Volume 9 - 16 Jun 2017





Corpus Christi is the celebration of the abiding presence of a loving God as Emmanuel – “God with us” – in order to give collective thanks to our Lord living with us in the Eucharist. The feast gives us an occasion to learn more about the importance and value of the “Real Presence” so that we may appreciate the Sacrament better and receive maximum benefit from receiving Him.

Corpus Christi is a doctrinal feast established for three purposes:

  • to give God collective thanks for Christ’s abiding presence with us in the Eucharist and to honour Him there;
  • to instruct the people in the Mystery, Faith and devotion surrounding the Eucharist, and
  • to teach us to appreciate and make use of the great gift of the Holy Eucharist, both as a Sacrament and as a sacrifice.

I would like to share an anecdote with the community about an astronaut who made a point of taking his Holy Communion in outer space.

Astronaut Mike Hopkins is one of those selected few. He spent six months on the International Space Station (ISS) in 2013. And though he was thrilled when he was chosen for a space mission, there was one Person he didn’t want to leave behind: Jesus in the Eucharist. Hopkins had been received into the Church less than a year before his launch. After a long wait, he was finally able to receive Our Lord at each Mass. Facing the prospect of being off the planet for half a year, he decided he had to find out if Jesus could travel with him. It turns out he could — and he did.

Hopkins said, “In 2011, I got assigned to a mission to the International Space Station. I was going to go up and spend six months in space, starting in 2013. So I started asking the question, ’Is there any chance I can take the Eucharist up with me into space?’ The weekend before I left for Russia — we launch on a Russian rocket from Kazakhstan — I went to Mass one last time, and [the priest with permission from his bishop] consecrated the wafers into the Body of Christ, and I was able to take the pyx* with me. NASA has been great. … They didn’t have any reservations about me taking the Eucharist up or to practicing my Faith in orbit.  The Russians were amazing. I went in with all my personal items, and I explained what the pyx was and the meaning of it to me — because for them, they, of course, saw it just as bread, if you will, the wafers — and yet for me [I knew] it was the Body of Christ. And they completely understood and said, “Okay, we’ll estimate it weighs this much, and no problem. You can keep it with you.”  All these doors opened up, and I was able to take the Eucharist up — and I was able to have Communion, basically, every week. There were a couple of times when I received Communion on, I’ll say, special occasions: I did two spacewalks; so on the morning of both of those days, when I went out for the spacewalk, I had Communion. It was really helpful for me to know that Jesus was with me when I went out the hatch into the vacuum of space. And then I received my last Communion on my last day on orbit in the ‘Cupola’, which is this large window that looks down at the Earth, and that was a very special moment before I came home.”

What an inspiration this man is for us. Let us reflect on Jesus, Emmanuel, Christ’s real presence with us, this weekend.


*container in which the consecrated bread of the Eucharist is kept



Regular attendance at school is essential for students to achieve quality life outcomes. Schools, in partnership with parents, are responsible for promoting the regular attendance of students.

The College publishes its term dates and assessment schedules and blocks well in advance and we expect that parents and students consult these BEFORE making plans for travel and other activities.

If your child has to be absent from school, you must tell the school and provide a reason for your child’s absence. To explain an absence parents and carers may be required to:

  • send a note to the school, or contact the school via electronic means such as SMS text message, fax or email, or
  • telephone the school, or
  • visit the school.

We have been very clear in informing parents of the required procedures for contacting the school. Of late, we are receiving an increased number of applications for leave.

I will accept a small number of absences For example, if your daughter:

  • has to go to a special religious ceremony
  • is required to attend to a serious and/or urgent family situation (eg a funeral)
  • is too sick to go to school or has an infectious illness.

Exemptions from attendance will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and these are:

  • Employment in the entertainment industry (not auditions or coaching);
  • Participation in elite sporting events (must represent a recognised National sporting body) for short periods of time i.e. for one or two days, and at short notice.

Holiday/Travel Leave

Parents should use the school holidays for travel and holidays. Requests for such leave may be declined by the Principal if it is not in the best interests of the student’s educational, social and participation reasons. There may be implications for the child’s academic progress and/or class placement upon return.

Real issues arise when students miss out on any assessment task due to travel or other leave requests. Often, I receive very little notice of such leave and yet, parents expect the College to make alternative arrangements.

If you choose to seek leave to travel or participate in other events, parents need to accept that to ensure assessment validity and reliability, your daughter will not be able to undertake the same in-class task as other girls. If there is little or no notice of travel, you can expect your daughter to receive a zero score for the task.

Those students who have applied with a term’s notice for travel can expect that they will either receive an estimate for the in-class task or be given an alternative in-class task. It will be left to the Teaching and Learning Coordinator to make this decision depending on the nature of the task.


The Homework Grid by Ian Lillico

There is quite a lot of debate both past and present about the worth of homework and its contribution to achievement.

Ian Lillico may be known to some of you. Lillico is renowned for his expertise and leadership in boys’ education and some time ago, developed a “homework grid” that recognises any work that students do at home. It was a way of getting students to “do something at home and not opt out of family life” (Lillico, 2004, p. 5) as well as emphasising diversity, family life and physical activity. The grid looks like this:

Read a variety of books including school books*

Be read to by another member of the family.

Shopping with parents.

Physical activity /Sport training.



Teach your parents something you were taught at school.

Play a game with an adult.

*Assignments / Project research

Meditation /Spiritual / Relaxation

Use computer for work only.

Cultural / Music practice


*Housework, homework and reading should be compulsory every night.

Lillico suggest that each cell in the grid can represent an amount of time over a fortnight and to make the cells appropriate depending on the age of the student. Each cell equates to:

10 minutes – Primary school

20 minutes – Lower secondary school (Years 7, 8 and 9)

30 minutes – Upper secondary school (Years 10, 11, 12)


Working with your daughter to develop a grid similar to this, will ensure a balance between family life and the academic demands throughout the year.

 (Lillico, I. (2004). Homework and the homework grid. Tranton Enterprises, Duncraig Western Australia.)




Our mantra:

“Girls can do anything.
Bethany girls can do everything!*
(*except divide by zero)”
Vicki Lavorato

Pedagogy Report

Term 2 has been a busy term for staff and students alike, beavering away completing  assessment tasks, examinations, marking and now reporting. As discussed in previous newsletter articles, the College has reviewed its assessment policy and therefore reduced what is known as summative assessment by 50%. These changes have been the result of much planning and research into the benefits of reduced summative assessment (Assessment ‘of’ Learning) in Years 7-10 in preference for an increased emphasis on formative (Assessment ‘as’ and ‘for Learning).The key purpose of formative assessment is checking for student understanding, providing feedback and encouraging students to take greater responsibility for their learning. Students work with this feedback in order to know where they are at and how to progress by further developing their knowledge and skills, and by then producing their best work; this being in stark contrast to summative assessment which usually occurs at the completion of a unit of work. This ties in nicely with our key learning principle of self-directed learners and associated goal setting and reflection in which our students are engaged. Research from academics such as John Hattie (2016) and Dylan Wiliam (2017) clearly indicates that embedded formative assessment practice leads to increased learning gain and learning growth, as opposed to an over emphasis on summative assessment practice, whereby describing performance and ranking individuals takes stage.



These changes have meant that students now complete ONE summative task per semester, with the focus now being on the learning taking place in the classroom, the activities that complement the summative task and the knowledge and skills that are practiced and developed through feedback (both peer and teacher). The idea is for students to grow across the term/semester and present their most polished product as a result; deepening their level of understanding. The student’s grade for reports is therefore still determined by the summative task, however, if required (and particularly in the case of discrepant data) teachers may draw on cohort consistent formative tasks in order to assist them in determining the grading of outcomes and the final grade.

Our changing assessment policy has also led to a refinement of our semester reports. We have now included an overview of learning to provide additional information on the learning that your daughter has been engaged in and the types of activities and summative assessment completed. With the emphasis on individual learning growth rather than cohort comparison, junior reports will now feature a grade only without the comparative mark scale (cohort average, range of marks with the individual mark) that had been a feature of previous semester reports.  The other key area of difference can be found in the Newman report which now features commitment to learning feedback to parents. With our more ‘open curriculum’ approach to Gifted Education, if your daughter is not in the Newman grouping, she may still have completed the Newman component of her assessment tasks (if she had been able to demonstrate this level of mastery to her teacher/s though pre-assessment) and will therefore receive a separate Newman report to provide information regarding her level of achievement.

Finally, a number of students in the Newman stream Yrs 7-10 have been invited and expressed interest the UNSW Mosaic Mentoring program, building partnerships between our students and the university. The program provides a platform for UNSW volunteers and high school students to discuss global issues, cultural diversity and community identity. I look forward to sharing their progress as their project comes to fruition over the course of Terms 3 and 4.


Katherine Maish

Leader of Pedagogy




From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates

  • Friday 23/6: Vinnies Winter Campout
  • Tuesday 27/6: Athletics Carnival
  • Thursday/Friday 29/6- 30/6: Years 7-11 PTS Interviews
  • Thursday 29/6: Students finish Term 2 at 1pm
  • Monday 17/7: Term 3 commences
  • Friday 21/7: Academic Awards


 Using technology

The college has a number of pastoral programs to assist students to navigate their way around cyber safety and appropriate use of technology. While at school students are challenged to use mobile devices for learning and that socialising should happen face to face in school hours. As parents, we also face challenges around how to assist our children to find a balance when using technology. The Think You Know website has many useful factsheets for students and parents, practical tools such as technology contracts, and short videos that are extremely helpful. Please find the link below:




Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal

What’s Been Happening in Religious Education

Last week, we celebrated World Environment Day.  We recall Laudato Si’ – Our Common Home where Pope Francis continues to exhort us to focus on our responsibilities to care for our fragile environment.  I have shared a link to an examen which is challenging and gets us thinking outside of our comfort zones.  It is only short and will take just a minute or two to read, but the questions are something to ponder and reflect upon.  Our welfare depends on respectful relationships with other people and the natural world, and especially the most vulnerable.  If competition and exploitation dominate, individuals and groups will become wealthy and powerful at the expense of the natural world.  But eventually the damage caused by gross inequality to relationships between people and the world will fracture the trust on which economic growth depends.  This will leave our children a divided society and a damaged world.




“Care for the environment demands a vision of one another and of the world as inextricably linked so that we take personally the exploitation of the environment and of vulnerable people.”

(Pope Francis)


As continuing tales of terrorism pervade our airwaves, it is difficult to reconcile the violent acts occurring across our world.  Pope Francis calls us to pray for the intentions of the world and I have shared below a prayer from Pope Francis that is very pertinent for our time:

Lord, our Father,

the beautiful and harmonious world that you have created for your children

has strayed so far from your dream.

Wars and division are still present,

And are often caused and maintained only because of money.

The arms trade is one of the main reasons for the prolongation of these wars,

so often supported by the rulers themselves.

Lord, touch the hearts of the rulers,

blinded by the arms trade,

and may they consider the consequences of their greed:

the destruction and death of so many innocents.

Convert our hearts to the peace and good of every human being.


Click here to watch the Pope’s video and call to prayer for the intentions of the world.


Australian Catholic Youth Festival

Further to our previous newsletter, I have some more updates about the Festival.  On the final night (Saturday 9 December), all of the participants pilgrims will be celebrating mass in the Domain.  This  is a public event and everyone is welcome to join this fantastic celebration.  The Cathedral will also be showing its Christmas light show at this time, so this could become a wonderful family experience celebrating both occasions.

Year 12 have been offered the opportunity to participate in the Festival and have been offered a subsidy from Sydney Catholic Schools if they would like to attend the three days of the Festival.  If any Year 12 student is interested in attending, Ms Mirabello has shared with them a document that they will need to add their names to.  Sydney Catholic Schools will be in contact with any Year 12 student directly who has registered their interest and will register them as one large group.  As these students will have already graduated from Bethany, it is wonderful that our system of schools is able to continue to support them in developing their faith and experience of Church.  If anyone would like further information about the Australian Catholic Youth Festival, please use this link to gain more information.  Alternately, please feel free to call me at the College and I am happy to answer question that you might have.


Year 12 Retreat

As promised in our last newsletter, I have attached some more photographs from the Mulgoa Retreat.




Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

2017 Choir Finalists


On Sunday 21 May, Bethany College Choir participated in Sydney Eisteddfod 114 Category: “Youth Choir for female Voices only (19 and under)” at Concourse Concert Hall. We competed against Hornsby Girls High, Brigidine College, Meriden Strathfield and Wenona North Sydney. Bethany put on a very entertaining and sassy performance! The girls were amazing and their pure passion resonated throughout the Adele ‘Someone like you/Rumour has it’ and Clean Bandit ‘Rather be’ numbers. Overall we achieved a score of 86/100, receiving a Highly Commended Certificate. This is an OUTSTANDING result, considering it’s the first time Bethany has entered a choral competition. The adjudicator said “We were the most joyous group on stage and he would have loved to join our choir”.  The girls should be very proud of their achievements.

Bethany qualified and were invited to compete in The John Lamble foundation Australasian Championship for Youth Choirs (19 and under). However due to short notice and students prior commitments, we were unable to attend. The following girls are to be congratulated for their hard work and commitment over the semester. Their passion for the performing arts is exemplary


Charlene Garcia Leanne Dinethi Algama   Chrystal Ruz    Jelena Puda
Dakota Martin Zoe Ball Lauren Young   Isabel Santillana
Monica Gimeno   Mia Biles Abygail Bartlett  Henriette Savilla
Christina Grace Alessia Colagiuri Isabella Diaz   Erini Stavroulakis
Caitlin Micallef Selina Colagiuri  Allira Giess  Neysa Zarsadias
Ashlee Pasfield  Christina Le Nicolle Jugueta Angelique Belivianis
Anna Maria Sanchez Monique Makisi Diya Lijo Jasmine Hatzisavvas
Annika Woodham Maya McCormack  Antonia Mangos  Eve Fernando





Chantelle Nabaki

Music Teacher



Year 8 Music Incursion

On Wednesday 7 June, Year 8 students were entertained by acclaimed guitarist Terry Murray and powerful vocalist Gillian Eastoe who demonstrated a range of Rock styles. The pair traced the evolution of Rock Music from the 1950s through to the 1980s by explaining the origins of rock n roll from Country and Western, The Blues and Gospel Music. Students’ music knowledge was tested as they attempted to identify the music of Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Elvis, The Beatles and The Who to name a few.




Clare Moroney

Music Teacher

Year 12 Studies of Religion – Auburn Gallipoli Mosque Excursion

On Wednesday, 7  June, Year 12 SORI and SORII students had the opportunity to visit Auburn Gallipoli Mosque to further cement their Islamic studies through a guided tour. The Sister who led us for the morning spoke about the history of the Mosque as well as her own faith, influenced by the practices and beliefs to which she adheres. All of the girls were mesmerised with the beauty of the Mosque’s printed walls, which featured Qu’ranic writings recited daily by adherents. It was interesting to learn that the Mosque is used primarily by Turkish Australians and attracts 2000 worshippers each week. We also learnt about the importance of ceremonies such as Friday Prayer, Ramadan and Hajj, which form the basis for Islamic life. The girls then had the opportunity to ask questions – a popular topic was marriage and religious conversion, which the Sister was able to address very clearly. To conclude the tour, the girls were treated to some delicious Turkish Delight!

It was an insightful experience that all of the girls will take with them for the remainder of their SOR course. A big thank you goes to Mrs Bullock, Ms Mirabello, Ms Wood, Ms Taouk and Ms Fing for supervising the girls on the day, and a special thank you to Mrs Kennaugh for organising the excursion.

(Natalie Najem – 12SOR2.1)


PDHPE Department News


Representative Sport Update

SCC Netball

This season we have three every strong netball teams in each division. The results after the week 7 round are as follows:

  • Junior – 3rd
  • Inter – 1st
  • Senior – 7th

SCC Senior Soccer

Our senior soccer team is currently sitting in 2nd place after the week 7 round.


Upcoming Events

2017 Athletics Carnival

The College Athletics carnival is coming up on Tuesday 27th June in week 10 at Barden Ridge Athletics Field, Menai.

Students will travel to the venue on school bus after attending normal homeroom.

During the day, students move around the field and track events with their age group.  This should be the age that students are turning by the end of 2017.  Therefore, if you are turning 14 on December 31st 2017, you will be in the 14s age group.

Students who wish to participate competitively in the 1500m run and javelin throw are asked to sign up on the sports noticeboard prior to the carnival day and be checking emails for correspondence regarding traveling on the first bust to the venue to participate in these events.

At the whole school assembly this week the Sports leaders announced the dress up theme for the carnival this year as “Activewear Through The Ages”.  All students must wear their full winter College sports uniform to school, as well as to and from the carnival but will be permitted to change into the theme upon arrival.  Year 11 and 12 students  who no longer have the tracksuit are required to wear navy/black track suit pants and an appropriate warm top.



Lauren Brennan

Sports Coordinator



CGSSSA Gymnastics Competition – Wednesday,  31 May 2017

Image courtesy of Savannah Murphy

Congratulations to the CGSSSA Gymnastics team who took out 3rd Place overall out of 14 schools that competed. There was only 4 points between 3rd and 2nd place and 4 points between 2nd and 1st place. A very close competition.

Under the watchful eye of coach Liz Andrews, around 15 girls have been training every Monday afternoon at school since Term 1. A number of higher level  competitors train 3-4 nights a week at outside gymnastics centres.

The competition took place at a new venue after many years a Five Dock Leisure Centre. We travelled out to the Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre at Rooty Hill and it was great to have the support of parents and grandparents on the day.

The team are to be congratulated on their individual performances leading to the overall team results. Team members for 2017 were: Sara Attard, Jessica Butler, Ameline Foskett, Gabrielle Meadowcroft, Daria Badaoui, Georgia Athanasopoulos, Amber Grech, Angelia Rouady, Georgia Scott, Jade Serban, Katya Alexander, Isabella Asha, Kylah Foon, Ngikula Harris, Jasmine Hatzisavvas, Juliette Lepine, Antonia Mangos, Peace Mugisha, Savanna Murphy, Olivia Plomaritis, Tiffany Prusac, Henriette Savilla and Kate Soussa



Team results

Overall 3rd Place – Bethany College

Overall 2nd Place – Brigidine College

Overall 1st Place – St Ursula’s College


Individual results

Level 9

Sara Attard – Overall First place – Vault 2nd, Beam 3rd, Floor 3rd

Jessica Butler – Overall Second place – Vault 1st, Bars 2nd, Beam 2nd, Floor 2nd

Level 5

Jade Serban – Beam 1st

Level 4

Ameline Foskett – Vault 2nd, Beam 3rd, Floor 3rd


Katrine Barnes

PDHPE Teacher



Award-Winning In-School Theatre Performances

Brainstorm Productions is Australia’s largest in-school touring theatre company, performing to over 350,000 primary and high school students every year. Established in 1983, Brainstorm Productions tours over 1,700 shows annually that tackle a range of issues affecting Australian students including bullying, cyber bullying, violence, under-age drinking, depression, eating disorders, family separation and discrimination.

MISSION: Brainstorm Productions aim is to reduce the incidences of bullying in schools and improve student behaviour and wellbeing. Using real-life scenarios, Brainstorm Productions anti-bullying, cyberbullying and wellbeing programs use live theatre to connect with students and enact change including:

  • Empower students with real-life strategies to help enhance their mental health, happiness and wellbeing
  • Reduce the incidences of bullying, cyber bullying and aggressive behaviour in schools
  • Help students understand the importance of developing respectful relationships at school, at home and online
  • Provide teachers with a range of unique school resources to enhance existing anti-bullying, wellbeing and cyber bullying programs
  • Help students develop a greater understanding of cyber safety and digital citizenship
  • Provide bystanders of bullying and aggressive behaviour with the tools and confidence to support their friends and peers
  • Engage students in live, interactive theatre, using authentic real-world youth experiences, that are designed to help develop student self-awareness and empathy for others
  • Use young professional actors as role models to inspire a new generation to participate in and appreciate the arts


  • Award for Excellence from NSW Department of Education and Training (for 10 consecutive years)
  • Australian Violence Prevention Award from The Department of Criminology
  • PINS Award for Excellence from Performers in Schools (winner for 5 consecutive years)


Wes Guthrie

PDHPE Coordinator




Careers News

UTS Accounting Scholarship Program Presentation

On Monday, 29 May an ex-student Katerina Meliss presented information about the Accounting Scholarship Program at UTS. She informed the girls about the fabulous opportunity afforded to successful applicants which included $51 000 contribution to tuition costs over a three year period coupled with industry experience as an intern at some of the biggest firms in Australia. The students in attendance got to hear first-hand from one of last year’s HSC student cohort about the benefits of this program.



UNSW Presentation

What a great turnout for the presentation by UNSW representatives on Monday, 5 June. The presenters Erin and Heidi covered a broad range of information about the courses, programs, scholarships, exchanges and much more on offer at UNSW. The girl’s asked numerous questions of the presenters and they left this presentation learning more about the options available to them post school.



ACU Early Achievers Program Applications Now Open 

Applications are now open for the Early Achievers’ Program at Australian Catholic University. Your positive community impact could help you get into ACU, and if successful, you’ll receive an offer to study at ACU as early as August, and benefit from opportunities to enhance your leadership and volunteering skills. Full details and how to apply at :


ACU Open Days

Register to attend Open Day for a chance to WIN $5,000 for an ACU study trip to Rome when you enrol at ACU.

Canberra. 26 August. 9.00am – 4.00pm

North Sydney.  2 September. 8.30am – 2.30pm

Strathfield.  9 September. 8.30am – 2.30pm


Study in the US – SAT and ACT Testing Summary and Dates 

Internationally Educated has published an article on US standardised tests for admission purposes, the SAT and ACT. The article outlines the differences between the standardised tests and provides updated 2017 test dates. For more information on studying in the US: 02 8006 9737.


EY Cadet Program. 

As a Cadet, you’ll combine full-time work with part-time university studies and get the best of both worlds. You’ll work on client projects, gain help with your studies and enjoy a great social life too. Transform your energy into opportunity and by the time you graduate. To find out more, visit :



UNE Bachelor of Pharmacy Online

The Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours is offered as a 4-year full time undergraduate course and is also available by distance education. The University of New England is the first university in Australia to offer a Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours by distance education delivery. The degree must be completed within ten years from the date of commencement.



UNE Early Entry

Closes 29 September

Select up to three courses you would like to study from the Early Entry listing. Successful applicants will receive an offer of a university place in early November. You can accept your offer immediately and secure your place for 2018.



Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

By completing STAT, applicants without a recent or satisfactory Year 12 qualification can demonstrate their ability to succeed in tertiary studies. STAT assesses a range of competencies considered important for successful tertiary study, evaluating skills such as critical thinking, and understanding and analysis of given information. It does not test knowledge of curriculum or specific academic content. Tertiary institutions use applicants’ STAT scores, together with other information available to them at the time of selection, to make decisions about offers of places in their courses.

  • Mature applicants who don’t have a recent or standard Year 12 qualification
  • Applicants who completed their previous studies outside Australia
  • Applicants who did not gain a satisfactory ATAR




UNSW Open Day

2 September. 9.00am to 4.00pm



UNSW Info Day

16 December. 9.00am to  4.00pm

Kensington Campus

With new UAC round dates for 2018 entry, get all your questions answered in time for the December Round. Attend some lectures, chat to academics and current students in the Advisory Centre or even take a campus tour.



Macquarie University Info Day

16 December. 10.00am to 4.00pm

Come to Info Day to get personalised advice about your study options, which Macquarie Entry programs you can access to gain entry into your dream degree and what extracurricular programs make Macquarie unique.




TAFE  Credit Transfer to an Australian University

Check out credittransfer.tafensw.edu.au when helping your students to see how many Credit Points a TAFE NSW qualification can give them for a degree with an Australian University. With over 2,700 pathways available, discover the many roads they can take on their journey to higher education. Questions? TAFENSWCreditTransferEnquiries@tafensw.edu


TAFE NSW Open Week 

19 – 24 June

TAFE NSW Open Week presents a wonderful opportunity for senior High School students to explore our modern facilities, course offerings, and the innovative technology. Our campuses will offer extended hours for student enquiries and course specific information sessions. Students can join us online to view one of our Facebook Live signature events! Visit 



Group Training Organisations

Group Training Organisations (GTO) provide a training and employment arrangement, where an organisation employs apprentices and trainees and places them with host employers. A GTO undertakes the employer

responsibilities for the quality and continuation of the apprentices’ and trainees’ employment and training. To learn

more or find a local Group Training Organisation, visit:http://www.grouptraining.com.au https://www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au/group-training 


Australian Apprenticeship Ambassadors

If you are considering an Australian Apprenticeship to start your career, get your inspiration by watching the Real Opportunities video. The video features several Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors and covers a range of industries including plumbing, hospitality, electrotechnology and veterinary nursing.



ARC offers Business Traineeships for school leavers

Are you wanting to pursue a career in the business industry? They will receive full on the job training and a nationally recognised qualification (Certificate III in Business). No previous office experience is required – just enthusiastic and ambitious young adults. Jobs located all over Sydney. Contact recruit@arcgroup.com.au or 0288 333933.


New Free Video- Traineeship Opens a World of Opportunity 

Tyrone Pynor, is the 2016 NSW Training Awards School Based Apprentice/Trainee of the Year. Tyrone said that his school based traineeship working with the National Bank gave him the chance to make real decisions about his career path. He described the benefits of doing the traineeship was being able to study, earn money and get a qualification at the end of it. Watch Tyrone Pynor’s video now at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is3yovx5qgU 


Skills One Women in Trades

The sky is the limit for girls in nearly all areas of the trades.



Automotive Apprenticeships – School Holiday Program 

We are now taking expression of interests from students that are interested in participating in Automotive Pre-Apprenticeship Courses, this prepares a fantastic pathway for end of year Apprenticeship opportunities and teaches students hands-on about the industry and the duties involved. Contact our office today to reserve your students place in the course. mailto:alow@apprus.com.au or 02 98916900.

Tocal College Open Days

7 and 14 July

29 September

6 October

Prospective students and their families are invited to visit the College during the school holidays.

Open days provide an ideal forum to visit the College and get a feel for what life as a student is really like.

During open days students get the opportunity to chat to teaching staff, receive an overview of courses, and take a tour of the College and its commercial farms.



Sydney TAFE Seminars

TAFE study options and career opportunities..

1 June. Ultimo. 11.00am – 12.00pm.  http://sydneytafe.edu.au/newsevents/events/planning-tafe-and-your-career-2

15 June. Ultimo.  5.00– 6.00pm. http://sydneytafe.edu.au/newsevents/events/planning-tafe-and-your-career-4

22 June. Ultimo. 11.00am –12.00pm. http://sydneytafe.edu.au/newsevents/events/planning-tafe-and-your-career-5

5 July. Ultimo. 2.00pm – 3.00pm.  http://sydneytafe.edu.au/newsevents/events/planning-tafe-and-your-career-6

5 June. St George . 5.00pm – 6.00pm. http://sydneytafe.edu.au/newsevents/events/planning-tafe-and-your-career-7

8 June. Design Centre Enmore.  4.30pm – 5.30pm. http://sydneytafe.edu.au/newsevents/events/planning-tafe-and-your-career-3



Top Education Institute Information Evening

17 November


Top Course Advice Day

19 December

We invite you, your friends and relatives to learn more about our law and business programs, our alliance with PwC and how we shall integrate VR Technology in our classes. Come and meet the deans, some of the staff that will support you during your study with us, and take home some important information about how to apply, scholarships, bonus points, study abroad opportunity and much more.



Kenvale College High Flyer Program – Hospitality, Cookery & Events Scholarship Program 

Entries close 21 June

If you have a real passion for Hospitality, Cookery or Event Management then our High Flyer Program is for you. This is a partial scholarship program for Year 12 students in 2017.

For more info contact Marianne Fidel: study@kenvale.edu.au or 9314 6213. 



The Australian College of Physical Education Open Days

10 June. 10.00am to 1.00pm

14 October

10 Parkview Drive, Sydney Olympic Park.

Talk with academic and student support staff and learn all about our industry-focused courses.




SAE QANTM Study for a Day

Audio, Graphic Design, or Film workshops with lecturers to give you a strong understanding of your chosen career.

1 July. 9.00am to 4.00pm

Sydney and Byron Bay



Complimentary Workshops at William Angliss Institute Sydney in July School Holidays 

William Angliss Institute Sydney is running a series of fun and complimentary workshops in July school holiday. Students are going to get hands on experience in cookery, patisserie and coffee. The two-hour workshop is a great opportunity for students to explore their interests and talents in these fields. To book or more information, please contact Anna annakl@angliss.edu.au or call 9125 5111. 

Australian Film Television and Radio School Open Day 2017 

12 August

Find out how to start and progress your career in the screen and broadcast industries. See our state-of-the-art facilities, meet our tutors and get tips on putting together your application which is merit selected (no ATAR required). More information: 


Interested in experiencing life in America?

We offer a program for young ladies to work with children in the USA for 12 months. Gain life skills, meet new friends from all over the world, study at an American college and travel all across the states from New York to California! For your FREE info pack please visit www.aupairinamerica.com.au or email info@aupairamerica.com.au 



Good Careers Guide

Provides advice on career planning, explores education options and includes descriptions for more than 400 jobs and occupations. Each comprehensive job description features skill and training requirements, related jobs, industry contacts, and more.



AIQS Scholarship Applications Now Open 

The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors offers a number of scholarships each year for Year 12 students who qualify for entry into a Quantity Surveying, Construction Economics, Construction Management (Economics) or other appropriate course at an AIQS accredited university in Australia. The scholarship is to the total value of AU$3,000. Visit Careers & Education at:



Career FAQs Sector Snapshot Healthcare

Thinking of joining the healthcare industry but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re working out your next move and want to see what areas are on the up. We’ve put together a comprehensive overview of the sector so that you can weigh up your options, compare salaries and make an informed decision about your future.



Meet a Keeper Dubbo

8 August

5 September

17 October

7 November

Meet a Keeper is a one-day intensive program for school students in years 9 -11 who have expressed a keen interest in pursuing a career in the Zoo industry, but are unable to attend the program for School Work Experience.



Bathurst Jobs Expo

9 August., 9.00am to 3.00pm

 Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre

The Bathurst Jobs Expo has become the premier such event in the Central West of NSW, providing a platform for employers, employment agencies and interested parties to meet and engage with job seekers and students. 



Pros and Cons of a Gap Year

Think about the pros and cons. Some like to jump straight into tertiary study after finishing high school, whereas others might want to start working immediately. Perhaps they want to travel or maybe they have no idea what they are going to do. Taking a gap year can be a fantastic option but there is no denying that it comes with a unique set of pros and cons.



National Science Week

12 to 20 August

A celebration of science and technology. Find an event you like below.




Creative Arts Videos

A new series of NESA videos featuring 2016 HSC Drama students selected for OnSTAGE, are now available on YouTube.



Physics World Careers

Careers in physics.



Junior Tall Poppies Awards

Aged 15 to 17, and do you excel in Mathematics and or science? Tall Poppies develops association with students and science organisations to promote career opportunities after school.



Inspiring the Future Australia 

ITF, launched on 3rd April, is an Initiative of Schools Industry Partnership to connect schools with local people who volunteer some time in schools to talk to students about their career journey. Teachers may request volunteers and members of the public to be available to talk to students at their school about their career journey. More info:


Free Career Awareness Program “Women in STEM” Available Now 

The Day of STEM platform has released a new program “Women in STEM” which features leading female professionals sharing their personal career journeys with students on a virtual platform. The program aims to connect and inspire students with real mentors and is available free of charge to all Careers Advisers in Australia. To register, click:



Army Reserve Information Session – Wollongong NSW 

20 June. 6.00pm 

 Wollongong Recruiting Centre, Level 2, 96 Crown St. Wollongong

This information session will present the career opportunities, lifestyle and pathways to join the Army Reserve. This session will be conducted by current serving ADF members. RSVP: 


Southern Highlands Defence Careers Information Session 

22 June. 6.00pm 

 Moss Vale Services Club, Cnr Argyle & Yarrawa Sts. Moss Vale

This information session will present the career opportunities, lifestyle and pathways to join the Australian Defence Force. This session will be conducted by current serving ADF members. RSVP: 



Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator


Independent Liturgy Project

This term both 9REG and 9REW engaged in a student-centred learning project in their Religious Education classes, which proved to be a major success. Students were asked to construct a liturgy incorporating elements of the unit ‘Biblical Writing’ which they have been studying in class. The theme, purpose and all components of this liturgy were organised and prepared by students.

It was exemplary to see the students use the classroom environment to work together so cohesively. The girls were able to use their individual talents and creativity to delegate certain tasks in order to construct a complete liturgy. This included a student-centred class discussion, whereby each class decided on a purpose and theme of the liturgy. Once this was finalised, smaller focus groups were allocated, in order to complete preparations in a timely manner.

Students decided to organise smaller groups working on more specific tasks. This included their focus on various aspects of a liturgy including the running sheet, a liturgical dance, decorations for the sacred space, music selection and selection of scripture and prayers to relate to the overall theme. These are just a few of the wonderful ideas that the year 9 students came up with.

Once planning was complete, students conducted this liturgy in the Bethany College Chapel. Their peers, as well as various College teachers came to show their support, and to join in prayer with us.

Gathering in prayer and thanks is at the heart of what we do at Bethany College, and this unique learning experience provoked students to consider all elements of a Catholic liturgy, and to work collaboratively with very minimal teacher involvement. When given the opportunity, the girls are able to foster their brilliance, and consciously engage in their own faith journey.



Kahlie Taouk


Year 7 “Drumbeats”

On Wednesday, 14 June, Year 7 were treated to the sounds of hundreds of drums during their incursion by the Drum Beats team made up of instructors Thiass and Athil. The students were enthusiastic to learn all about the concepts of music with a particular focus on rhythm.

Here are some student thoughts from the day:

“It taught us about rhythm and how we all have a unique sound” – Luna Pandiella-Mcleod

“It taught us to engage as a group and collaborate musically, and we had to make sure that we listened very closely to the instructions of  Thiass and Athil” – Tara Winton

“We had fun learning a new spin on the Chicken Dance and learning how to drum in many different ways” – Kylah Foon


Sydney Catholic Regional Debating Competition

This term a wide range of girls from years 7 to 12 participated in the 5 rounds of the Sydney Catholic Regional debating competition, some with great success. There are always copious amounts of volunteers for debating, which is always so appreciated – we had more than 20 year 7’s volunteer this year! Unfortunately we weren’t able to take all the girls who volunteered, however their enthusiasm did not go unnoticed.

Every Wednesday, the girls were required to stay back after school and compete against a local Catholic school, debating an unseen topic with only 40 minutes to prepare. Our debating teams are open to everyone, with no prior experience required; although we had girls who participated in public speaking in term 1 join the debating teams, majority of our teams were made up of girls who were solely interested in debating. Each girl was thoroughly devoted and tried their best – they were able to have fun and meet girls from other year groups. It was clear that by the end of round 5 every girl was far more confident in their debating skills and excited to debate again next year!

A BIG congratulations to our year 8 and year 10 team who made it to the semi-finals and will be competing at OLMC on the 14 June. We wish them the best of luck.

I would also like to say a big thank you to ALL our volunteers and to Mrs. Georgiou and Mr. Martin who sacrificed their time after school to help prepare our girls, set up rooms and the staff room, and welcome guests. I am wholeheartedly grateful for all the work you put in.

An overall congratulations to all the teams and a massive thank you to everybody who helped! Hope to see you all next year!


Stefanie Krieg, Debating & Public Speaking Prefect

Principal’s Reading Challenge

Next week the College Library will launch the inaugural “Principal’s Reading Challenge. The aim of the Challenge is to encourage a love of reading through a structured and incentive based approach. It also aims to expand and stretch readers beyond their comfort zones.

Students who chose to participate in the Challenge will receive a booklet outlining the Guidelines and Selection Criteria. They will be required to read ten books from a variety of genres. Each time a student reads two books they will be rewarded with a variety of incentives. On completion of ten books Mrs. Lavorato will award the successful students with a “Principal’s Reading Challenge” certificate and a final incentive reward.

The Challenge is a fun way of promoting a love of reading which is so vital for success. The lifelong benefits of reading are not limited to ten but these are most compelling.


Stimulates the mind        Acquires knowledge       Expands Vocabulary

         Sharpens writing skills      Hones critical and analytical thinking

Improves memory        Boosts concentration     Fuels imagination     

      Reduces stress and develops empathy

  A wonderful  source of entertainment (free, if you belong to a  library)  


The Challenge begins in Week 9 Term 2 and concludes in Week 4 Term 4.  Students are encouraged to borrow for their holiday reading and use the time to begin the challenge.

Booklets will be available from the Library on Monday, 19 June.



Lynda Fleming

Teacher / Librarian