Learning Centre

Learn about the UMAT in depth, exactly how to solve questions in all three sections, and how to effectively prepare in the lead up to the exam.



Regional Express Pilot Cadet Program
The REX Cadet program provides pilot training over 32 weeks as well as guaranteed employment within the REX group upon satisfactory completion of the program. The pilot cadet program has three intakes throughout the year.
Applications for their next intake are now open.



Defence Jobs: Job Finder

This website will help people interested in entering the defence force find a possible role or career suited to them.



Professional Cadetships Australia: Technology Cadets

Cadets will work at the Westpac Group in Sydney while studying at university in computer science, information technology or information systems. Applications are now open and close 17th June 2016.



ACS Foundation – Information, Communication and Technology Cadetships

The ACS Foundation provides career advice, research grants and university scholarships to strengthen our innovative future. The Foundation facilitates relevant industry experience placements for students with large and small technology companies. Apply for a cadetship online at http://acsfoundation.com.au/lp-cadetships.cfm 

Or find out more by visiting: http://www.acsfoundation.com.au/


University of New South Wales (UNSW) Scholarship Information Evening

22nd June 2016, 6:15pm to 8pm, Sir John Clancy Auditorium, UNSW Kensington

The event is for year 11 and 12 students and their parents. There will be information on the different scholarships available and the application process. To register for the event, follow the link below.



HTN 1st/2nd Year Apprentice Chef

Sydney CBD

Job opportunity for those wanting to start a chef apprenticeship. http://www.seek.com.au/job/30847397?pos=2&type=standard&engineConfig=&userqueryid=197527182801875901&tier=no_tier&whereid=3000


HTN All year level Apprentice Chefs


Job opportunity for those wanting to start a chef apprenticeship.



William Angliss Scholarships

Close 27th May 2016

There are a range of scholarships available to students throughout Australia, valued from $2500 to $3000.



UAC News May 2016_Page_1

UAC News May 2016_Page_2






















































Viviene Gereige

Vocational Learning Coordinator

Library News

The Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards are open for 2016. Isobel Marion Dorothea Mackellar (better known as Dorothea Mackellar), OBE was an Australian poet and fiction writer. Her poem My Country is widely known in Australia, especially its second stanza, which begins: “I love a sunburnt country/A land of sweeping plains/Of ragged mountain ranges/Of droughts and flooding rains”. The theme for 2016 is Waiting…Students can apply online at www.dorothea.com.au and get details about entry fees etc.  from the Library staff .



Entries are also coming in for the Bethany Reading Bingo; don’t forget to get reading and fill in your entry. Prizes to be won!

What’s On at Hurstville City Library

We all love to shop, even if it just window shopping; history shows it isn’t just a modern event to go Hurstville to do so. Go back in time and see the fashion and design of yesteryear with the exhibit Window Shopping on at Hurstville City Library until Sunday 19 June 2016. This photographic exhibition showcases the captivating window displays of Hurstville’s fondly remembered department store, Barter’s, providing a snapshot of shopping culture and fashions in the 20th century.  Barter’s was a three-storey building located on Forest Road, next to the entrance to the railway station and was one of the largest shops in Hurstville; it opened about 1921 closed in 1985.The exhibit is free and available to see in Gallery opening hours:

Tuesday to Saturday, 10.00am to 4.00pm, Sunday 2.00pm to 5.00pm, other times by appointment

Hurstville Museum & Gallery,

14 MacMahon Street, Hurstville.library2

Photo : http://www.theleader.com.au/story/3754440/historic-photos-are-a-window-to-hurstvilles-shopping-past/


What’s on at Rockdale City Library

Rockdale Library is hosting a series of Dungeons & Dragons sessions for those interested in the fantasy genre. The core of Dungeons &Dragons is storytelling. You and your friends tell a story together, guiding your heroes through quests for treasure, battles with deadly foes, daring rescues, courtly intrigue, and much more.



Keep reading.


Mrs Karen Pentland

Teacher Librarian

PDHPE Department News




Representative Sport Update

SCC Netball

Our Junior netballers are currently placed 4th, Intermediates 3rd and Seniors 6th in the Thursday SCC Netball competition.

SCC Soccer

Senior Soccer team are currently sitting in first place in the Thursday SCC Soccer competition

SCC Touch Team

Congratulations to the following students who will be travelling to Dubbo on Monday 6th June to Compete in the NSWCCC Touch football championships on Tuesday 7th June.

  • Leah Fisher
  • Hannah Jackson
  • Kirsten Grskovic
  • Tijana Miles
  • Amelia Carnovale

SCC Cross Country Team

Congratulations to the following students who will compete at the NSWCCC Cross Country Championships in Dubbo on 17th June:

  • Alexandra Keedle-Ortiz
  • Caitlin McGowen
  • Brooke Salisbury
  • Jessica Convery
  • Jasmin Juncal
  • Holly Stansfield

NSW All Schools Netball Championships

Congratulations to Claudia Cirjak in Year 10 who has been selected to compete in the School Sport Australia Netball Championships in Adelaide from Sat, 30 July – Fri, 05 August.


CAFS Dandelion Excursion 11th May

Student reflections – By Adele Moore 11CF2

My Year 11 Community and Family Studies class was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit and volunteer at the Dandelion Support Network in Caringbah last Wednesday, the 11th of May.pdhpe2.png

The Dandelion Support Network is run by volunteers who process the generous donations from the community and present these items to families who are in need.

We spent the day working with the volunteers at the support agency, as well as another partnered organisation, ‘The Beauty Bank’. In small groups, we were able to assist both organisations in making clothing, linen, toy and beauty packs for families and individuals who have experienced hardships and are in desperate need of the many things that we take for granted.


This excursion allowed my class to observe first-hand the hard work and dedication of the volunteers who run both support networks. In assisting the volunteers with their work, our class was able to appreciate just how lucky we are and witness how valuable this organisation is to the community. It was extremely rewarding to contribute to the local community in this way, knowing that we were helping others that are in need. 

Overall, the day was an amazing and rewarding experience and it would be a really worthwhile experience for other secondary students.


CAFS Dandelion Excursion 25th May


“Working together to make a difference” Dandelion pamphlet

“An eye opening experience, helps us realise how many vulnerable people in our society are in need and that we all should be grateful for everything we have.” – Tamara Dos Reis

On the 25th of May, Bethany College’s Community and Family Studies class went on an excursion to the Dandelion Support Network. The Dandelion Support Network is a charity helping families in need with preloved baby goods. It is run by volunteers who accept, sort, and safety check nursery items, clothes, toys and linen for babies and kids. Once prepared, the donations are then passed on to families in need.

This excursion was very hands on and I enjoyed it because we got to give back to the community and help people in need. Making the packs for the children and seeing the quality that is put into them makes you want to get more involved as you understand how little these children have, but you know what you’re doing can make a difference. Before this excursion I was a little unsure how good it would be but after going it wasn’t what I expected. – Sophia Tzatzimakis 11CF1 

“Everyone deserves a chance at life, to feel happy, healthy, loved, safe, out of danger and out of harm”.

As a part of the Community and Family Studies course, we had a once in a lifetime eye opening opportunity to volunteer at the Dandelion Support Network. All students left the support centre feeling a sense of accomplishment and achievement. We were very surprised at the amount of goods and products the support centre had. We were all so amazed at the amount of hard work and effort all the volunteers put into each and every pack that they produce. They ensured that only the best goes into the creation of those packs, so that whichever family receives them can feel special and worth something.  – Mel Awad 11CF1




Upcoming events

CGSSSA Gymnastics        1st June       Five Dock Leisure Centre
NSWCCC Touch Football Championships       6th-7th June   Dubbo
NSWCCC Cross Country Championships      17th June   Eastern Creek
Yr 7 PDHPE Athletics Day     17th June   Waratah Park, Sutherland
Netball NSW Cup      22nd June   Sutherland
Athletics Carnival      27th June   The Ridge


Lauren Brennan 

Sports Coordinator









Study Skills


Artificial light from electronic and other devices generally emit a blue light (it may not actually look blue, but that is the underlying light).  Blue light, along with ultraviolet light is a type of non-visible light at a very short wavelength.  You can see an image of the spectrum here: http://www.bluelightexposed.com/#what-is-blue-light.

What does blue light do to the human body?

 Non-visible light has a lot of energy and studies show that a lot of exposure to this type of light can do damage to your eyes and also impair your sleep cycle. During sleep lots of essential physical processes take place and it is also when learning from the day is consolidated in memory. So getting enough sleep is essential for students.

Blue light is naturally generated only during the day, from sunlight.  When it gets dark, naturally occurring blue light ceases, signaling the body to produce melatonin, the hormone associated with sleep. Using artificial lighting and devices which emit a blue light at night confuses the body-clock (the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle) by stopping the body from producing melatonin.  This can result in disrupted sleep patterns including difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep and shortened sleep duration.

Those at greatest risk from night-time exposure to blue light are those with existing sleep disorders and adolescents who often experience delayed sleep patterns as a result of biological changes.

What can I do to limit my child’s exposure to blue light at night?

 Some suggestions include:

  • Be exposed to sunlight during the day to assist in accurately setting your body clock.
  • Stop using all electronic devices preferably at least 2 hours before bed.
  • Turn off all artificial lighting 1-2 hours before bed.
  • Get a red or orange reading lamp, which does not emit blue light.
  • Use blue light blocking glasses at night.
  • Install a program or app on your computer or device to change the type of light it emits. A variety of programs are available including F.lux, EasyEyez, Night Filter, Zzz iPhone filter, Bluelight and Twilight
  • Invert the colours on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Turn the brightness down on your device for a few hours before bed (not perfect, but better than nothing!).














Mr Robert  Gough

Year 8 Coordinator