Volume 09 - 12 Jun 2015

From the Assistant Principal

Staff Development Day: Friday June 5

ap2The Visible Learning Seminar focused on understanding John Hattie’s research on effect sizes, and how as teachers we can focus on using strategies that have the greatest positive impact on student’s learning. The use of statistics and z-scores challenged many of us (like myself) who at times struggle with higher level Mathematics, however we see it as a powerful tool to assist us in measuring the effect our methods have on the progress of the girls in our class, and make adjustments for individual students. Teaching and Learning Coordinators will continue to be involved in Professional Development using Hattie’s research to fine tune the ways we engage with assessment and feedback.



Important dates for Term 2 

  • 15 June: Year 11 2016 Parent Information Evening 7pm
  • 17 June: Athletics Carnival
  • 25 June: 7-11 Parent/student/teacher interviews 4pm-7pm
  • 25 June: Last day of classes for students
  • 26 June: 7-11 Parent/student/teacher interviews 9am-4pm


Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal


Choices and Consequences

Over the past two weeks I’ve spoken with a number of individual students, small groups, class groups and even whole year levels about behaviour expectations and the consequences of behaviour choices. In many instances, follow-up conversations with parents and teachers have taken place.  Our student management expectations are clear and published openly in the Student Planner. We speak of them at the point of enrolment. Problem is that when girls break a rule they are then reluctant to fulfil the consequence and we hear the age-old line that the teacher(s) are “picking on them”.  Or it is everyone else’s fault but their own. But two wrongs can never make a right.

Understandably, children’s behaviour – their own or that of others- can be of great concern to parents. It is not uncommon for parents to become more stressed, upset or angry than the children involved, and when this happens, the situation tends to become even more complicated. Nevertheless, there is always much to be learned, by everyone involved, from such circumstances.

I share this story about Choice and Consequence with you:

“Five wise men got lost in the forest.

The first one said:

  • I will go left – my intuition tells me that.

The second said:

  • I will go right – there is a reason why right comes from the word righteousness.

The third one said:

  • I will go back – we came from there, it means I will go out from the forest.

The fourth one said:

  • I will go straight – we should move forward, the forest will end and something new will open.

The fifth said:

  • You are all wrong. There is a better solution. Wait for me.

He found the tallest tree and climbed into it. While he was above he saw where they should go to leave the forest faster. Now he could even see in what order the other wise men would reach the end of the forest. He climbed higher and saw the shortest way. He understood the problem and found the best solution! He knew that he did everything right. And the others were wrong. They were stubborn and they didn’t listen to him. He was the real Wise Man!

But he was wrong.

Everyone was right. The one who went left, found himself in the thicket. He had to starve and fight with wild animals. But he learned how to survive in the forest; he became part of the forest and could teach others the same.

The one who went right met thieves. They took everything from him and made him steal with them. But after some time, he had woken up something in those thieves that they had forgotten – humanity and compassion. The remorse was so strong in some of them that they also became wise men.

The one who went back made a pathway through the forest, which soon became a road for those who wanted to walk in the forest without being afraid of getting lost.

The one who went straight became a pioneer. He visited new places and opened wonderful new possibilities for people, amazing healing plants and magnificent animals.

The one who climbed into the tree became a specialist at finding shortcuts. People turned to him when they wanted to find the fastest way to deal with their problems, even if it didn’t lead to any great personal development.

This is how the five wise men reached their destiny. “

Briefly, this story illustrates a few of life’s realities. Stuff happens, decisions are made and certain consequences follow.  Some choices are seen as “right”; some as “wrong”. Values are placed on choices made. If it is avoidable, responsibility may be denied or excuses made or the blame shifted to others. Even when the consequence is unavoidable, bemoaning the outcome or calling it unfair can follow.  We learn little or nothing from the whole experience.

Children can be masters of this sort of self-deception. They are also pretty good at convincing parents that their version of events are true and accurate versions. This is not as outrageous as it sounds really. Children are like the rest of us. Who really wants to own up, tell the whole truth and potentially expose oneself to criticism and punishment and, what we believe, may be a lessening in the eyes of those we love? And yet this is exactly what is required in order to grow towards moral maturity and responsible adulthood.

It is the role of parents and teachers, then, to use wisdom and detachment to calmly get to the truth, have children own and take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences that follow. It is our role to help them learn from their choices. That’s what childhood is about- learning and growing into caring, responsible maturity. Over-protecting and defending children in such circumstances does not honour or assist their journey.

In the story, we are shown that each wise man made a choice and suffered the consequence of that choice. The man who climbed the tree thought he was the wisest as he avoided the pitfalls that befell the others; however, it is not always those who pass trouble-free through childhood who are best prepared for what lies ahead. Each wise man was prepared to learn a valuable character lesson from his “mistake” and, accordingly, became stronger and better equipped for the future. They did not give in to despair, believe poorly of themselves or give up.

We believe that we should view mistakes made by children in the same way. Yes, we do all we can to teach children to make wise and appropriate choices but “stuff happens” and mistakes are made. That’s pretty normal. To give children the idea that perfection is expected – in one’s own children or in other people’s- is to set them up for failure and low self-esteem, to say the least. Here is a far more realistic message to give children:

“You are not perfect but you are capable, caring and resilient and we love you, mistakes and all. You will make mistakes but when you do, take responsibility for them bravely, make amends sincerely for the harm you’ve caused, learn your lesson well and move on with hope and confidence”.

In this way, good things can come, even when the road taken leads to thicket or thieves.

Prayer for Choices

Father God,

Life is made up of choices.

We choose to do something and in doing that we

automatically choose to leave something else undone.

There are so many demands on my time and talents.

I know I can make wise decisions if I allow you to guide me.

I do pray that your word will be my guiding light

and show me the path I need to take.


Debating Finalists

On Wednesday night, I was privileged to join a huge crowd of supporters of our Year 8 Debating team who made it to the finals. Regrettably, they didn’t win with the affirmative argument on the night (“That family values are what influence us the most”) and the boys from Marist College Penshurst won. Congratulations to all the students in the team: Annika Woodham, Ophelia Devcic, Eve Fernando, Justina Alabasinis and Valentina Triulcio (not pictured).


What parents should know about Instagram

It’s hard to keep up with all the social media platforms and apps our kids want to use. Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks for school-aged children at the moment. It’s a free, photo and video sharing mobile application and social network for people aged 13 years and over. There’s no age-verification process though, so younger children can create an account pretty easily, sometimes without parents even knowing. Instagram say they’ll remove under-age users’ accounts if they are reported.

Instagram has just published “A Parent’s Guide to Instagram“, and it’s a great place to start if you want to know more about how it works and how it can be used safely.

The simplest way to stay informed is to ask your child what apps and social media they know about and ask them to show you how they work.

It’s a good, non-threatening approach because:

  • kids and teens find out about new apps, games and social networks long before we do
  • even less chatty teens tend to enjoy the chance to share their expertise
  • you’ll narrow your focus down to only those social networks and apps your kids use
  • it  opens up the conversation about social media tools and their social life in general
  • if you ask your child to show you how to “block” other users, “report” abuse,  “delete” their own posts and change their privacy settings, you’ll learn how it’s done but also know they’re able to use those  options if they need to.

The good news is we don’t have to be social media experts to keep our kids safe, but we do have to be good communicators and talk to them regularly about their social lives – both on and offline.

Hyperlink is https://fbcdn-dragon-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xap1/t39.2365-6/10541017_803191649733152_1929478503_n.pdf

Community Prayers

  • For Mr Donlan and his family who recently lost their beloved mother, mother-in-law, Maria Fasullo.
  • We pray for a swift recovery for Lucienne (11) and Estelle’s (7) Pacifique’s brother (in Year 12 at St Mary’s Cathedral College) who has had a recent bone marrow transplant.



Our mantra:

“Girls can do anything.
Bethany girls can do everything!*
(*except divide by zero)”
Vicki Lavorato


UTS: Bachelor of Information Technology Co-operative Scholarship Program

Round 1 Applications Close: Fri 19th June

Round 2 Applications Open: Mon 3rd August

Round 2 Applications Close: Wed 30th September

The Bachelor of Information Technology Co-operative Scholarship Program provides students with $15, 500 per year of study, and two six month full-time industry placements with sponsor organisations. There are two rounds of applications in 2015 for the 2016 intake.



UTS: New Digital Course Guides

New interactive course guides are designed to help students explore their UTS course and career options in new and engaging ways.



UTS INSEARCH: Guide Available for 2015

The guide showcases academic programs, support services and activities available at UTS INSEARCH.



University of Sydney: Discussion Paper on Education Strategy

The University of Sydney has released a discussion paper about its courses. The proposals in the discussion paper are intended to simplify the University’s complex course offerings, improve student experience, and provide graduates with the skills to contribute effectively in today’s rapidly changing world. Importantly, the changes will not be implemented until at least 2017, and will not affect those applying for a University place in 2016.


UNSW Rural Clinical School – Health Careers Kit 2015

This guide covers information about health, medicine and nursing programs offered throughout NSW in addition to the options available to assist rural high school students with university. Hard copies are also available.

Contact: (02) 9385 3677 or j.monoja@unsw.edu.au



UOW Viewpoint

This booklet provides general information about UOW, its culture and disciplines; and outlines what can be achieved by its students.



University of Sydney: Agriculture HSC Seminar & Video Conference

Thu 11th June, 9.30am – 2.00pm, University of Sydney, Camden Campus

The Agriculture HSC seminar revises key concepts in the HSC Agriculture and Primary Industries courses, and provides current examples of research that students can use in the extended response answer section.

Students can either attend the seminar in person or view the seminar via video conference.

Contact: Jessica Morris jessica.morris@sydney.edu.au



Macquarie University: New Pathways into Law

Students who have been admitted to a non-law degree at Macquarie University in 2016 will be able to apply for admission to the Pre-Law Pathway prior to their first session of studies. To gain entry into the Pre-Law Pathway prospective students are required to have completed the HSC in 2015, achieved an ATAR above 93, and be accepted into an approved degree  at Macquarie.



Macquarie University Discovery Day

Fri 12th June, 9.30am – 2.00pm

Fri 31st July, 9.30am – 2.00pm

Fri 6th November, 9.30am – 2.00pm

Thu 3rd December, 9.30am – 2.00pm

Fri 4th December, 9.30am – 2.00pm

An opportunity for year 10 students to get a feel for the campus, attend interactive workshops, and speak to lecturers and students about what it is like to study at Macquarie.



Macquarie University Global Leadership Entry Program for Year 12 Students

Applications close: Sat 15th August

The Global Leadership program provides students with the opportunity to gain practical skills through volunteering and participating in leadership activities in Australian and overseas. As part of the program students will gain early entry into a limited number of Macquarie degrees and will also receive invitations to special events and pre-study programs. The program is open to Year 12 students who are not only doing academically well but are also leaders in their community.
Contact: 1800 351 117


ACT Early Childhood Degree Scholarship Program

Applications close Fri 12th June

The ACT Government is offering scholarships valued up to $6000 over four years to individuals wanting to study an early childhood education degree. Twenty-five scholarships will be awarded under the program in 2015-16, and paid to scholarship holders in installments of $1500 per year.

Contact: 6207 1104 or cpru@act.gov.au



UTS IT Undergraduate Information Evening

Date : 10th Jun 2015 Time : 5.30pm
Venue : University of Technology, Sydney, Building 11, level 00, 87 Broadway, Ultimo
Cost : FREE
Discuss undergraduate study plans with our course directors and current students. Learn about our scholarships, plus the exciting career options for IT graduates.
For more information and to register visit: http://www.uts.edu.au/about/faculty-engineering-and-information-technology/events/information-technology-undergraduate

UTS Engineering Undergraduate Information Evening

Date : 10th Jun 2015 Time : 5.30pm  Venue : University of Technology
Cost : FREE
Discover the world of engineering through our practical and industry focussed courses. Discuss scholarships and undergraduate study plans with our courses directors, current students and graduates.
Fore more informatio and to register visit: http://www.uts.edu.au/about/faculty-engineering-and-information-technology/events/engineering-undergraduate-info-evening

UNSW Engineering and Science Student Parent Info Night

Date : 11th Jun 2015 Time : 5:30pm-8:00pm
Venue : John Niland Scientia Building (G19), UNSW Cost : FREE
The UNSW Faculties of Engineering and Science invite Year 11 and 12 students and their parents to attend an information evening on 11 June 2015.
5.30pm – 6.00pm – Registration
6.00pm – 7.15pm – Presentation
7.15pm – 8.00pm – Refreshments
Following the presentation there will be an opportunity to speak with our current students and academic staff over refreshments.
For more information and registration, visit http://www.science.unsw.edu.au/events/engineering-and-science-student-parent-info-night

The University of Sydney Camden Campus Open Day

Date : 12th Jun 2015 Time : 9.00am-3.00pm
Venue : The University of Sydney Camden Campus
Cost : $15 Contact : Jessica Morris : jessica.morris@sydney.edu.au
Explore the fascinating world of agriculture, environment, science and veterinary science at the University of Sydney’s Camden Open Day. Do hands-on workshops, hear captivating talks and meet scientists conducting cutting edge research, plus be entertained by amazing science with a talk by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki!
For more information please visit http://sydney.edu.au/science/outreach/high-school/camden-open-day/index.shtml

Sydney Design School Open Day

Date : 13th Jun 2015 Time : 12.00pm Venue : 2/40 Oxley Street St Leonards
Cost : FREE
Open Day is an excellent opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of interior design and decoration.
On the day you will:
– Attend a presentation from our Director about our courses.
– Take the opportunity to talk to our educators who all work in the professional world of design
– Explore work opportunities after you graduate in interior design and decoration
– Discuss any questions you have with our course advisors and enrol.
– Bring your friends and family

Fashionmasters – Master Your Potential Careers Day

Date : 13th Jun 2015 Time : 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Venue : Level 3 91 York Street Sydney NSW 2000 Cost : FREE
Contact : Olesya Bobrik : OBobrik@Holmes.edu.au (02)92991400
Is fashion your passion? Are you dreaming about a successful career in fashion industry?
“Master Your Potential” Careers Day with FASHIONMASTERS, School of Fashion is the perfect opportunity to spend time in our modern York Street campus right in the heart of the fashion retail precinct in the Sydney CBD and to find out more about our unique course of Bachelor of Fashion and Business, career perspectives and successful pathways of our graduates.
The Schedule:
9.45am: Registration: Morning tea
10.00 – 10.15: Outline of fashion career pathways possible as a graduate with a Bachelor of Fashion & Business (BFB) degree from FashionMasters – Robert De Giovanni, Academic Co-ordinator
10.15-10.45: Public Relations & Branding with Karyn Westren, PR Executive
10.45-11.15: Fashion Retail Management with Benjamin Saad – Regional Manager, Country Road Group (CRG)
11.15 – 11.45: Style Advisor/Fashion styling with Maya Dals, Personal Shopper & Stylist at TopShop TopMan (TSTM)
11.45- 12.00: Panel discussion along with current ‘career changer’ students
12pm: Close We are looking forward to seeing you!
Master Your Potential. Enrol now!

College of Event Management INFO SESSION

Date : 19th Jun 2015 Time : 6.30pm Venue : Sydney Campus
Cost : FREE Contact : Annie Shillington : annie@coem.edu.au
Here all about our College and our Diploma of Events. See the campus, meet the lecturers and staff, hear about our specialist event management programs, student testimonials and job prospects upon graduation. Level 9, 28 Foveaux Street Surry Hills

Projects Abroad Information evening

Date : 22nd Jun 2015 Time : 6.30pm-7.30pm
Venue : Sydney Central YHA 11 Rawson Place, Sydney 2000 Cost : FREE
Programmes are available for school leavers and for year 10 & 11 students during their summer break. Registrations requested:www.projects-abroad.com.au/about-us/meet-us/ or 1300 132 831.

The University of Notre Dame – Parent Information Evening

Date : 23rd Jun 2015 Time : 6:00pm
Venue : 104 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008 Cost : FREE
Contact : Anne-Maree McCarthy : sydney@nd.edu.au / 02 8204 4404
Parent Information Evening is designed to help parents (and students, who are also welcome to attend!) through the transition from secondary to tertiary education. Attendees will have the opportunity to find out about University life, talk to current students, meet academic staff and find out about pathways into university.

Macquarie University Campus Tour

Date : 23rd Jun 2015 Time : 10.30am – 12.30pm Venue : Macquarie University
Cost : FREE Contact : Helena Cantrall : futurestudents@mq.edu.au
This campus tour is open to everyone who would like to hear more about Macquarie. Visit our wonderful campus, meet our Student Advisers and have your questions answered.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) Information Evening

Date : 25th Jun 2015 Time : 6pm to 8pm Venue : All AIE Campuses Cost : FREE
Launch your career into games and film by coming along to one of our Information Evenings. During the Information Sessions, teachers will be conducting seminars covering the range of courses offered at AIE. If you’re serious about pursuing a career in games or film then our Advanced Diploma and Bachelor programs are the way to go.
We’re also taking applications for our range of short courses in 3D animation, game programming and game design. These certificate courses run on campus during evenings as well as online and are a great starting point. More info: http://www.aie.edu.au/infoevening

Fashion Open Day with FASHIONMASTERS

Date : 25th Jun 2015 Time : 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Venue : Level 3, 91 York Street Sydney NSW 2000 Cost : FREE
Is fashion your passion? Are you dreaming about a successful career in fashion industry?
Fashion Open Day with FASHIONMASTERS is the perfect opportunity to spend time in our modern York Street campus right in the heart of the fashion retail precinct in the Sydney CBD and to find out more about our unique course of Bachelor of Fashion and Business.
Bachelor of Fashion & Business [BFB] Intakes: March – July – November. Master your Potential.

Kickstart HSC Science Workshops in the School Holidays

Date : 29th Jun 2015 Time : 9.00am Venue : The University of Sydney, Camperdown Campus Cost : $29.70
The Kickstart Science Workshops are aimed at HSC science students. Parts of the science syllabus requires equipment or expertise in areas that many schools may not be able to provide. Kickstart workshops give HSC students a chance to do experiments and demonstrations of key ideas in the syllabus that are difficult to do in the classroom.
Kickstart Biology, Chemistry and Physics are running in the June School Holidays at the University of Sydney (Camperdown campus). Students can register individually to attend these sessions.
Please visit http://sydney.edu.au/science/outreach/high-school/kickstart/school-holidays.shtml for more information, including modules that will be covered.

The University of Notre Dame – Teaching: Aspire to Inspire

Date : 29th Jun 2015 Time : 10:00am – 12:30pm
Venue : 104 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008 Cost : FREE
At this event you will:
– discover how to turn your passion for children and a better future into a career
– have your questions about a career in teaching answered by renowned educators
– hear from people about how they used an education degree to make a difference in the world

July 2015 HSC Trail Exam Preparation Lectures University of Wollongong

Main campus 29/6/15 to3/7/15
Date : 29th Jun 2015 Time : 10am and 1.0pm Venue : University of Wollongong Main Campus Cost : $35.00
Contact : Shane Hardcastle : info@hscintheholidays.com.au / 1300677336

Macleay College Career Taster Day Workshops

Date : 29th Jun 2015 Time : 0900 to 1600 Venue : Macleay College – Sydney Campus 
Cost : FREE Contact : Tamara Kavalec : 02 83735124
Macleay College would love your students to experience our fun and engaging Career Taster workshops! Students can attend multiple sessions that are designed to showcase various career options. For bookings and session times please click the following linkhttps://macleay.edu.au/campaign/need-help-deciding-on-your-career

William Angliss Institute School holiday trial-a-trade and Info Session

Date : 30th Jun 2015
Time : 10:00am – 12 noon
Venue : William Angliss Institute Sydney, 26-32 Waterloo Street, Surry Hills
Cost : FREE
Contact : Anna Klingberg : (02) 9125 5179
William Angliss Institute School holiday trial-a-trade and information session in Surry Hills. These sessions are short, two-hour glimpses into the exciting careers available within Cookery, Patisserie, Coffee and Hospitality/Events/Travel. The day will also include an information session, which is then followed by a hands on session in one of our state of the art facilities including our commercial kitchens and coffee academy. Please register on www.angliss.edu.au/register-for-trial-a-trade?country=syd
Any enquiries please contact annakl@angliss.edu.au

The University of Notre Dame – Creating the Future: Arts at Notre Dame

Date : 30th Jun 2015 Time : TBA Venue : 104 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008 
Cost : FREE Contact : Anne-Maree McCarthy : sydney@nd.edu.au / 02 8204 4404
“The reason that Apple is able to create products like the iPad is because we’ve always tried to be at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts” – Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs knew the importance of an Arts degree in shaping the future. He believed thinking was more important than knowing; and that technology alone was not enough. At the School of Arts & Sciences, we teach our students to think differently, analyse information, adapt to diverse cultural contexts and connect the dots. As the world changes, so do our students. Come and discover why an Arts degree is highly valued by Apple and other employers. Your future starts now.

Macleay College Career Taster Day Workshops

Date : 30th Jun 2015 Time : 0900 to 1600 Venue : Macleay College – Sydney Campus 
Cost : FREE Contact : Tamara Kavalec : 02 83735124
Macleay College would love your students to experience our free fun and engaging Career Taster Day workshops! Each workshop is 2 hours and students can attend multiple sessions that are designed to showcase various career options. For bookings and session times please go to

The University of Notre Dame – A Day in the Life of a Nursing Student 

Date : 1st Jul 2015 Time : 10:30am
Venue : 160 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Cost : FREE
Contact : Anne-Maree McCarthy : sydney@nd.edu.au / 02 8204 4404
Thinking of a career in Nursing? Join us for a Day in the Life of a Nursing Student and find out what it’s really like!
Students attending the day will have the opportunity to meet academic staff, engage in clinical activities, experience a Nursing lecture and tour our campus. Lunch is provided.

Free Berklee College of Music Workshops and Masterclasses

Date : 1st Jul 2015 Time : 10:30am – 4:00pm Venue : JMC Academy
Cost : FREE Contact : Lauren Thorpe : lthorpe@jmc.edu.au
International Partners JMC Academy and Berklee College of Music’s International Network would like to invite you to attend a day of FREE hands-on music workshops and masterclass, delivered by JMC Academy and Berklee Professors.
The workshops will be taken by Rick Peckham, Professor of Guitar at Berklee College, Donald Gorder, Chair of Music Business at Berklee College, Sam Skau, Assistant Director — Berklee International Network, and Javier Parra, Assistant Director of Admissions at Berklee College.
Attendance is free, however registrations are essential. You can register here: https://ifsssydney.wufoo.com/forms/berklee-workshop-sydney/

The University of Notre Dame – Suit up! Are you suited to a career in Business and Law?

Date : 2nd Jul 2015 Time : 9:00am – 12:00pm
Venue : 104 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008 Cost : FREE
Contact : Anne-Maree McCarthy : sydney@nd.edu.au / 02 8204 4404
Think you’re suited to a career in Business and Law?

Cross-examine our School of Law staff as they take the stand; discuss your plans for your business career with staff from our School of Business; experience what classes are like as Notre Dame student; meet current students and tour our campus.

Macquarie University Campus Tour

Date : 2nd Jul 2015 Time : 10.30am – 12.30pm Venue : Macquarie University
Contact : Helena Cantrall : futurestudents@mq.edu.au
Event Description :
This campus tour is open to everyone who would like to hear more about Macquarie. Visit our wonderful campus, meet our Student Advisers and have your questions answered.

ACU Strathfield HSC Enrichment Day

Date : 2nd Jul 2015 Time : 9.00am – 3.30pm Venue : ACU Strathfield Campus
Cost : FREE Contact : Kelly Wiblin : Futurestudy.Syd@acu.edu.au / 02 9739 2408
Come along to our HSC Enrichment Day where you’ll have an opportunity to listen to lectures from university academics who have set and marked the HSC. Come along for practical advice, hints and tips, and make use of the chance to ask lots of questions. Subjects include Economics and English.
For more information, please visit: http://www.acu.edu.au/hsc-enrichment
You must register online to participate.

July 2015 HSC Trail Exam Preparation Lectures Macquarie University

Date : 2nd Jul 2015 – 10/7/2015 Time : 10am and 1.0pm
Venue : Macquarie University Cost : $35.00
Contact : Shane Hardcastle : info@hscintheholidays.com.au / 1300677336
Trail HSC Lectures Presented BY HSC Experts
LEarn essential content and skills for the trail exams.
this is the most effective way to boost your internal mark.

THINK Design – Day In the Life of a Designer Workshop – Ultimo, Sydney

Date : 4th Jul 2015 Time : 9:30-12:30 or 1pm-4pm
Venue : Ultimo Campus 46-52 Mountain Street Ultimo, NSW 2007 Cost : FREE
Contact : Rebekah Prendergast : 1300 851 245 / info@billyblue.edu.au / enquiries@catc.edu.au
Event Description :
Ever wondered what it is like to be working in design or photography? Discover more and learn how to let those caged ideas take flight as you spend a day as a designer or photographer at our workshops!

Find out what goes on at our colleges, and see what communication, graphic, digital media, interior, and branded fashion designers and photographers really do. You spend a day working on a design brief, producing artwork – both by hand and digitally – and take it to the production stage. Our friendly lecturers who are all design industry professionals deliver all workshops. You won’t want to leave!
To register go to http://bit.ly/1Gl068F or call 1300 851 245

FASHIONMASTERS – Master Your Potential Careers Day

Date : 4th Jul 2015 Time : 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Venue : Level 3 91 York Street Sydney NSW 2000 Cost : FREE
Contact : Olesya Bobrik : OBobrik@Holmes.edu.au
Is fashion your passion? Are you dreaming about a successful career in fashion industry?
“Master Your Potential” Careers Day with FASHIONMASTERS, School of Fashion is the perfect opportunity to spend time in our modern York Street campus right in the heart of the fashion retail precinct in the Sydney CBD and to find out more about our unique course of Bachelor of Fashion and Business, career perspectives and successful pathways of our graduates.
Enrol now!

UTS: Engineering Industry Merit Based Scholarships

Applications Open: Mon 6th July

Applications Close: Mon 5th October

A number of Industry Sponsored scholarships are available to provide financial support for the first year of the Bachelor of Engineering Diploma in Engineering Practice degree. Scholars will have direct access to industry sponsors and many undertake an internship with their sponsor company. Applicants will be chosen based on their academic performance, skills evidence in leadership, commitment to an understanding of the engineering profession, and demonstrated initiative in extra-curricular activities.

Contact: +61 2 9514 2666 or FEITOutreach@uts.edu.au



Ms Viviene Gereige

Vocational Learning Coordinator

Additional News

Reminder – Term 2 Fees

Term 2 fees are due by 15th June.  Your prompt payment would be much appreciated. Payments can be made via BPay, Credit Card, Cheque or Cash.


Years 7 – 11 Parent/Teacher Interviews

Information was emailed to parents on 9 June.

Interviews  for Years 7-11 are as follows:
  • Thursday, 25 June:   4.00pm-7.00pm
  • Friday, 26 June:    9.00am-3.00pm

Interviews will be held in Yallunga Hall.

What’s Been happening in Religious Education and Mission

Celebrating the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ

On Sunday 7 June the Catholic Church celebrated the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, also referred to as the Feast of Corpus Christi. It was the 10th anniversary of “Walk with Christ”. In the beautiful winter sunshine, the walk provided an opportunity for participants to pray for the needs of the city, to strengthen their Catholic identity and most importantly, to affirm their faith in the Eucharist.

Knitting for Vinnies Winter Appeal

Thank you to all the generous ‘knitters’ who have contributed to the over 400 squares that have been knitted to make up the blankets to send to Vinnies for the Winter Appeal. Your generosity of time expertise is very much appreciated.


Mary Kleist

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

Year 9 History Kokoda Memorial Track

On Tuesday, the 2nd of June 2015, Year 9 history classes were given the opportunity to visit the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway in Concord West. The Kokoda campaign stands as an icon for Australian participation in World War II just as Gallipoli serves the same purpose for World War I. More than 600 Australians were killed and some 1680 wounded.

Our day began by watching a short introductory video to the memorial that discussed the the design of the park and showed short clips from the Kokoda Track Campaign that the park is dedicated to. We then visited the “centrepiece” of the memorial, where we heard the Ode, discussed symbolism, and laid a wreath as part of our commemoration. Central to our visit were the war stories shared by our group leaders, Kokoda and Vietnam war veterans who volunteer to take groups around the memorial park. The information and experiences they shared moved us – , each of us got to experience the memorial in a different way through many unique stories. The walk along the track itself was a valuable experience that showed the different perspectives of war in a way that connected us with the story and made it seem all the more real. The track consisted of different plaques at key points in the track that symbolised different places found on the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea. Overall the day was well spent and left us with valuable pieces of knowledge about the battle of Kokoda.


by Jamie and Monica



“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.” – Marv Levy


Looking Ahead

Year 7 Athletics day, Friday 6th June. This day gave Year 7 students the opportunity to learn and develop their skills in both track and field events. It served as meeting components of the PDHPE stage 4 Syllabus as well as being an excellent preparation for the upcoming athletics carnival. As such the day was compulsory. Students have received information about the day concerning travel, uniform and agenda.


Athletics carnival is approaching: This is the best day of the Bethany Sporting Calendar. The athletics carnival ticks all the boxes for being active, fun and a great event for school spirit. This year’s event will be held at “The Ridge” athletics complex, Wednesday 17th June.  The carnival not only provides opportunities for students wishing to advance in school representation, but also there are a number of events to “have a go” in. House captains will be working hard with their respective houses in the coming week. Please support your house and make the day a great event.



Wes Guthrie

PDHPE Coordinator

Year 7 Music Incursion

On Tuesday, Year 7 took part in an Incursion called ‘Drumbeat’. The musicians that came to us had a lot of games in store for us. It was so much fun and it taught students how to play the drums and about rhythm. First, they got us to play a rhythm that was very catchy and easy to play so everyone got it. After a while everyone got the hang of it and couldn’t stop playing that beat. After the men stopped playing, he asked us if anyone wanted to play a rhythm for us to copy. Everyone’s beats were very creative. The drums we played are called djembe and they are handmade. We then were told to stand up and one of the men taught us the African chicken dance. It is very different to the Australian version of the chicken dance. He called upon people to come out the front and do it in front of everyone. He even called on the teachers. Year 7 were cheering on all the teachers and having a good time. Finally, when we stopped doing the chicken dance, everyone was upset that it was time to go. Everyone that I have asked said that they had a great time and would like to do that again. I enjoyed it very much and I still can’t stop playing the beat wherever I go.

Alysha Kapila – Year 7


On Tuesday the 2nd of June 2015, 2 men came to our school to entertain us with… DRUMS!? At first, when they were setting up, it looked just like any other normal performance from normal people, but, as we began, everyone was tapping drums, clapping sticks, clapping their hands, ringing triangles and beating tambourines. Without even being told what to do, everyone joined in to the beat that was being played and eventually, we all got the hang of it. Eventually, when everyone settled down, the leaders introduced themselves and what they did. The drums that everyone was playing were called “Djembe’s” and they were traditional West African drums. After the introduction session, we got back into a beat jam session that everyone was tapping along to. Eventually, they called students and teachers up to lead the drum beat session and they also called some people up to dance the West African Chicken Dance!?!?! It was really fun to learn a new style of the well-known chicken dance! After that, some students were chosen to perform the chicken dance in front of everyone and they all looked hilarious! The men offered a little bit of extra time at the end for questions from a few students and that was sadly the end of a great and entertaining workshop! Overall, we all had a great time beating the drums, learning new things to go with it and spending a fun time with our Bethany Year Group.

Tara Kapila – Year 7


drumbeat 2


Last week the Year 8 and 9 debating teams went up against Marist Kogarah for the semi-finals. Both performed at their best, with the Year 8 team securing a victory. The topic was that ‘education begins after school’, with the speakers Valentina, Ophelia, Eve and Justina arguing the negative. They were really able to band together and work collaboratively, which are valuable skills they will be taking into the Grand Final this week against Marist Penshurst. Additionally the Year 9 team consisting Farah, Dana, Indigo, Valantia and Melanie debated on the topic “that the future is looking bleak”, in a very close debate the Bethany girls only just missed out but were proud of their efforts.

Well done to all the teams who have participated in debating this term, and good luck to the Bethany girls this week!

Courtesy of debating prefect Eugenia Alabasinis

CGSSSA Gymnastics Competition – Five Dock Leisure Centre – 3rd June 2015

Congratulations to the 2015 CGSSSA Gymnastics Team for placing equal 2nd overall, out of 9 schools. A huge thankyou to our coach Elisabeth Andrews and assistant coach Ivana Maric.

The following girls were part of the 2015 team –  Sara Attard, Daria Badaoui, Zoe Belarra, Jessica Butler, Jazmine Di Palma, Catriona Farrelly, Ameline Foskett, Amber Grech, Ashleigh Hollis, Noelia Hughes (injured), Natalie Kanellopoulos, Jasmine Kavanagh, Arna Nocita, Rebecca O’Dea, Serena Piccolruaz, Erin Price, Angelia Rouady, Georgia Scott, Jade Serban and Kayla Siachoque.

This is the final year of CGSSSA competition for Year 12 student, Arna Nocita, who has been part of the team since Year 7. Arna will be missed and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours.

Gymnastics Australia – Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) have introduced a new framework commencing in 2015 which meant changes for the CGSSSA Gymnastics competition. This meant that we were running behind in learning the routines and the girls worked exceptionally hard in the final weeks leading up to the competition.

For further information on the changes follow the link below.




Reflection by Serena Piccolruaz Year 8 It was a wonderful experience participating in the Gymnastics competition despite the nerves I had on the day. It was awesome watching all the other gymnasts doing their routine so gracefully. I really enjoyed the gymnastics competition because it was a fun extra curricula activity to do which involved lots of physical activity. My team worked very hard during our regular training sessions and also at the recent training day at Kogarah; which is why I believe we came second!

Everyone supported each other in my team and most importantly we had FUN! I am very proud of my team and myself as we could not have done it without each other. By joining the gymnastics team I have many new achievements and conquered some of my old fears like doing handstands on the Beam. Gymnastics at Bethany College has certainly taught me a lot. It was a fun experience and I am definitely going to join next year.


Overall Placings: First Place – St. Ursula’s  Equal Second – Bethany College and Santa Sabina




Individual Results Vault Bars Beam Floor Overall winner
Level 7 1st – Jessica Butler 1st  – Sara Attard

2nd – Jessica Butler

3rd – Jessica Butler 1st – Sara Attard 2nd – Sara Attard

3rd – Jessica Butler

Level 6 1st – Jade Serban 3rd Jade Serban
Level 5 1st – Natalie Kanellopoulos 1st – Natalie Kanellopoulos 3rd – Natalie Kanellopoulos 3rd – Natalie Kanellopoulos 1st – Natalie Kanellopoulos
Level 3 2nd –  Daria Badaoui

3rd – Ashleigh Hollis

2nd – Daria Badaoui 2nd – Zoe Belarra 1st – Daria Badaoui 1st – Daria Badaoui


We look forward to 2016.

Mrs Katrine Barnes

PDHPE/Year 8 Coordinator