Volume 8 - 24 Jul 2020


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

God of all blessings, source of all life, giver of all grace in all things, I want to thank you for the gift of life, for the breath that sustains life, for the food of this earth that nurtures life, and for the love of family and friends without which there would be little happiness in life. I thank you for the beauty of creation of this great Earth, for the joy that the ear may hear and for the unknown that we cannot behold filling the universe with wonder. For this, I am grateful. Amen.

Welcome to Term 3. Throughout our time of isolation I have been drawn to what are the positives that we can take from the COVID 19 pandemic. I am grateful for that sense of having more time, of being satisfied with a slower pace of life, for valuing loved ones so much more and appreciative of having good health. Each night on the news, as a global citizen, I am continually shocked by world leaders, ever growing infection rates and poor decisions made by individuals who are taking risks which have an impact on the health and lives of others. At the end of each day though, I am thankful and it is indeed important to have that sense of gratitude for what we do have rather than focus on what we may be missing out on. Amongst the pain and suffering that the pandemic continues to inflict, may we remember that people and relationships are much more important than restrictions and events being cancelled. The Bethany Community is still as vibrant as ever under trying circumstances and for that too, I am grateful.

As we move into Term 3, I thank all families for communicating with the College during recent events and want to reassure all parents that we are doing our best at school to be COVID safe. We have continued to clean bathrooms twice daily, steam clean desks daily, sanitise desks between lessons and distance students where we can. We have plenty of hand sanitiser across the school and students have been communicated to in regards to extra precautions for sport.

Until further notice, we are still unable to run excursions or hold events where parents can mingle with each other or be part of large events. Unfortunately, this means that we are not able to hold our Parents and Friends Meeting this coming Monday. Understandably so there is concern over whether milestone events such as the Year 12 Graduation ceremonies can proceed as planned towards the end of the term. The College Leadership Team are looking ahead to see what alternative plans may look like and we will communicate this as soon as more is known on the ever developing health situation in NSW.

I continue to remind parents that it is best to keep your daughter away from school if she displays any cold or flu type symptoms. Our school is running lessons as usual and we are not in a position to offer remote learning or flexible leave to any student. If your daughter is away, it is her responsibility to communicate with teachers for work missed.

We started this week with a scaled down version of our Semester One Awards. It was important to us that we continue to recognise students for their academic achievement and effort across Semester One. Congratulations to all of our award winners on performing so well despite the challenges that remote learning brought. At the assemblies for awards, I spoke to the girls about taking risks in learning. We identified that risk taking can sometimes lead to making a mistake but there is much that we can learn from our mistakes. I encourage all students to give of themselves even if they are not sure of an answer, to take a risk to learn differently and to have the confidence to back themselves in their learning and if all of this ends up being a mistake, that they think about the mistake and how they can perform differently next time.



Thank you to all parents in Years 7 – 10 for the zoom interviews at the end of last term. We were heartened by the response and engagement from you. Special thanks also to parents of Year 10 students for your involvement in the subject selection process. We valued your input and the discussions that took place. Year 10 have until Monday to submit their subject choices for Year 11, 2021.

Sydney Catholic Schools have sent out 2 surveys for students and parents this week. One is in regards to sport and the other about remote learning. Could I please encourage you to respond to these surveys as a way for us to better cater for your daughter at a system wide level.

Thank you to all families for contributing to a positive start to Term 3, I hope that every member of our Community continues to stay safe, healthy and happy.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal


From the Assistant Principal

Pivot Student Perception Survey 

This year as part of our professional development program staff had been offered the opportunity to engage in one of four pathways to measure teacher effectiveness. This is a part of our ongoing commitment to improving teacher effectiveness. One of the pathways offered includes the use of the Pivot Perception Survey, a statistically reliable and valid survey that reflects the Australian Teaching Standards. The introduction of the Pivot Tool is closely aligned with our Annual Improvement Plan, which identifies our commitment to improving student voice in relation to their learning. 

There is strong evidence to suggest that meaningful feedback provides value for the whole community. Most specifically it is expected to provide valuable insights for teachers which in turn will allow them to better meet the needs of their students. This initiative is part of our commitment to giving students a voice in relation to their learning. Research published by Pivot reports that when students have the opportunity to provide feedback and teachers respond to this accordingly the benefits are far reaching and include students: 

  • feel more connected
  • work harder 
  • are more engaged 
  • set higher goals 
  • persevere more 
  • have more positive relationships with their teachers

The survey, consisting of 25 questions will be administered in class time in between July 30 and August 11 to nominated classes across Years 7-11, by participating teachers. The survey will be completed anonymously and at no time will any data be collected that identifies a particular student. Results will be confidential to the individual teacher and are not related to any form of appraisal but rather are designed to affirm staff for those strategies considered to be effective by their students and provide direction for staff who continually seek improvement in the best interests of your daughters. Teachers will have the opportunity to review their practice and implement strategies to improve their effectiveness which will be measured again with the second round of the Pivot survey early in Term 4. 


Tell Them From Me Survey 

In weeks 4 -6 of Term 3 we will be asking all members of our community, namely teachers, students and parents to complete a system wide survey that measures areas of school effectiveness considered integral to student success. Sydney Catholic Schools requests participation in this survey as a way of benchmarking across the system. The survey addresses 8 key areas:

  1. Leadership
  2. Collaboration
  3. Data informed practice 
  4. Learning Culture
  5. Teaching strategies 
  6. Technology
  7. Inclusivity and
  8. Community involvement  

You will receive further information relating to this survey, including a link in the coming weeks. Your support in completing this survey is greatly appreciated and provides an excellent opportunity for you to provide us with your feedback. 


School Photos 

As you are aware we were pleased to reschedule school photo day to Friday July 31st to allow us to include group photos. Families are encouraged to pre order their photos and sibling photos at www.advancedlife.com.au using the code HZC FK4 YXH. A reminder that as always girls whose hair is below their shoulder must have their hair tied up, only one pair of earrings are permitted and these should be worn in the lowest part of the earlobe. Similarly girls are not permitted to wear makeup for the photos. Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated. 


Pedestrian Safety  

The NSW Department of Road Safety reminds of just how easy it is to become complacent about safety, especially on a familiar route such as travelling to and from school. A failure to pay attention and be mindful of your surroundings can result in serious injury. At the end of last term I was concerned by the lack of attention and care taken by students crossing both Forest and Croydon Roads, particularly at the end of the school day, when many are in a hurry.  Of particular concern was the number of girls on mobile phones, with headphones or airpods, seemingly unaware of others around them, oncoming traffic or the dangers of crossing against the lights. In order to make safe and responsible decisions it is important that the girls give their fullest attention to crossing safely. Of additional concern were the number of girls crowding on the edge of the kerb instead of waiting patiently for the first group to cross. 

The NSW Department of Road Safety suggests that anyone crossing the road should: 

  • Look carefully before crossing. Just because someone else decides to cross, doesn’t mean it’s safe for you
  • Unplug your earphones and put away your phone
  • Never assume that an approaching vehicle can see you, or will stop for you – wait until all vehicles have stopped before you step off the kerb
  • Avoid crossing between parked cars or at the front or back of buses and large vehicles
  • At intersections, check for turning vehicles before you leave the kerb, and while you are crossing the road
  • Always use pedestrian crossings
  • Wait for the walk signal
  • At traffic lights, don’t enter the road if vehicles are moving through the crossing or if the red don’t walk signal shows.

Families are encouraged to discuss with their daughters the importance of being more mindful when leaving the College at the end of the school day, conscious of the safety of all using both the footpaths and the roads. 



Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal

Year 7 Goes POP!

L-R Claudia Loether, Charlotte D’Arcy, Sarah Thompson, Grace Francis, Alexia Rubic, Olivia Jolly


Year 7 have been working on Pop Art paintings in Visual Arts in Term 2. We have incorporated bold colours onto ordinary food products, creating vibrant pop art paintings that catch the eye. Students were inspired by artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Claes Oldenburg. To prevent mistakes and integrate details, each of us had to paint with careful strokes as the colours used were bright and any mistake would be obvious. Year 7 really enjoyed this artmaking task and had a great time choosing what they had to paint as well as painting itself. When our artworks had dried we went over the product with a fine black outlining pen to sharpen the finished pop art painting.

 “I enjoyed this topic because we got to incorporate our own version of our favourite product”– Charlotte D’Arcy

 “Pop art was an enjoyable topic in Visual Arts as it had bright colours and different aspects to explore”– Aleksia Aktipis

This concludes the Year 7 Visual Arts rotation for these students, next semester they will move into Music and we will get a new group of students in Visual Arts. We hope the students enjoyed their time in Visual Arts and we look forward to them returning in Year 8. The artworks are now on display in the stairwell leading down to the art rooms. 



Grace Francis, Year 7 with Ms Gemma Baldwin Visual Arts teacher


Bethany Day 2020

2020 Bethany Day’s theme is Spring Carnival! 

We are seeking any willing small food businesses to help in catering for this event on the 1st September, and are strongly encouraging the participation of our Bethany school community. We want to exhibit our Bethany spirit by promoting the local businesses around us and would love your help to do so!

Bethany Day 2020 will take place on school grounds, where various food stalls will be set up inside the hall area of Yallunga.


The following is a short list of factors to take into consideration before expressing your interest:

–   The day will run from 10.30am-2pm.

–  Any cuisine or type of food is welcome; share food, single servings or snacks are all great!

–  Food will be pre ordered through the school and communicated to you well prior to the day.

–  Types of food stalls can include, but are not limited to: 

    >Italian- pasta, pizza, garlic bread

   >Grazing Slates- cheese boards and fruit platters served in takeaway boxes

   >Desserts- nutella pizza, pancakes, waffles, cupcakes etc.

   >Snacks- Lebanese pides, pastizzi, Loukoumades etc.  

If your family food business would be interested in this opportunity, please email rachael.colreavy@syd.catholic.edu.au

Thank you sincerely, 



Bethany Student Representative Council

PDHPE Update

SCC Rep Sport – Term 3

A reminder of the locations that the following teams will play at during the SCC Rep Sport competition this term:

  • SCC Junior/Intermediate/Senior Basketball – Bankstown Basketball Stadium, 1 Third Ave, Condell Park
  • SCC Junior/Intermediate Soccer – Marco Reserve, Marco Ave, Panania
  • SCC Senior Softball – Kelso Park North, Henry Lawson Drive, Panania

Please note that no parents or spectators will be allowed at basketball, soccer and softball venues. 

Parents collecting their daughter to take home from Rep sport need to wait outside the venue.


SCC Gala days

The SCC Athletics Carnival has been cancelled for 2020.  This carnival was a pathway to the NSWCCC Athletics Carnival which has also been cancelled as per the list of cancelled NSWCCC and NSW All Schools Events, which can be found at the following link: https://csnsw.sport/news/events-suspended

However at this stage the NSW All Schools Athletics Championships are still set to go ahead on Thu 24 Sep 2020 – Sun 27 Sep 2020 at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre (SOPAC).  This event is individually entered by students who wish to compete at this higher level.

If you are interested in registering for this event, please see the link below for further information:




The following CGSSSA gala days are still set to go ahead this year:

CGSSSA Netball – New date TBC

CGSSSA Volleyball – Term 4, 20th October

CGSSSA Tennis – Term 4, 29th October


NRL Guessing Competition

Thank you to all students who participated in the NRL guessing competition house points initiative, developed by the year 12 Sport and House captains.

The overall house placings were as follows:

  • 1st – Oodgeroo
  • Equal 2nd – Kellerman and Franklin
  • 4th – Melba

There were three students who received the top score of 23 out of 36 correct staff members teams.  Well done to the following students:

Evette Vane-Tempest Stewart – Year 8

Penny Kalantzis – Year 8

Eva Kostopoulos – Year 12

The winner of the rebel gift voucher prize was drawn out of a hat on the final day of Term 2.  We would like to congratulate Evette Vane-Tempest Stewart who was the winner of the Rebel Sport Gift voucher. 


Lauren Feeney 

Sport Coordinator

St Vincent de Paul Society

Careers News

Reminder UTS Co-op Scholarship Bachelor of Information Technology

Closes 6 September
The BIT is a three-year, fast-tracked IT course designed to mentor the next generation of IT and business leaders.
Apply here:


ACU Passion for Law Early Entry

Passion for Law early entry program is now open for Semester 1 in 2021


Benefits include:

  • early conditional offer for an ACU law degree of your choice
  • access to our Academic Skills workshops, CareerHub and networking events
  • study abroad opportunities
  • participation in our pro bono program from our second year
  • $500 textbook voucher to the top three P4L students at the end of Semester 1
  • invitation to our ACU P4L welcome event
  • access to our Leading with Impact program



ACU Year 12 Revision Seminars for the HSC
August to September

ACU OFFERS free online webinars to help you revise and prepare for your exams. Choose from our English, maths, business studies, biology, PDHPE, legal studies, religion and IT webinars.



ACU Guarantee

Opens 3 August

Guarantee your place at ACU, before your Year 12 exams. The ACU Guarantee program offers eligible Year 12 students a place at ACU based on your Year 11 results.

Offers may be made as early as September. While successful applicants must still complete their Year 12 exams, you can do so secure in the knowledge that your marks from Year 11 meet our entry requirements. You may also enhance your entry score by including a short personal statement that gives ACU an insight into your personal circumstances and motivation for university study.




University of Sydney Parent Information Session

Tuesday 4 August, 6.00pm-7.00pm

Join U Syd for this session where they will provide some helpful tips on supporting your child as they finish their high school studies and embark on their journey to university.



University of Sydney Aboriginal Gadigal Program 

Applications for early conditional offers close on Sunday 9 August

This entry pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students is now administered through UAC. 

Learn more >>



University of Sydney Scholarships Workshop 

Tuesday 6 August, 5.00pm-6.00pm

Join U Syd for a practical session where we will use the Sydney Scholars Award to work through tips and examples for scholarship applications. 



Great at Art or Music? NEW! University of Sydney Creative Arts Special Admissions Scheme 

This new scheme offers talented Year 12 students a chance to enter music and visual arts degrees based on audition and portfolio prior to getting their ATAR. Exceptionally talented students in music and visual arts can now apply for courses at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Sydney College of Arts prior to receiving an ATAR. Students can receive an early offer based on an audition and interview or by submitting a portfolio of art works and undertaking an interview. The offer applies to domestic students wishing to apply for studies in 2021.

The new admissions scheme ensures talented students are selected on ability and potential rather than academic ranking.



2 Weeks to Go – Early Offer for University of Notre Dame

There are now only 2 weeks left until applications to Notre Dame University’s Early Offer program close!
Receiving an Early Offer means students can take their Year 12 exams with the added confidence of knowing they have a place at Notre Dame University next year. 

Have a seamless transition to University life, with the full support of our Academic and Admissions staff helping you every step of the way.



ANU Open Week Register and Interactive Day

22 to 28 August

Interactive Day on 22 August

Don’t miss Interactive Day for information given on Q&A with ANU students, internships, accommodation, flexible double degrees.

It’s time to discover your future at The Australian National University (ANU) Virtual Open Week 22–28 August 2020. 

There’s lots to look forward to! You will be able to access exclusive events and seminars throughout the week. As well as learning about degree options from our experts, you will get to speak with current students and experience an inclusive world-class campus community.


Register here:



Reminder – University of Wollongong (UOW) Virtual Open Day Register

8 August. 12.00 to 5pm

Get all the information you need, in one spot. With a range of interactive virtual experiences available, you’ll receive all the information you need to start uni in 2021. Get your questions answered live by UOW experts, learn more about UOW courses and entry requirements, roam the campus facilities in 360° or book a personalised on-campus tour, all from the comfort of your own home.




Joint Program in Medicine Western Sydney University and Charles Sturt University

From 2021, Western Sydney and Charles Sturt University will be delivering a Doctor of Medicine (MD) course together. The Joint Program in Medicine is a five-year undergraduate entry degree that qualifies you to be a medical intern in Australia and New Zealand.

Successful applicants study their degree either in the Greater Western Sydney region at Western’s Campbelltown campus or in the Central NSW region at the Charles Sturt University, Orange campus.

1 – 31 July 2020

UCAT ANZ testing dates

1 August 2020

Applications for 2021 intake open

30 September 2020

Applications close for 2021 intake

Mid October 2020

Applicants invited to interviews/ assessments

16-20 November 2020  –    Charles Sturt University

23-27 November 2020  –    Western Sydney University

MMI interviews held at two locations, does not determine your final study location.

Interviews for domestic applicants (Australian citizens and permanent residents)

Mid December 2020

ATAR release date

January 2021

Round 1 offers released



 TAFE Early Entry Degrees



Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation



Bachelor of Applied Commerce



Bachelor of Community Services



Bachelor of Design – (Interior Design)



Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care (Birth-5)



Bachelor Fashion Design



Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Security)



Bachelor of Information Technology (Data Infrastructure Engineering)



And more

How to Apply – What to do when you’ve decided on your degree

Applications for the next intake are now open.

To submit your application, select the degree you’re interested in above and click ‘Apply Now’.

Once you apply (and we have received your application) we will go through it to determine if you need to provide any additional information to support your application, and contact you to let you know if you do.

Then, when your application has been received and assessed you will be notified of whether you have been successful, within 21 days, and you will be sent information about how to enrol.

You can find out more about the course, including entry requirements, by clicking on the course name above.




Hair and Beauty – Career Snapshots TAFE

Which occupations in this industry are likely to have the largest employment growth over the next three years? Which TAFE NSW courses are popular for people looking to get into these job roles and how much can you earn?



Art, Design, Digital Media, Music – Career Snapshots TAFE

Which occupations in this industry are likely to have the largest employment growth over the next three years? Which TAFE NSW courses are popular for people looking to get into these job roles and how much can you earn?



Reminder – Australian Institute of Music Open Day

25 July. 2pm to 6pm

AIM Open Day ONLINE is a chance for you to experience the Australian Institute of Music from the comfort of your own home. 

DISCOVER | Watch program presentations to learn more about each course available and the list of potential career outcomes. Attend Live Q&A sessions where you can ask all your questions, and chat one on one with industry professional staff. You can also learn more about AIM’s current online delivery and what will be available when we return to face-to-face learning.

PARTICIPATE | Get interactive with the power of the internet! Access a range of free masterclasses provided exclusively to Open Day attendees. 

WATCH | Enjoy a range of live performances (that’s right, LIVE) and listen to a variety of student works.





Stephen Donlan

Year 12 Coordinator and Careers Adviser