Year 9 Incursion: “The Selfie Project”

What is the selfie project about? 

“The Selfie Project” is run by a former Bethany College student and is dedicated to enhancing young women’s well-being and leadership potential. “The Selfie Project” encouraged us to think about important questions including ‘What is my truth?’ or ‘What do I stand for?’ 

The founder of The Selfie Project, Sarah Alderton discusses the significance of female empowerment, “If you empower a girl, if you make her believe that she is unstoppable and capable of incredible things, the obsession we have on bodies, weight and self-image in this society, will become far less significant.”

This project envisions a future in which no girl’s potential is restricted by her gender. 

 Gabrielle Messiha (Yr 9)


Our experience participating in the selfie project 

Year 9 participated in a school incursion called the “Selfie Project” on April 28th, where we explored notions of limiting beliefs, personal values, and what we stand for and against, all of which enabled us to develop the tools for a strong self of self. The incursion provided us with strategies to establish and maintain healthy and happy relationships, not just with their friends, but with our entire peer community, as well as how to restore such connections when they are broken.

The Selfie Project helped us learn how, in our adolescence, we begin to develop a strong sense of who we are, so the incursion assisted us in determining the contributing factors that affect our sense of self and exploring our individual values, beliefs, passions, and goals to develop a framework of our personal Sense of Self. 

Mairead McAllister (Yr 9)


Reece Bailey

Year 9 Coordinator