Volume 8 - 07 Jun 2018


On Friday we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart:  in June, 1675: during the Feast of Corpus Christi, while praying before our Lord in the most blessed sacrament of the monstrance,  our Lord revealed his heart to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690) and said: “here is the heart that has so loved men as to spare nothing for them, exhausting and consuming itself in order to prove its love for them; and in return I receive, from most of them, only ingratitude.”

Jesus asked her to have a special feast established in honor of his sacred heart after the feast of Corpus Christi.  Jesus asked his followers to receive holy communion on that day and to make atonement for the sins of the world by an act of reparation. Jesus also asked her to have an image made of his sacred heart and to have it promoted throughout the world with special promises to those souls who would display his image of his sacred heart.

Year 12 Reports

Congratulations to the following Year 12 students who received Principal’s awards for their combined outstanding effort and achievement during Semester 1:

Chloe Allcorn, Indigo Arman, Alyssa Mullen, Ashlee Pasfield, Jessica Semsarian, Bianca Setionago

These students have consistently given their best across 10 units and achieved ranks inside the top 10. They are to be commended on their application to excel across their entire HSC Program. I encourage all Year 12 students to strive towards achieving a Principal’s award during Semester 2 and I look forward to reading the Year 7 – 11 reports and awarding more students for their academic achievements.

A reminder to all Year 7 – 11 parents to make bookings for the upcoming parent, student, teacher interviews on July 4 and 5. Bookings will open shortly. Attending these interviews is a clear sign that parents work in partnership with the College to help every girl reach their potential. At these interviews staff give further feedback on areas where each girl needs to concentrate. Please save these dates as a priority in your calendar.


Congratulations to our Year 9 Debating team who are the 2018 champions in the Eastern Region Debating Competition. A testament to the strength of our debaters is having 3 teams in the Grand Final. The girls have gone through the debating season with coaches and adjudicators who have given freely of their time to offer such a confidence building experience. I especially thank Mr David Martin for his outstanding leadership of the debaters this year.


Student Wellbeing

How often do we have genuine conversations with our girls? How often do we genuinely listen to what is important to teenagers? Do you know what your daughter is using social media for and how she portrays herself on social media? Where is your daughter up to with assessments? How is she feeling about her schoolwork? Friends? Herself? Being a teenage girl is not an easy path to navigate and the more support structures that exist which give girls freedom yet structure, support and choice, being heard whilst knowing what values are important are vital to growth. Research shows that students who focus on positive mental health strategies are far more likely to come to school ready to cope with the normal stress and realities of high school. I encourage all parents to spend time truly listening to your daughter and setting boundaries and making them very clear to her. If you feel that further support is needed, please do not hesitate to contact the College for assistance. With this in mind, I would like to invite all parents to our next P&F Meeting on August 6 at 7pm. On this evening, our College Counsellor will speak about mental health and offer strategies which may be useful at different times during adolescence. As a College community, we must prioritise mental health and focus on positive self talk and action.

From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates: Link to college calendar located on the website


Friday 8 June 2018

Staff Development Day – Unfortunately, due to staff being off site, student supervision will not be available on that day.

Wednesday, 04 July 2018

Last day of Term 2 for students

Wednesday, 04 July 2018

Year 7-11 Parent, Teacher, Student Interviews from 4.00 – 8.00p.m.

Thursday, 05 July 2018

Year 7-11 Parent, Teacher, Student Interviews from 11.00a.m. – 8.00p.m.

Friday 6 July

Staff Development Day


Do you ever find yourself procrastinating?

You mean to start work on an assignment, but you just keep putting it off until it ends up being a mad rush the night before it is due. The Overcoming Procrastination unit at www.studyskillshandbook.com.au  looks at the reasons why students procrastinate and what techniques they can try to overcome this common problem. Setting work targets with rewards at the end of each completed step is a well-known strategy, but an example of a less commonly known technique is the ‘two-fer’ concept. For this technique you have two tasks, one you don’t mind doing and one you have been procrastinating about. Decide on a set period of time that you will work for. During this time, if you have any trouble working on one task or reach a point where you have a bit of a mental blank, you should then switch to the other task and alternate between them. Of course it is better to focus solely on one task but if this isn’t working by alternating between two tasks at least you are being productive for the whole period of time and forcing yourself to do some work on the less favoured task.

You might also like to visit the Assignment Skills unit at www.studyskillshandbook.com.au for some more ideas on approaching assignments.


See your Year Coordinator for the login and username



Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal

What’s Been Happening in Religious Education

Last week, all of Year 12 attended Retreat.  The theme of our retreat was based upon the scripture quote from Joshua 1:9

 “Haven’t I commanded you: be strong and courageous?  Do not be afraid

or discouraged, for the Lord you God is with you wherever you go.”

This is is very much a reminder for our Year 12 students that their time at the College is drawing to a close.  They are experiencing the many things for the last time as they journey toward graduation in September.  In addressing this theme, students had an opportunity to remember and celebrate all the wonderful things that they had shared together over the last six years, but they also had an opportunity to look forward – sometimes with a little fear of the unknown, but very often with lots of excitement about the prospects that await them!  Reflecting on how God fits into their lives both now and in the future was also an important component of this retreat.

I am so very impressed with the maturity, honesty and openness of the girls in every activity and encounter they had and I know that when they leave the College, they are going to achieve some truly remarkable things.

The staff who attended retreat gave up a large amount of their time – away from their families to be with the girls for the three days and I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to each of them.  These wonderful experiences cannot happen unless staff are willing to give of themselves and of their time.  I am extremely grateful to Miss Wood, Miss Robinson, Miss Bakhos, Mr Colreavy, Mrs Vrahnos, Miss Taouk, Mrs Charas, Miss Cox, Ms Stratilas, Mr Guthrie, Mrs Smit, Mrs Poole, Miss Brennan and Ms Walsh who attended retreat and thank them most heartily for all their efforts.





Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

Year 7 Religion

All Year 7 students in religious education classes were given an assessment task where they were required to write a biography on a significant person in the Old or New Testament.  Following this, they presented a monologue and each student was to retell their significant person’s encounter with God and explain why they were so significant. It was wonderful to see the many hidden talents of Year 7 shining through.

Some thoughts from 7M include:

The monologue helped us improve our public speaking skills as well as improve our knowledge of important figures in sacred scripture. We were able to look into the lives of the figures finding out what they did, how God helped them and why they are important today. (Jane)

I’m usually not a confident public speaker, but the monologue helped me develop my public speaking skills and to be more confident when giving a speech. This also helped us learn more about the biblical figure we chose, which gives us a better understanding of why people are significant in the Bible. Presenting our monologue was also quite fun because it enabled us to use our creativity to think of costumes, props and sound effects. Overall, I enjoyed this task. (Eleni)




Rachael Colreavy


Year 7 History

On the 25th of May, 7 History (N), who are studying Ancient Egypt, mummified apples to experience a hands on process of mummification. When we entered the classroom, Miss Simos, who is our  History teacher, had prepared a huge bowl of cut up apples that had been soaked in salty water, 2 new packets of Bicarb soda and 2 bottles of salt (this would replace natron), a stack of cups and a fresh roll of foil. Miss Simos reminded us of the process of mummification and explained how we will be mummifying the apples. Firstly we would clean the apples from all of the seeds if they have any and place the cleaned apples into a plastic cup. After that we put salt and bicarb soda evenly into the cup with the apple, making sure that the apple is fully engulfed by the soda and salt. Then we wrap the cup in foil and leave it in the sun for 40 days. Finally we named our mummified apple and we left it in our classroom, next to the window,  where we will be examining what happens to them within the 40 days and after 40 days. Altogether, this was a very exciting and fun experience.


 – Anastasia Mcneil 7HI.N  


Music at Bethany – Semester 2

Bethany College is pleased to offer the services of four highly trained and experienced music tutors who teach private and shared music lessons to students during school hours. We currently offer lessons in piano, voice, guitar, saxophone, clarinet and flute.

Learning a musical instrument is a valuable skill and develops fine motor skills, creativity, self-expression and it’s fun!

If you are interested in taking lessons for Term 3, please read the information/contract and return the signed form to Mrs Moroney.

Students that are interested in joining the College Band or College Choir, please email or see Mrs Moroney. The Choir currently rehearses on Wednesdays during lunchtime and the Band rehearses before school each Friday morning.


Clare Moroney

Acting Performing Arts Coordinator



SCC Netball

All netball teams have had a great start to the season.  The placings for each team after round 5 are as follows:

  • 1st – Juniors
  • 3rd- Inters
  • 3rd – Seniors


The role of our Netball Manager- Megan Mendoza 

“I have enjoyed this job as a Netball Manager because it gives me an opportunity to be responsible and to look out for others. It has also provided me the opportunity to support others during the game which is caring and kind”.


Roles and


–       Placing clipboards out for teams playing.

–       Using the stopwatch to notify Miss Brennan                     when to start and finish games

–       Organising students to collect equipment.




SCC Senior Soccer

Our Senior Soccer team is currently undefeated this season after five rounds. Well done girls!


Fitness Club

The Fitness Program continues each Wednesday. Our year 12 sports house captains run fitness activities each week from 7.15am-8am.

At 8am breakfast will be served next to Yallunga hall. 





Jessica Butler- Australian Gymnastics Championships

Congratulations to Jessica Butler in Year 12 who competed at the Australian Gymnastics Championships at Hisense Arena in Melbourne from 17th of May till the 24th of May.





Upcoming Events:

  • WEEK 6- Wednesday 6th June- CGSSSA Gymnastics
  • WEEK 7- Friday 15th June- NSWCCC Cross Country
  • WEEK 9 – Tuesday 26th June- Year 7 PDHPE In School Workshop


Rochelle Bailey

PDHPE Teacher

Naomi Crellin Vocal Workshop

Renowned Australian vocalist, Naomi Crellin, visited the College on Tuesday 29th May to run a vocal workshop with students from the College Choir as well as the Year 9, 11 and 12 Music classes. Naomi is a member of and musical director for The Idea of North, an ARIA award winning a cappella group and was very willing to share her knowledge of the voice as an instrument as well as giving students an insight into the professional vocal and music industry. This was an informative and fun session with students learning about the mechanics of the voice, the importance of vocal warm-up and cool-down, vocal resonance, twang and projection. Ashley Mtetwa (Year 12) and Joeme Severino (Year 11) were given the opportunity to perform in front of Naomi and received some insightful feedback and advice on their performances. The students were very receptive throughout the workshop and are looking forward to putting their new knowledge into practice.




Clare Moroney

Acting Performing Arts Coordinator

Careers News

Presentation about UTS Accounting Scholarships

Two past Bethany students Katerina Meliss (HSC 2016) and Paige Perry (HSC 2017) presented information about the UTS Accounting Scholarship. Both young ladies have been awarded the scholarship and spoke of the many benefits associated with this opportunity. Current students were surprised to learn that the scholarship provided an opportunity to study and learn valuable on the job skills while benefitting from the financial subsidy.

JobJump Presentation

In conjunction with Marist College Kogarah, I organised a presentation by the founder of the website JobJump. This is a very useful site for students and parents to research post school options. The information presented on the night helped the students and their parents access valuable information that will go a long way in making their transition to post school studies/careers that much easier.

Parent review of the JobJump presentation

Dear Elizabeth

Thank you for organising the JobJump session at Kogarah Marist. A very useful session on how to use the site. The site is great for working out what careers are available for students and then what courses and places they can study for their chosen careers. I particularly like the section that shows the information sessions or open days coming up for all courses. I have registered to receive news on my daughters’ career interests from the various universities.

 Thank you for the efforts made to set this up.

 Regards Joanne Mullen (mother of Georgia McGilchrist of Year 12)




Macquarie Uni Co-op Programs

Closes 28 September

These highly competitive courses see students alternate between classroom studies and placements throughout their four years of study. Students undertake three placements, totalling 15 months. In 2019 we’re excited to offer two Co-op programs:

  • Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with the degree of Bachelor of Professional Practice


  • Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting with the degree of Bachelor of Professional Practice


Follow this link below to check the correct application requirements.



Macquarie University Global Leadership Entry Program

Closes 27 August

Macquarie’s students are global citizens, deeply engaged with the world and the big issues shaping the future of society. Our Global Leadership Entry Program (GLEP) supports and inspires global leaders of tomorrow. We look for students who have made an active and significant contribution to society at large, who show initiative and commitment. Apply for your dream course.



Applications for Notre Dame’s Early Offer Program are now open.
Applications close 31 July
The Early Offer Program allows your high-achieving students to secure a place at the #1 university in NSW for overall quality of educational experience before sitting their Year 12 exams. Students can qualify under two categories:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Extra-Curricular Achievement and Leadership

The Early Offer Program recognises students who’ve excelled in one or both of the following categories: Academic Achievement, and Extra-Curricular Achievement and Leadership. Successful applicants will secure a place at university before undertaking their final exams and be eligible for Notre Dame’s Leadership Program.
Find out more. Contact on 02 8204 4404 or at sydney@nd.edu.au or visit our website at notredame.edu.au.

More information is available at: www.notredame.edu.au/early-offer.


Australian Catholic University – University Experience

10 July – North Sydney Campus

11 July – Canberra

12 July – Strathfield

Registrations open 8 May

University Experience is a free program that gives you the opportunity to sample the degree of your choice. Get a taste of life at ACU by meeting academic staff and current students – and trying out the course you’re interested in.

If you’re considering tertiary study for next year or in the future, University Experience provides the perfect chance to explore your study options by living a day in the life of an ACU student.



CQU – Open Day

23 August 5.00pm to 8.00pm

400 Kent Street, Sydney

CQUniversity is emerging as one of Australia’s truly great universities with award-winning teaching professionals, commitment to student support, practical learning experiences, and being globally recognised by ranking in the top 2% of universities worldwide. As one of Australia’s largest regional universities and a leader in distance education. Find out more:



Global Study Immersion UK


Be immersed in a stimulating environment with other like-minded students from across the world and accelerate your growth.

  • Two-week intensive academic program
  • Live and study on the campuses of leading universities
  • University of Cambridge and Durham University
  • Highly qualified and knowledgable academic staff
  • Choice of specialist subject courses ranging from Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Creative Arts & International Relations





NECA Indigenous Electrical Apprenticeship Readiness Program

This program opens up opportunities for electrical apprenticeships and develops real electrical skills to obtain employment.



NECA Electrotechnology Apprenticeships

The electrical field is one of the most dynamic and growing industries. At NECA we’re here to help you complete a national qualification that supports a career in data/ communication, home automation, renewable energy, construction, the installation of lights, power, air conditioning, fire protection, building management systems and more. Once qualified you can start your own business and take your trade and work anywhere in the world.




Torrens University Australia – Day In The Life Creative Workshop

7 July – 9.30am to 1.30pm

46-52 Mountain Street, Ultimo, Sydney

If you’re interested in learning more about a particular creative career, our workshops are just the place. You’ll see what it’s like to spend a day in the life of a designer or gamer in a collaborative, supporting, like minded environment.  Participate in a workshop run by our talented lecturers. The ‘Area of Interest’ you choose on the registration form will determine which workshop you are placed into.



Australian Film Television and Radio School Open Day

11 August. 10.00am to 3.30pm

The Entertainment Quarter, Sydney

Find out how to start and progress your career in the screen and broadcast industries with the Australian Film Television and Radio School.  This is a great opportunity to learn about our courses, meet our professional tutors, check out AFTRS state-of-the-art facilities in action and see for yourself why AFTRS is the premier screen and broadcast school in Australia.



Australian Institute of Music Open Day

25 August. 10.00am to 3.00pm- Sydney

1 Foveaux St, Surry Hills

Enjoy the free music workshops, masterclasses, live performances, demonstrations, course information, hear industry experts, meet course staff, alumni & current students. Ph:02 9219 5444 enquiries@aim.edu.au

Find out more:



The Hotel School Open Day

18 August

The Hotel School will once again open its doors to students interested in knowing more about the Tourism and Hospitality industry. This will be the perfect opportunity for students to speak to Academic staff, current students and alumni and get all the facts they need to know about the fastest growing industry in Australia and globally. Students will also get a chance to experience our campus, conveniently located in the heart of the Sydney CBD.



The Hotel School HSC Revision Clinic

4 October

The Hotel School invites Year 12 students to receive a comprehensive review of the syllabus for subjects like Hospitality and Business.

Contact: Anne McCrory anne.mccrory@scu.edu.au or 02 8249 3219


NIDA Open Day Applications for 2019

16 June –  9.00am – 4.00pm
NIDA, 215 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW

By registering to attend, you will receive advance info about performances, workshops and presentations for the day, event schedule, and after the event when recordings are available. Event photography and filming: by registering to attend this event you agree that photos and videos taken during this event may used in the recording of the event and in future for NIDA promotional purposes (website, social media etc) and archival purposes. https://s.myfeedback.io/survey/?c=50176&id=248


Top Education Institute Open Day for Business and Law

3 August 2018

Find out more:




Assist your child with career decisions

Have a look at the following website for insights into career choices:



Keep Posted on Becoming a Teacher

Get paid to study to become a teacher and have a guaranteed job on graduation.



Subject Selection

Here is a survival guide for Year 10 students choosing their year 11/12 subjects.


Here is a list of questions to consider when selecting your HSC subjects.



National Youth Science Forum – Applications Open Now

The NYSF Year 12 Program is a 12-day residential program designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to encourage them to continue their studies in these fields. Participants also take part in sessions on entrepreneurship, critical thinking, how to work together effectively, and more.



Australian Public Service GradAccess Scheme

Look towards the future. The Government is looking for graduates who have had a disability from all disciplines of study who want to contribute to the work of the Australian Government. GradAccess is a centralised recruitment stream for people with disability into Australian Public Service graduate programs, post-university study. GradAccess gives you the opportunity to gain a graduate role in a number of Australian Government agencies through a single centralised recruitment process.



Eligibility Quiz for the NSW Police Force

A comprehensive checklist of questions to go through to see if you are eligible for entry to the Police Force. Go to:



The Simpson Prize

Closes 9 November

The Simpson Prize is a national competition for Year 9 and 10 students. The competition encourages participants to explore the significance of the Anzac experience and what it has meant for Australia.

Answer the question and visit the site below for details:

‘To what extent could 1918 be considered a year of victory for Australia and its people?’





Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator