Year 10 News

Year 10 students have had a busy start to the term. They are in the process of completing their final Stage 5 assessments for the year. Alongside school work, students have been involved in Social Justice initiatives, the school musical, the Drama production and Pastoral lessons focusing on stress management; and most recently Smart Spending and Saving facilitated by Commonwealth Bank.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Bake Sale

On behalf of the students that assisted with the organisation of the ‘Childhood Cancer Awareness’ bake sale, I would like to acknowledge the success of the event. The Bake sale was supported by the school community and we raised $736. Friends and family were more than happy to accommodate with the supply of desserts, alongside their ongoing support and encouragement.  Thank you to the following people, Gordana Van Schellebeck, Karla Ibrahim from Karla’s Kitchen and Eli Saad from Eli’s Belly for their generous donation of the baked goods. The $736 will be donated to the Kids Cancer Project to promote cancer research and assist in the discovery of a cure for children suffering from rare and deadly cancers. This initiative was an idea that I have personally held close to my heart for many years, especially after the passing of my darling sister due to childhood cancer. Her strength and ongoing power really opened me up to the extensive suffering that these patients endure, teaching me that small changes can make a big difference in the world. I would also like to  thank Mrs Hughes, Ms Matthews and Ms Eldahaby for allowing Jennessa Fong and I to commit to this rewarding initiative on behalf of the whole school community. 

Rebecca Saadie – Year 10



Smart Saving & Smart Spending Workshops by Commonwealth Bank

On Friday 25th October during our Pastoral lesson, facilitators from the Commonwealth Bank presented two workshops on smart spending and saving. The talk was very helpful and informative for year 10 students to learn about the importance of saving money and spending wisely.. During the talk our speakers gave us an interactive experience on different techniques on the value of money. Fun, interactive games were also used to deliver the message, which was an enjoyable way to learn.. Furthermore year 10 learnt valuable tips on how to save money the right way. 

Cailin Turner and Grace O’Brien – Year 10